Greece has closed its airspace for Libyan aircraft for three months due to upcoming NATO operations in Libya.

Here we go again….

On Tuesday, NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, said that the Alliance is ready to intervene in Libya if the country’s Government of National Accord (GNA)files a corresponding request.

Expect a request to be filed.

Greece has closed its airspace for Libyan aircraft, for three months, for upcoming NATO operations in Libya.

Sputnik News reports

“Greece issued a ΝΟΤΑΜ (Notice for Airmen) closing the Athens flight information zone (FIR Athens) for Libyan aircraft flights. All the flights of the Libyan Air Force are prohibited. Italian and Maltese FIR are also closed. This is related to the upcoming NATO operation in Libya which could begin soon. It was expected to begin Wednesday [May 25].”

According to there has been a sharp increase of NATO exercises in the area recently.

From Italy…


From Malta…


And from Greece…


The overlapping closure period by the three countries is May 25th to August 8th.

Keep Talking Greece reports…

Weird things are happening in the Mediterranean Sea. Almost simultaneously three countries in the Mediterranean have closed their airspace and territories for aircraft departing from Libya. The exceptions are very few and could hind on the transport of military and evacuees. At the same time, three NATO exercises are taking place but the airspace closure and directly little to do with that.

The first country to close its airspace for aircraft departing from Libya” was Italy, followed by Malta. Today it was Greece’s turn. All three countries issued relevant NOTAMs.

What is interesting in the Greek NOTAM are aircraft like “military aircraft of other nations, state flights or other VIP flights, ambulance flights” are not affected by the ban. Italy records also some exceptions but not of “ambulance aircraft.”

Why do Greece, Italy and Malta need to close their airspace and territories to aircraft departing from Libya? Is there something the NATO allies have on their mind? Or the NATO itself? Something like an imminent intervention against Libya? It was beginning of April when US President Barack Obama and Secretary General Jens Stoltenrbg had declared that they could help Libya to face the Islamic Caliphate.

Greece is being set up to play a significant role in a possible intervention against Libya…readying to receive aircraft that have departed from Libya carrying evacuees, VIPs, etc…

With all this military activity in mind, and recent NATO announcements made…are we looking at another NATO intervention in Libya before summer is over?