Happening: Egypt Plane Hijacked, Lands in Cyprus, White Passengers Kept as Hostages [UPDATE: OVER]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 29, 2016


The hijacker has been arrested.

The media is continually saying it isn’t terrorism, alleging that it was part of a love plot.

The live thread I posted was boring, since everyone was asleep. However, I did manage to record many tweets from women fawning over the romantic nature of this haji terrorist.


Original article follows.


We’ve got ourselves a happening here, people.

Egypt Plane has been hijacked by a man with a suicide belt and redirected to Cyprus (that’s Egyptian airport security for you, huh?). It landed and the Haji hijacker let all Moslems off the plane, apparently.

Updates are coming in quickly.  Egyptian media is saying the terrorist a Libyan national named Ibrahim Samaha. They are also now claiming he hijacked the plane because he wants to get a message to his ex-wife, a Greek slut. They aren’t explaining why he didn’t just call her or send her a message on Facebook, instead of hijacking an airplane.

Here’s a live thread on The Telegraph.

The most active hashtage on Twitter is currently just #Cyprus.

They are claiming he let some of the “Britons” off, but presumably these are sand people who have British citizenship.

The fact that they won’t say straight up “he’s keeping the White passengers as hostages” shows how insane the media’s censorship program has gotten.

Because we can’t let the goyim know they’re in the middle of a race war.

Please post any updates in the comments thread.

Source Article from http://www.dailystormer.com/happening-egypt-plane-hijacked-lands-in-cyprus-white-passengers-kept-as-hostages/

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