Healthcare Job-Cuts Up 65% From Q1 2022-Hospitals Going Bankrupt

I read the other day where many high end hospitals are going bankrupt.

Now I see an article talking about the bloodbath in healthcare jobs.

Well, when an industry turns on the public they are supposed to serve, takes “government” funds to mass murder folks with killer jabs for a mythical illness,

213 health/science institutions worldwide all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever

kidnaps folks, forces killer pills on folks, denies them meds which might get them well, shoves a death dealing “ventilator” down their throats after strapping them to a bed so they can not escape, it just might get to where smart folks figure if they get to feeling ill and they stay home, drink warm tea and eat chicken soup, they might get well and live several more years, but if they go to the hospital they will probably be murdered and dead in days, folks might just choose to stay home and eat chicken soup in a bed they are not strapped down in.

People do not trust the “health care” industry any longer.
And with damn good reason.

I have a friend the VA killer jabbed before he knew better.
He has health problems, been in and out of hospitals ever since.

I have a friend I warned against having sex with his killer jabbed girlfriend.
He finally admitted he gets sick every time they have sex.

Had a man I worked with get the Killer Jab.
He developed blood clots, spent a while dying in a hospital and left his wife and daughter buried in medical bills.

A friend of my wife’s who got three jabs just told her today about the jabs, you know a lot of people are having strokes and dying from the jab.

Friends who spent time overseas in Germany so they got jabbed are back in the states, but when they get sick, and it is often, they have to get steroids to get over colds and things their bodies used to defeat all the time.

One of my sisters who got jabbed three times seems to always have a cold, sore throat or be under the weather now.
She had chest pains yesterday.

Another sister who got one jab ended up in the hospital with pneumonia which did not respond to antibiotics and she damn near died.

An acquaintance of my nephew, a man forced to take the killer jab in communist Australia has turbo cancer and is worrying about finding homes for his pets so they are cared for after he dies.

People are dropping like flies from a Chemical/Biological Euthanasia killer Jab the Hospitals and doctors whored themselves out for cash to help murder millions of humans.

Why don’t the people trust hospitals and doctors anymore.

There was this little boy who cried wolf so many times no one believed him any more so when a real wolf came and he cried wolf, no one believed him or came to help him and the wolf ate his ass!

The Ole Dog!


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