How National Socialism Rehabilitates Itself

One of the most outstanding features of our time is that so many people fling the N-word around, but if you ask them, “What is National Socialism?” they are at a loss for words.

It is no surprise that there is no meaningful definition of National Socialism from post-war established sources.

The best definition is from, which tells us that NS is “the principles and practices of the Nazi party in Germany.” What are those principles and practices, and what is the inner logic that holds them together? It doesn’t say, which means they don’t know, or don’t want you to know.

Cambridge dictionary offers no definition. Mac Millan acknowledges that nazi is a slur: “an insulting word for someone who likes to control people or someone who does not like people who are different from them.” In that sense, those outsiders who want to control Germany are the nazis because they don’t like Germans who different from them.

What, then, is National Socialism (NS)?

National Socialism is the application of volk teleology to the problems of life.

[1] Teleology is action for a purpose.

[2] The Volk is the eternal life of the Germanic people on this earth.

[3] Volk teleology is action for the Volk.

The validation of volk teleology, and thus of National Socialism, is as follows:

[1] Every species must ACT to SUSTAIN itself or else it goes EXTINCT.

[2] The German ethnos is a species called the Volk.

[3] Germans must act to sustain themselves or else they go extinct.

[4] What sustains Germans has merit over what brings their extinction.

[5] Volk teleology is a necessity of Germanic existence on earth.

[6] What is necessary is exculpatory.

Himmler: “We are marching according to eternal laws. We don’t just want to fight better than past generations. We want to produce the future generations to ensure the eternal life of the Germanic people.” [1]

Rosenberg: “Our new idea places volk & race higher than the existing state and its forms. It declares protection of the volk to be more important than protection of a religious creed, a class, of the monarchy, or the republic. It sees in betrayal of the volk a greater betrayal than high treason.” [link]

Goebbels: “[W]e turned our eyes to the volk alone. That which serves its struggle for life is good and must be maintained and encouraged. What harms its struggle for life is bad and must be cut out.”  – Total War Speech (1943) [2]

Hitler: “If I can accept a divine commandment, it is this: Thou shalt preserve the [volk].” –Table Talk December 1, 1941. 

The spirit of volk teleology animated the Third Reich’s leading men.

The National Socialist movement “champions this people’s right to life.” –Hitler’s Second Book Chapter 5 (36)

National Socialism is the original pro-life movement—a movement of German health, strength, beauty, fertility, and sovereignty—aiming for Germanic eudaimonia. 

Volk teleology answers how Germans must fit into a larger world. “Germany for Germans, China for the Chinese, that becomes the world-political view from the racial conception of the state.” -Rosenberg Political Essays (31).

Volk teleology means the end of communist-capitalist imperialism, the throwing off of empires of the weak, in favor of, nations of the strong.

“This Reich will be a truly holy [reich]: the peacekeeping power in Europe, the leading people of the overall Germanic Reich.” – Himmler Possen Speech

What could be a more necessary, benevolent, and beautiful movement, as far as, Germans and the real blood-nations of the world, are concerned?

As to the parasites, “We had the moral right, we had the duty towards our people, to destroy this people that wanted to destroy us. We can say that we have carried out this most difficult of tasks in a spirit of love for our people. And we have suffered no harm to our inner being, our soul, our character.” -Himmler Possen Speech

As with Aristotle, self-preservation is the first law of morality. Self-defense is necessary and exculpatory.

Once you understand the inner logic of National Socialism, you can apply it to understand everything else about Hitler and the Third Reich. That is what a solid definition ought to do for you.

This inner logic gives NS its simplicity and its ultimate power. This inner logic is not defeated in war. If this inner logic is true, then National Socialist truths are everlasting.

By this inner logic, you can see the origin and legitimacy of its aims, as presented in the Twenty-Five Party Planks, and how these planks are united as the expression of one principle.

By seeing National Socialism as Germanic volk teleology, we intuitively account for the deep and lasting popularity of National Socialism. What could possibly be more popular than what aims to sustain the German people? What could better win the hearts and minds of the people than what champions their right to life in a hostile world?  What could win the enduring dedication of all Germans than devotion to Germanic life itself? What do we need endless debates from a divisive polarizing parliament—one serving pillaging international empires—if we agree, in principle, to do what sustains us?

By this inner logic, you can properly study National Socialism and ask, was it faithfully applied?

We can now understand the sacred phrase, Germany uber alles—uber class warfare, uber religious warfare, uber bankers, uber warmongers, uber filth-mongers, uber communist gulag-keepers, uber imperialists, uber parasites, uber assassins, and uber subversive Jews who distract Germans from Germany uber alles.

The application of volk teleology is a very serious matter.  It only takes a small mistake to bring extinction. The Shakers embraced abstinence. They went extinct. The Aztecs thought the gold-hunters were the return of their white gods. They were shattered.  US culture and history is laden with perversions that risk extinction.

Now that we know what National Socialism is, we can ask, “Is it a good idea to bring black slaves into America to grow tobacco and sugar to give Europeans cancer and fat-betus? We can see that National Socialists would have nothing to do with black slavery. The media’s constant conflation of white supremacy with National Socialism can be firmly dismissed. The government’s effort to mix the meaning of these movements is exposed.

If National Socialism champions the people’s right to life, those who are against National Socialism are, logically, champions of genocide. The government sponsored anti-fa death cult is just that; the glorification of degeneracy and extinction. What government pushing extinction can last?

Notice that ideas that bring extinction have no standing in the long run. Abstinence went with the Shakers. Belief in white gods went with the Aztecs. Belief in the equality of man, democracy, egalitarianism, and “profit-uber-alles!” will go with France, America, and Britain. We don’t have to wait for extinction to declare these illegitimate. We have the logic of volk teleology to see decades or centuries ahead to the ultimate conclusion of today’s foolish concepts. Those who embrace them are:








Books love to claim that Hitler’s rise is a complete mystery. Hitler wanted a German-serving government to protected blood-Germans on traditional German soil—the exact opposite of the dispensation of the Versailles genocide. Mystery solved.

If our definition of NS has explanatory power, it must be good. By rooting National Socialism in volk teleology, it is an expression of ethno-teleology familiar to Aristotle, the master of teleology (here and here).  National Socialism is the ultimate conscious expression of Western Civilization, an expression of the original West—Athens.

This stands, in contrast, to disinformation intellectuals such as (((Aurel Kolnai))) who wrote on behalf of Wickham Steed and the British Rhodes Mafia. He writes in his The War Against the West (18), “National Socialist doctrines, though ultimately false and immoral, and liable to degenerate into comic vulgarity, are at their highest endowed with spiritual grandeur and relevancy.”  “National Socialism is at bottom incomparably more anti-Western than Bolshevism.”

This only makes sense if Western Civilization consists of the pro-communist talking points of Ten Downing Street.

Civilization is the permanent expression of values conductive to human development.

Western Civilization is that expression of Greco-Germanic values, starting with Athens that lead to Hitler’s Third Reich, and the cultural high points and productive periods of European history, such as, the Renaissance and the use of science and industry to overcome famine and disease.

The success of Alexander and Hitler can be attributed to their knack for thinking in teleological terms—purpose-based thinking and action— “living consciously.”  I suspect the history teacher Hitler was fond of introduced him to teleology. That made Hitler so effective, rising from the poverty of an orphan to the greatest figure of the twentieth century, in just twelve years.

Hitler’s Third Reich embraced the discipline and martial spirit of the Spartans, the artistic Athenian life of Pericles, the fertility of Dionysus, the organic pagan culturally-integrating ethno-spirit of Aristotle’s teleology, the authoritarian-republicanism of Plato, and the technological spirit of Prometheus in the industrial context.

National Socialism defends “the Prometheus of mankind, from whose shining brow the divine spark of genius has at all times flashed forth, always kindling anew that fire which, in the form of knowledge, illuminated the dark night by drawing aside the veil of mystery and thus showing man how to rise and become master over all the other beings on the earth. Should he be forced to disappear, a profound darkness will descend on the earth; within a few thousand years human culture will vanish and the world will become a desert.” -Hitler’s Mein Kampf

Hitler had no interest in Blavatsky’s “root-race evolution.” That would mean the end of mankind. He was interested in real-race preservation.

Christianity is a Semitic imposition on western civilization that crushed its original vitalizing elements, leading to extreme individualism and extreme collectivism, the worship of weakness, giving us the degeneracy of the modern world, where boys need bras, of which National Socialism was a response to and corrective.

By the inner logic of volk teleology, we can see the sharp difference between NS and Christianity. Where Christianity does not serve the volk, where it brings extinction, it must yield.

While the British empire may wish to reserve to itself the title “western civilization,” its core anti-westernism pursued the destruction of the Europe to impose debt-slavery and communism, the ugliness of modern art, the destruction of community, fertility, and masculinity, in line with, the worst Christian-Abrahamic or Judeo-Christian malice and hatred ever seen. By the 1970’s, it voiced attacks on “eurocentrism.” Today, it repudiates math and melody. At this point, there is nothing western about the US or UK. The death spiral is obvious to all.  The British paved European paradise to put up a brutalist parking lot.

Wotruba Church built on an Wehrmacht barracks. 

Is this the glorious civilization of tolerance promised with the liberation of Europe from NS?

By the inner logic of volk teleology, we can see the difference between National Socialism versus Democratic Socialism. DS sees the family as a pillar of capitalism that must be destroyed. NS sees the family as the pillar and cradle of the volk. A movement that is anti-family will go extinct. Not all socialism is the same, as the racist conservatives would have you believe. Why would anyone be a democratic socialist, if its aim, and end result, will be extinction?

Racism is the destruction of cohesive peoples. The race-blind conservatives who see no differences between socialisms are the real racists, in contrast, to the racialists who aim for the preservation of cohesive peoples.

Volk teleology is dedication to whatever sustains the volk and a crusade against whatever brings extinction making National Socialism a method of governance rooted in a biological worldview. This is why National Socialism could win the intellects of doctors and scientists and philosophers.

Importantly, National Socialism is not Social Darwinism. Hitler had doubts about evolution and Darwin.

“Where do we acquire the right to believe that man has not always been what he is now? The study of nature teaches us that, in the animal kingdom just as much as in the vegetable kingdom, variations have occurred. They’ve occurred within the species, but none of these variations has an importance comparable with that which separates man from the monkey—assuming that this transformation really took place.”  -Table Talk January 25, 2942.

Evolution is a theory of extinction. British theosophy makes the extinction of man a spiritual practice. Hitler was no theosophist. Regardless of whatever speculation one holds to, regarding the origin of species, Hitler championed the will to live and the preservation of species.

Furthermore, Social Darwinism is a Fabian Socialist/Communist notion where the upper classes sterilize the lower classes as a function of class warfare.

Hitler was against class warfare. He did not hold the poverty of Germans against them. Hitler saw in every German the potential of every German to rise, and wanted a social system that would break the chains of class to allow all Germans to rise to their full potential. Merit over money. That is best for the volk.

“The National Socialist movement which I lead today views its goal as the liberation of our people within and without. Domestically, it aims to give our people those forms of life which seem to be suitable to its nature and to be a benefit to it as the expression of this nature. It aims thereby to preserve the character of this people and to further cultivate it though the systematic fostering of its best men and best virtues.” –Hitler’s Second Book Chapter 5 (36)

What could be more practical and successful than what is tailored and designed to the nature of the German people?

That system is no sin to Germans.

Now we can comprehend this type of material that floods academia:

“[I will focus on the] thesis that Hitler and the Nazis purposely and systematically revolutionized German law to facilitate application of Social Darwinist policies like eugenics, natural selection and survival of the fittest, and systematically applied these diabolical ideas to every conceivable aspect of German society. These facts will become particularly evident […] in my analysis of German and Nazi laws on marriage, family and inheritance law.”


This professor’s huff-puff can be revised, accordingly, with our definition.

“[I will focus on the] thesis that Hitler purposely and systematically revolutionized German law to facilitate the application of volk teleology to every conceivable aspect of German society. These facts will become particularly evident […] in my analysis of German laws on marriage, family and inheritance law.”

What a difference a definition makes.

A step towards the rehabilitation of National Socialism is to provide its proper definition. By doing so, National Socialism rehabilitates itself to any logical or biological mind.

Volk teleology is the inner logic to National Socialism. This inner logic is the governing method for the Third Reich, its moral and intellectual calculus, its worldview and weltanschauung.

The post-war world puts a mask on man and has him living in isolation, fear, and chaos, where he walks on eggshells, between bouts of sensitivity training, in the rat wheel of corporate America.

NS restored to Europe its heroic spirit—the heroic spirit of man that masters danger in the spirit of Horst Wessel.

Once you have accepted the logic of volk teleology, you are, essentially, a National Socialist.

Once you strive to understand and use it, NS becomes a living philosophy once again.

Racial Idealism of National Socialism

The NS method either answers and solves the problems of life or it doesn’t. That is what it should be held to.

Could it be that National Socialism was destroyed because it solved the problems of life?

And yet, nothing can destroy it.


[2] Randall L. Bytwerk. Landmark Speeches of National Socialism. 138. (Texas A&M University Press, College Station: 2008).

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