Hydrogel-Like Substance Found in Vaccine-Injured Nurse’s Blood

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The life of Lyndsey, a registered nurse with over a decade’s worth of ER, ICU, and oncology nursing experience, took a drastic turn following her third COVID shot, her Pfizer booster injection, on September 1, 2022. Like many nurses, Lyndsey was mandated to stay “up-to-date” with her COVID shots to keep her job. Unfortunately, she was injured because of it.

Initially, symptoms surfaced within eight hours, presenting as common ailments like body aches and fever. These symptoms subsided but resurfaced ten days later with increased severity. Over the subsequent months, she faced an array of health issues, from hair loss due to fungal infections and shingles to tremors, neuropathy, and dramatic weight loss. In addition to physical symptoms, her cognitive functions were affected, leading to short-term memory issues.

Lyndsey’s struggles didn’t end with her health; she faced skepticism and mistreatment at her workplace. She was terminated from her job after a year on medical leave, stemming from severe health complications she attributed to her Pfizer booster injection.

Dr. Bream, a former colleague and ER medical doctor, helped her regain some semblance of normalcy, though she remains mostly homebound due to Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and related symptoms. This condition causes her heart rate to spike dramatically when standing, and she has to lay flat to normalize it. Lyndsey was diagnosed with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, making her highly reactive to various stimuli like medicines, foods, and even bright lights or loud noises.

Despite overcoming many obstacles, Lyndsey is now suffering yet another blow.

She reached out to Matthew Rife, Founder of Rife Technology, a company based on the Real Rife Machine, to take a closer look at her blood. Upon examining Lyndsey’s blood under a microscope, Mr. Rife discovered a severe abnormality. Hydrogel, which isn’t naturally found in blood, Rife declared to be present. He took to X to say this (video attached):

“This is the most evil thing I have ever witnessed to happen to humanity! I just tested Lyndsey’s (@HouseLyndsey) blood and there’s tons of hydrogel in it. This woman is a nurse and put her life on the line by being around sick people daily, and even took the vaccine to be able to continue to do so. Her red blood cells are very inflamed and also have spikes on them. This is not healthy blood. This is Nuremberg 2.0. I have done something with Lyndsey’s approval and will be testing her blood again in a few hours. If this turns out well, we are going to offer this to everyone. I’ll update in a few hours. Prayers for Lyndsey and all people who got the vaccine.”

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“Hydrogels are three-dimensional, hydrophilic polymer networks capable of absorbing large amounts of water or biological fluids,” explained Nurse Jenny, BSN, RN, on Twitter (X).

“They can change their size or shape in response to environmental conditions, such as pH, temperature, and the presence of specific ions or molecules. Due to their high water content, soft consistency, and biocompatibility, hydrogels are widely used in medical applications like wound care, drug delivery, and tissue engineering. They can also be found in everyday products like contact lenses and diapers.”

The alleged presence of hydrogel in the blood is alarming for at least three reasons.

1.) Hydrogel in blood does not occur naturally. In a Twitter (now X) space, Rife suggested that the presence of hydrogel in the blood is unusual and potentially linked to the vaccine, though this connection is not firmly established.

2.) Some hydrogels have been researched for their ability to stop bleeding by absorbing blood and promoting clot formation. Given this, there might be a concern that the presence of hydrogel could be related to clotting issues observed in some people.

3.) The presence of any foreign material in the bloodstream raises concerns about the body’s immune response. If something abnormal, like a foreign or potentially harmful entity, is in the blood, the immune system is supposed to detect that. So, Lyndsey’s immune system could be damaged. There are also concerns about potential interactions with other cells or molecules.

I asked Dr. Henry Ealy, a naturopathic doctor and Founder of Energetic Health Institute, to take a look at Matthew Rife’s video, and he said that the white globs looked like they could be polyethylene glycol. But he was not sure, and he deferred to Mr. Rife’s expertise.

More details on Lyndsey’s blood can be found via this Twitter (X) Space.

After the blood analysis, Nurse Lyndsey took to Twitter (X) to ask for help.

“I’m still trying to process and wrap my brain around what I saw through the microscope whenever we were looking at my blood, and it’s not good. We need help. There are so many of us [who] are injured. We are dying … Please. Help the children. Pull these shots off the shelves. They’re killing people. They’re injuring them. There’s no compensation. We have no acknowledgment. We have no research. Please, guys, do the right thing. Please. I love you all. Bye.”

If you would like to help Nurse Lyndsey, you can do so by donating to her GiveSendGo.

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