Israel-Gaza: Operation Guardian of the Walls

May 12, 2021 by TPS

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Wednesday   5:47 pm   Anti-tank missile fired from Gaza Strip at a vehicle travelling on one of the roads adjacent to the border. Three injured in various degrees. Rescue forces bombed with mortars. Hamas takes responsibility for the attack.

Wednesday 5:19 pm    Police quell riots on Temple Mount

Police forces suppressed an attempt to riot on the Temple Mount on Wednesday morning and arrested seven rock-throwing Muslims.

The Israel Police and the Border Police were on alert in the morning to prevent riots during the morning prayers on the Temple Mount when thousands of worshipers arrived, including hundreds of masked men who began to riot at some point, throwing rocks and other objects at police forces.

In a determined and quick operation, the police arrested seven suspects for disturbing the order who were transferred to the police for investigation

The holy site is now quiet.

“The Israel Police will allow freedom of worship and religion to every person, but on the other hand will not allow a disturbance and a violent riot that endangers the police and public forces,” it stated.

The Temple Mount has been the scene of repeated clashes in recent days.

In related news, the IDF has launched an operation in Judea and Samaria to arrest terrorist leaders in the region who are trying to generate a wave of attacks, in tandem with the rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian Authority news reported that two Arabs were killed in clashes with Israeli forces.

Wednesday  5:18 pm   Scene of a rocket strike in Tel Aviv area. (TPS)

Wednesday 5:12pm   Residents living near Gaza border ordered to enter their homes, lock their doors. Fear of a terrorist infiltration in the area.

Wednesday 7:00 am   Defence Minister Ganz instructed the IDF to allocate all border police on IDF missions for immediate assistance in restoring order in Lod and mixed cities.

Wednesday 4:29 am     Ben Gurion airport shut down due to rocket fire in the area – woman, 50, killed by rocket in Rishon Lezion

Ben Gurion Airport (TLV) near Tel Aviv was shut down on late Tuesday evening, following rocket attacks on central Israel and the Tel Aviv metropolitan area. Videos showed missiles fired from the Gaza Strip being intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defence system close to the airport.

Flights were diverted to Cyprus and Greece as it initially remained unclear how long the airport would remain closed. Outgoing flights have been postponed.

In a statement, the Israel Airports Authority said that the airport had been shut down “to allow defence of (the) nation’s skies.”

Israel has been under rocket attack since Monday afternoon, with the Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist groups targeting Israel’s southern and central regions as well as Jerusalem. Three Israelis have been confirmed to have died from injuries sustained in the missile attacks.

Wednesday 4:12 am   Reports of 1 seriously injured in Holon after bus hit by rocket – 3 moderately injured

Holon: Damage caused by rocket attack.   (Photo by Eitan Elhadez-Barak/TPS)

Wednesday 4:05 am     Lod, during air raid siren just now

Video by TPS

Wednesday 3:54 am   Tel Aviv area, centre of the country under attack  – 130 rockets fired at Israel – Rockets fired as far north as Netanya

Wednesday 3:08 am   Fires burn following riots in Lod  Photos and video by TPS

Wednesday 2:19am    Several fires set in Lod by rioters following funeral for rioter shot last night during violent riots by a Jewish resident who feared for his life. Arrests have been made.

(Photos by Hemda Luz/TPS)

Wednesday  12:19  Israeli police have arrested two Arabs, residents of Hebron, on suspicion of harming Israeli symbols and a racist assault on an Israeli woman.

On Monday, a video was uploaded on the Tiktok network in which an Arab is seen getting out of his vehicle on Road 60 near the tunnels and advancing towards an Israeli vehicle that was in a traffic jam.

An Israeli flag hung on the window of the vehicle. One of the suspects advanced to the vehicle, ripped off the flag, tore it while spiting and cursing the driver, and threatening others around him.

A rapid investigation led to the arrest of two Arab suspects, a 35-year-old Hebron resident who drove the vehicle and documented the attack and a 17-year-old who committed the attack.

“The Israel Police views with severity the damage to symbols of state, assault, and harm to the feelings of civilians and acted quickly to locate the suspects with the intention of prosecuting the suspects,” it stated after the arrests.

Tuesday 11:55 pm     IDF Spokesman in Arabic: We launched a wide and unusual wave of attacks in the Gaza Strip, stay away from any site that contains Hamas weapons.

Tuesday 10:09 pm    Two people were killed Tuesday when a massive barrage of rockets hit the city of Ashkelon.

In one incident, a rocket hit the home in which two women took shelter, burying them both under the debris. One woman was killed and another was seriously injured.

MDA paramedic Israel Lugassi said that when his team arrived at the scene, they saw a one-story building that was damaged, and inside it was two women who were seriously injured. they rescued an 80-year-old woman from the building who was suffering from a very severe multi-system injury, provided her with life-saving medical treatment that included placing arterial blockages and stopping bleeding, and evacuated her to the hospital in a difficult and unstable condition.

Another woman who was fatally injured is being treated at the scene. The victim was a foreign caretaker.

A man was killed by another rocket impact.

Some 70 Israelis were injured and evacuated to Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon and Asuta Hospital in Ashdod on Tuesday. The majority suffered from light injuries or were treated for shock.

Tuesday 9:56 pm    The IDF has deployed artillery units to the Gaza border and ordered the mobilization of 5,000 reserve soldiers after rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip continued into Tuesday.

The forces being called up in an emergency procedure include infantry and artillery units as well as intelligence and air force personnel as part of Operation Guardian of the Walls. Photos seen by TPS show artillery batteries and tanks close to the Gaza border. Large numbers of armoured vehicles have been reported to be making their way to Israel’s south from the north.

The IDF will maintain strikes on Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad targets in the Gaza Strip, an IDF spokesperson stated on Tuesday. After missile attacks had continued throughout the night, the IDF announced it had hit additional targets in Gaza.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Tuesday authorized the mobilization of the reserve units, the Ministry of Defense stated. The soldiers have been ordered to join Israel’s Southern Command, the Homefront Command, and the Operations Directorate within the IDF General Staff.

Eight Border Police reserve units have also been called to active duty and are to reinforce police units across the country following the latest violence and Muslim riots in several cities and towns, the Israeli police announced on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the IDF’s “Chariots of Fire” military exercise has been suspended. Launched on Sunday, the month-long wargame was to simulate war on several fronts, and primarily against Hezbollah in the north and was to include a scenario of the massive firing of missiles and rockets from all arenas on the home front.

It was scheduled to be the largest and most comprehensive IDF maneuver in its history and was to include regular and reserve forces from all commands, with the participation of combat forces in the air, at sea and on land, as well as the political echelon, the Ministry of Defense, the National Emergency Authority the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other security bodies.

On Sunday, IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi had announced that the operation would not be cancelled or postponed due to tensions in Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip but on Tuesday reversed his decision following the latest round of missile attacks.

The IDF has reported that it has eliminated some 30 terrorists since Hamas attacked Jerusalem on Monday evening and after the IDF announced the launch of Operation Guardian of the Walls.

Tuesday 9:34 pm     130,000 residents of Ashkelon ordered to stay in safe areas until further notice.

Tuesday 9:16 pm     Hamas spokesman: “We fired 137 heavy rockets at Ashdod and Ashkelon in 5 minutes. We have many more surprises at our disposal.”

Tuesday 9:14 pm     Attempted stabbing near the IDF Samaria Regional Brigade base, female terrorist arrested.

Scene of the attack in Samaria. (TPS)

Tuesday 8:54 pm     Three people were lightly injured after a rocket struck a residential area in the city of Ashdod.
United Hatzalah volunteers responded to the emergency and treated the injured at the scene.

Tuesday 8:51 pm     Hamas, Islamic Jihad Admits Losses

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) attacked on Tuesday an apartment in a high-rise building in the west of Gaza City, apparently a headquarters of sorts, inflecting significant losses to the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations.

Hamas’ military wing announced the death of a number of its operatives and others that are missing as a result of an Israeli attack.

The Islamic Jihad announced that the IAF had eliminated two senior members of its military wing in an airstrike.

Samah Al-Mamluk, a senior Islamic Jihad commander, was killed.

One of the targets of the assassination was Muhamad Abu al-Ata, the brother of Baha Abu al-Ata, a senior commander who was killed in Operation Black Belt in 2019. Muhamad was apparently seriously injured in the strike.

In response, the terror organization fired a heavy barrage of 40 rockets at the city of Ashkelon, and for the first since the escalation, at the city of Ashdod, adding hundreds of thousands of Israelis to the terrorists’ range of fire.

The IDF has eliminated some 30 terrorists since Hamas attacked Jerusalem on Monday evening and after the IDF announced the launching of Operation Guardian of the Walls.

Tuesday 8:45 pm     Direct hit on school in Ashkelon

Tuesday 8:45pm   Idit Zayed, Israeli Jewish mother and midwife, tells (in English) how her usually peaceful neighbourhood, where Jews and Arabs live together was a site of terrifying violence last night as young Arab men rioted. Video by Eitan Elhadez-Barak/TPS

Tuesday 8:22 pm    Reports of direct hits in Ashkelon and Ashdod

Tuesday 8:15 pm     Hamas fire moves north to include the city of Ashdod.

Tuesday 8:10 pm

Result of the Arabs rioting in Lod. (Eitan Elhadaz/TPS)

Tuesday 8:05 pm

Rabbi Yechezkel Cohen examines the bookshelves of religious books in a 3rd grade classroom after parts of the religious school were torched last night by Arab rioters in the Ramat Eshkol neighbourhood in Lod.
Photo: Eitan Elhadez-Barak/TPS


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