“Lab Leak” Articles About “COVID-19” Are Propaganda To Fool The Sheep Into Believing The Scamdemic Was Real

There is and never was a “SARS-COV-02” “virus.

217 health/science institutions worldwide all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever

No Worries No Virus

Those who got the yearly flu were relabeled sick with “COVID-19”.


According to the evil anti-human psychopaths who dreamed up the scamdemic and their 30 shekel whores who like a mangy flea ridden jack ass brayed the hysteria to the four winds.

The Killer Jab was always about Holocausting most of humanity and mass sterilization of those who survived.

It is just they truly expected all humanity to drop their pants, bend over and spread the cheeks of their asses for the ‘elite’s” diseased dick.
Many humans who are not sheep smelling a Rat, as in a Ratschild Rat,

said not no, but HELL NO!!!!

Now as more and more facts come out about the lie of a new virus, about the lethality of the Non Vaccine mRNA Killer jabs,

those guilty of dreaming up the Scamdemic as well as their minions who took the 30 shekels to help mass Holocaust Humanity

are starting to have nightmares in which they shit their unmentionables as the noose snaps their necks.

They simply MUST convince the sheep they tried to Holocaust, as well as those awaking to the FACT their loved ones were mass murdered by evil psychopaths via a faked Scamdemic

and the Killer Jab.

the Scamdemic was a real pandemic, it is just “mistakes” were made in the psychopath’s zeal to “save” humanity with their Killer Jabs.

The Lab Leak bullshit is a tool to convince the sheeple there really was a “pandemic” and all the deaths and disabilities were just a byproduct of an attempt to “save” humanity which just somehow went terribly wrong.

As it was just well intentioned “science” which somehow went terribly wrong, all involved with mass murder of humanity, forcing useless as teats on a boar hog MANDATORY dust masking

and anti-human non medical, PENAL CODE communistic lockdowns which cause people to die from lack of medical attention, caused suicides in some, caused children to be retarded in their learning and social growth, caused millions of small businesses to fail, drained the savings of most people and caused millions to lose their jobs,

were just well meant “mistakes”.

The problem with letting such psychopaths as forced this mass murder nightmare on humanity to live, is they will try again to finish off those who escaped this try at killing off humans to a small number who will have no rights and serve the “elites:” as slaves and sex toys while their One World Unelected “Government” rules with an iron rod.

So “mercy” for the guilty and the dumb f##ks who parroted the guilty’s bull shit?

Not no, but HELL NO!!!


Evil reared it’s head openly and unashamed-
The pedophile Killer Jabber One Worlders were not allowed to be named-

On any Rothschild owned and controlled media platform worldwide-
Behind daily tons of propaganda spewed by 30 shekel whores evil did hide-

Pissing in the face of God perversions were the order of the day-
Humans were told they had no option but to meekly obey-

As the evil Dark Side minions made total war on the earth and humanity-
God’s little children were raped and murdered by self proclaimed “elites” insanity-

In the end humanity with their backs to the wall-
Upon the Strength of God to resist did call-

With no choice given them but to fight or die a slave-
The man, the woman, the child, even the un-“elite” knave-

Joined together in righteous self preservation brotherhood-
Slaughtered the evil “elites” on street corner and car hood-

In halls of “government”, in grotesque mansions and in their beds-
The self preservation Righteous ones made base balls of the “elites” heads-

After the vultures, beast of the field, the worm had their fill-
The earth and humanity were given the space and time to heal.

The Ole Dog!


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