Largest Vaccine Study Ever Reveals What the “Conspiracy Theorists” Have Said All Along

Scientists have found MASSIVE increased risks of developing several serious health conditions post-jab.

But headlines suggest the increased risk factors post-shot are “small” and “extremely rare.”

This study conducted by the Global Vaccine Data Network (GVDN) looked at a cohort of 99 million vaccinated individuals.

The risks of developing 13 adverse events of special interest (AESI) were compared to what was expected based on pre-COVID-19 vaccination healthcare data, or in simpler terms, if you did not receive the jab.

Despite claims that the increased risks of developing such conditions are “small” and “extremely rare,” it’s best to take a look for yourself (image via Daily Mail).

Moderna (1st Dose):

• Swelling of the brain and spinal cord: Almost four times (400%) increased risk

• Myocarditis: 3.48 times increased risk

• Pericarditis: 1.74 times increased risk

• Myocarditis (Second shot): 6.1 times increased risk


• Blood clots: 3.23 times (320%) increased risk

• Guillain–Barré syndrome (could lead to paralysis): 2.49 times increased risk

• Pericarditis (Third Dose): 6.91 times increased risk


• Myocarditis (First Dose): 2.78 times increased risk

• Myocarditis (Second Dose): 2.86 times increased risk

• Myocarditis (Third Dose): 2.09 times increased risk

Moderna (Further doses beyond the first):

• Myocarditis from the second shot: 6.1 times increased risk

• Pericarditis (Fourth Dose): 2.64 times increased risk

• Myocarditis from the third Dose: 2.01 times increased risk

Most of the above risk factors are calculated based on a single dose. When you consider many people took three shots or more, the results of the study become even more alarming.

Listen to what Del Bigtree, host of The Highwire, had to say:

“And they’re not even talking about cancer … but how about this? You’re like, well, only six times the amount of myocarditis. But if you add that six times to the two or three times for myocarditis. And what about the blood clots and stroke? What happens?

“They’re not just six by themselves. They all stack up. What are we, like, 20 times the amount of risk for getting totally jacked up by this vaccine? And they’re only just starting the list.

“And trust me, the scientists did everything they could to make this as conservative as they possibly could because no one wants to be responsible for, God forbid, say, we need to recall a vaccine.”




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