Lawmakers Seek Geoengineering Disclosure for Rhode Island

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Phillip Schneider, Staff
Waking Times

In a battle to halt government sponsored wide-scale climate modification, also known as ‘solar radiation management,’ two Rhode Island legislators have introduced a bill that seeks to stop geoengineering in the state.

The two representatives, Karen MacBeth (Dem), and Justin Price (Rep), have teamed up in a bi-partisan effort to pass “The Climate GeoEngineering Act of 2016”, a bill that would help the state of Rhode Island monitor this largely secretive program, potentially revealing more information to the public about geoengineering projects happening around the United States.

‘Cloud seeding’ is the use of atmospheric level aerosol spraying to artificially manipulate the climate. Although not many people know too much about it, government documents dating back as far as the 1940’s offer insight into the motives and methods of geongineering programs. Dated November 7th, 1966, a document found in the NASA archives reveals a great deal of historical information about climate modification programs that, according to the document have been operational since the at least the 1940’s.

Although the reason for cloud seeding has never been officially announced, hundreds of patents have been filed and documents have been uncovered that paint a pretty grim picture as to the effects of spraying toxic particulates into the environment. The stated purpose of cloud seeding is to add particulates of reflective heavy metals, such as aluminum and barium, into the atmosphere to help reflect the suns rays and prevent rising surface temperatures on earth, ie, global warming.

This does, however, has massive implications both for the environment as well as for the health of anyone living under aerosol spraying. The bill lists several reasons for stopping climate engineering programs, including the economy, soil, water and air quality, the potential for masking the effects of greenhouse gasses, decreased precipitation and evaporation, a potential delay of ozone recovery, reduction of rainfall, reduction in the effectiveness of solar energy systems, and increased acid rain and other skyborne pollutants.

The bill, introduced on February 11th, 2016, refers to climate geoengineering as, “large-scale manipulation of the global environment intended to manipulate the climate with the primary intention of reducing undesirable climate change caused by human beings.”

The legislation would require full public disclosure of any future climate geoengineering projects, as well requiring filings and applications with the department of environmental management of Rhode Island. Furthermore, the public would be allowed to participate in open-comment public forums.

The bill does not address the issue of aerosol spraying for reasons other than to supposedly mitigate the effects of climate change. This could potentially assist in the ongoing geoengineering cover-up, as the legislation does not call for the declassification of any geoengineering documents, only stipulating that the deployment of climate geoengineering projects in the future should be researched and regulated by the state of Rhode Island.

The Rhode Island legislative committee hearing addressed by GeoEngineering Watch attorney Tom Loiselle, illustrates that there is growing awareness in subjects such as climate modification.

Legislation such as this is clearly still ahead of its time, as the public at large and the established authority still largely refuse to honor the growing concern of citizens around the US who are dedicated to the discovery of honest answers about the sky. After having been introduced for three consecutive years, the passage of this bill in committee would be a first such political move on geoengineering.

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