LAX Hoax Zionist Con-Man Avi Hen’s Dead Children are Still Alive

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LAX Hoax Zionist Con-Man Avi Hen’s Dead Children are Still Alive

Several revelations thanks to one of our posters.

The 2002 LAX so-called anti-Jewish, anti-Israeli shooting at an El Al ticket counter is a filthy Zionist lie, just like 911. It was an attempt to gain increasing sympathy for Zionist machinations while decreasing the stock in the public eye for the plight of the primary victims of such machinations: the people of the Middle East.

It was merely another ‘clever’ Israeli ruse, just like 911.

Regarding 911, by this time the role of the Israelis was being exposed. The LAX hoax served as a diversion, that is to divert attention from Israeli crimes, including mass murder, and put the onus on the innocents – the Islamic people of the Middle East.

Therefore, all that the LAX event represents is a categorical fraud, including the claims of any injuries or deaths. The primary instigator in this fraud is none other than arch-Israeli mole Avi Hen. It is Hen who keeps the hoax melded together. This is through the claim of the death of his daughter, Victoria Hen.

Too, this ‘daughter,’ though likely real, the arch-Zionist is only seen in one manner in the photos, in isolation, never with other people from the family; images of others are routinely cut off:

Regardless, he is now, this proven arch-liar, claiming that yet another one of his children, Nimrod Hen, is deceased.

For certain, the two children he claims as dead, Victoria and Nimrod Hen, are still alive. The man is a proverbial con-artist, a fraudster extraordinaire.


The other players in this Zionism-promoting scam are the wife, Rachel, Hen’s other son, Udi, Victoria’s uncle, Yaron Ochana, Danny Gadot, Consul of Consular Affairs,  Consulate General for the Zionist entity, Klaus Benamy-Hackel, former El Al LAX station chief, Scott Jacobs, operator of the Mossad-generated Internet site DemCast, family friends Nurit Greenberg, Orly Halevy and Ilana Kadish, and family spokesman, Joseph Knoller.

Purported boyfriend Yaron Cohen is a facilitator of the hoax, who can be seen here:

Victoria Hen's boyfriend Yaron Cohen

He is acting like he is crying and is in shock, but he is not.

It is an image from the funeral. Yet, that is a misnomer. There was no funeral. It was all staged:


This, then, is hard proof that the 2002 LAX El Al ‘shooting’ is a lie and is merely a plot of the Mossad. Are, then, any of the Israeli-promoting, sympathy-generating El Al ticket counter shootings real?

The entire El Al local agency was leveraged to join the lying, thieving family for this hoax.

Mourners at Victoria Hen's funeral

Photo credit: AP

Now, the arch-fraudster is claiming the death of his youngest son Nimrod, seen pictured on the wall memorials, as follows:

The behavior of Hen belies his claims. So does the rather clearly grandiose emphasis by this wretched fraudster on the lie of Islaamic terror.

He is a Mossad treacherous one lying on behalf of Zionist plots. By no means are his children dead:


According to Avi Hen his son Nimrod was killed in a car accident, even though, apparently, he was only going about 35 mph. According to the DailyNews report the family was at the accident site immediately.

Per the LA Times He “was alert and talking to family members immediately after the crash.”

Now, how could that be? There were no family members in the car, only a friend, Rashid Rashid, who, reportedly, went home, taking care of his bruises and cuts, there, on his own.

Hen was at that time in the automotive business:

The family’s automotive business went under, and the Hens refinanced their four-bedroom house in Chatsworth to cover mounting expenses. When their new adjustable rate mortgage reset and hiked their new payments by more than 50 percent, the Hens found themselves unable to repay the loan for more than $100,000 greater than the depressed value of their house.

Bankruptcy soon followed, and last month Wells Fargo Bank denied their most recent application for a loan modification.



NIMROD HEN was born 15 July 1984, received Social Security number 620-58-4948 (indicating California) and, Death Master File says, died 26 November 2002.

A call can be surely made to Mr. Hen. Was insurance collected on behalf of this fake accident?


Not bad for a dead man, he still has a phone number and address listed, even though he is listed as dead in the SS Death index.

His Facebook page is still extent or at least the handle he uses: 

Says one somewhat sympathetic, though skeptical, Jewish writer:

So, on November 16, Nimrod was driving down – and the more conspiratorially-minded readers are going to just love this one – Mason Avenue, just minding his own business, when a car pulled out in front of him causing him to swerve, lose control of his vehicle, and crash into a couple of parked cars.

Now, Hen was probably only travelling at about 35 mph, the posted speed limit. His passenger was said to be “recovering at home with cuts and bruises.” And Nimrod himself “was alert and talking to family members immediately after the crash.” The Times claimed that he “suffered severe injuries,” though the only one mentioned was “crushed legs,” which isn’t normally life-threatening.

After being taken to the hospital, however, “his condition quickly deteriorated.” Ten days later, he was dead. Odd, isn’t it? LAPD Captain Greg Meyer thought so. He said: “This is just inconceivable that you could lose both a son and a daughter to separate tragedies.”

Not inconceivable, but definitely a little odd. Sometimes things just happen. But sometimes things are mad.

Source –

Hen has collected money based upon this lie, that is the lie of a fake death. He is the proverbial sleazy con-man, make no mistake about it:

A fund also has been established in memory of Victoria Hen, 25, of Chatsworth, a second victim in the LAX shooting. Contributions may be made to the Vicky Hen Memorial Fund at any Wells Fargo Bank, account No. 1014243982. Joseph Knoller, a spokesman for the Hen family, said the fund will be used to establish a children’s library in the San Fernando Valley in Victoria’s name.

Then, there is this action taken by this Zionist fraudster, this time against the entire local city infrastructure:

A federal judge dismissed multiple lawsuits for a total of $87.5 million filed against the city of Los Angeles by the Hens and the family members of the other victims — 46-year-old Yaakov Aminov also died that day at the hands of Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, a 41-year-old Egyptian national. Several others were injured. The judge ruled that the families were not due any compensation because California law grants immunity to public agencies for failure to provide adequate police protection.

Con-man extraordinaire, arch-Israeli mole Avi Hen is fooling no one. He is hereby exposed as a fake, who seeks to cheat the people of this world in every way he possibly can. The godless Zionist is so extreme in his con-artist tactics that he willingly faked the deaths of his children in order to achieve his scheming plots, which included personal enrichment.

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One Response to “LAX Hoax Zionist Con-Man Avi Hen’s Dead Children are Still Alive”

  1. Jason Schneider says:

    As a Jew, I’m skeptical Klaus Benamy Hackel could be described as either an Israeli or a Jew. He told me he’s a Christian and he certainly seems like a Neo-Nazi to me. He only lived in Israel for one year and he has expressed compassion for Holocaust deniers in his home here in California. Hopefully, he will go back to Germany where he belongs.

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