London Poverty Profile Reveals Nonwhite Disaster

2015_LPP_Document_01A new report on London’s poverty levels has revealed that 2.25 million of the inhabitants of Britain’s capital city live in poverty—with the vast majority coming from the nonwhite invader population.

According to the report, titled “London’s Poverty Profile,” produced by an independent think tank called the New Policy Institute, the massive poverty levels are concentrated in the areas where the vast majority of nonwhites live: the inner east, the south and outer west, and the northwest, all of which have the highest proportion of “black and minority ethnic” (BME) populations up to 48 percent.

Other statistics revealed in the report:

– An estimated 3.1 million people in London were born outside the UK. India topped this list (290,000, up from 190,000 in 2004). Others include Pakistanis (140,000, up from 60,000 in 2004), Bangladeshis (120,000), Nigerians, Romanian gypsies, Sri Lankans, Somalians, Jamaicans, Ghanaians, Kenyans, Afghanis, Turks, and Filipinos.


– Africans in London have the highest unemployment rate (11 percent) followed by “mixed race” people (8 percent). Some 4 percent of whites are unemployed.

– Whites are the lowest paid workers in the city. Although the low pay rate for Bangladeshis (52 percent) is three times higher than for those of white British origin (18 percent), the relative size of these groups means that 38 percent of the low paid are white British while only 4 percent are Bangladeshi. This is because the nonwhites have largely taken over many of the small businesses in the city.


– The Pakistanis and Bangladeshis have the highest “economically inactive” segments of the population, some 38 percent. This is due to high levels of “economic inactivity” among Pakistani and Bangladeshi women as they spend most of their time having children.

– 525,000 people in London claimed an “out of work” welfare benefit in 2014.


– Africans have the highest benefit allowance “sanction rate” of any ethnic group. A sanction is a temporary reduction in benefit as a punishment for not complying with the conditions of receiving that benefit. In 2014, there were 82,000 benefit sanctions in London.

– At 45 percent, Africans had the highest proportion of not achieving the target General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) standards.

– In 2012/13, London contained around 250,000 “overcrowded households.”

The report’s most blatant failing is its refusal to admit that the increased poverty levels are directly linked to the increased number of nonwhites in the city.


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