Man Microwaves His ID To Fry Microchip, Gets Arrested


This week, a 29-year old German man was arrested at Frankfurt Airport after police noticed that he had microwaved his ID to disable the microchip inside. Microwaving ID’s is actually extremely common among German and other EU citizens who are concerned about their privacy. ~ John Vibes ~ Videos

The man, who has not yet been identified is now facing charges of
“illegally modifying official documents,” and is accused of tampering
with state property.  

This new charge has many in the EU worried, as there are likely
thousands of people who have microwaved their IDs to protect their

Edward Snowden Square
creator Markwart Faussner explained in an interview with WorldViews in
June that German people are traditionally skeptical of government
surveillance because they have experienced so much of it in their

“Much of this can be explained historically, Germans have
experienced observation throughout the 20th century.

“After the Nazi era,
the Stasi intelligence service in the former East Germany monitored
most of the country’s citizens.

“When the Berlin Wall fell, East Germans
suddenly found out from official government files that their friends or
even family members had spied on them for years or decades.

“Hence, there
is still a deeply rooted suspicion of state authorities in Germany,” Faussner said.

According to the Washington Post,
a 2014 survey found that nearly 40 percent of Germans said they
considered increasing digitalization and the role of intelligence
services to be a threat.







November 10, 2015 – KnowTheLies


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