Massachusetts Taking Action on Banning Facial Recognition Cameras, Cradle of Freedom

Above image: Statue of Paul Revere at Boston’s Old North Church

Liberal Massachusetts, Cradle of the American Revolution, is acting to ban or greatly limit a technology which is inextricably linked to visions of a dystopian future, all-seeing, pervasive facial recognition cameras which will track all humans from morning to night.

The two lead sponsors of the legislation winding though the history-drenched State House are Democrats, David Rogers and Orlando Ramos.

Such systems are already thoroughly embedded in Chinese society, where it is impossible to escape the eye of Big Brother if you are not a high party official or a powerful businessman, who are always ranking members of the party.

MA State Representative Orlando Ramos

Massachusetts House Bill H.5091 is a new draft of H.135, which was reported favorably out of the House Judiciary Committee in 2022 and is now in the House Ways and Means Committee.

A key section of Massachusetts House Bill H.135 “An Act to Regulate Face Surveillance” reads:

“Absent express authorization in a general or special law to the contrary, it shall be unlawful for a public agency or public official to acquire, possess, access, use, assist with the use of or provide resources for the development or use of any biometric surveillance system, or to enter into a contract with or make a request to any third party, including any federal agency, for the purpose of acquiring, possessing, accessing or using information derived from a biometric surveillance system.”

Other states that have taken action or are deliberating the impact of facial recognition technology (FRT) on American rights and norms are Illinois, Texas, and Vermont.

In the US the largest FRT company is Clear, based in New York, which already has over 60 installations across the country, mostly at airports.

FRT in China (source)

Facial recognition, CBDC, and social credit scoring system in China (view at Rumble)

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Despite a growing number of laudable efforts in the states to stop CBDC – Central Bank Digital Currency which should more truthfully be called Central Bank Digital Control System – the bulk of them at this point dance around the edges of the problem . Oklahoma and Missouri state lawmakers are writing legislation which requires businesses to keep accepting cash as legal tender, which could co-exist with a CBDC system (for more on what CBDC is see next article below.)

This would theoretically preserve the option of opting out of a federal government credit system – misnamed “money” – in which all purchases and sales are tracked and stored in a central mega-database. The ability to buy can also instantly be shut off at the first sign of “social misbehavior,” as is done in China.

The problem is that the elites who want full control over the masses are very methodical and patient. With CBDC in place, they can wait 5 or 10 years for the right crisis and political climate to accomplish the final move: the abolition of all physical cash, so that every human is forced to comply with every federal government mandate, or starve.

CBDC gives governments complete, minute-by-minute windows into every person’s daily life, as it figures out who the “troublemakers” are. Independent journalists, for example, who track down massive fraud and corruption, such as the Chinese man toward the end of the below video report.

China’s ‘Social Credit’ CBDC System (view at Rumble)

Residents scream they are starving during Shanghai’s 2022 weeks long total indoor lockdown, part of President Xi’s “zero Covid” policy. (view at Bitchute)

The only way to guard against the dystopian nightmare already being lived in China is to never let it take root in the first place.

Thus the differences between various bills to stop CBDC in America are important. Oklahoma US Sen. James Lankford has introduced the “No Digital Dollar Act” which is focused on ensuring that should a CBDC system be implemented by the Federal Reserve, the Fed may not stop the issuance and usage of cash. Key passage:

““The [Federal Reserve] Board of Governors may not discontinue issuing Federal Reserve notes if a central bank digital currency is issued. The Secretary of the Treasury may not discontinue minting and issuing coins under this section if a central bank digital currency is issued.”

Thus the bill assumes that CBDC and cash can co-exist. Which runs counter to the primary motive for CBDC: total control, no cash. It is certain that once a CBDC for individuals infrastructure is in place, the billionaire criminal cartel World Economic Forum will by hook or crook abolish cash, now or later.

Better legislative solutions are in the hopper. Forbes Magazine this month reported in “There’s No Such Thing As An ‘American-Style’ Central Bank Digital Currency”:

“Congress has begun to take notice of increased government interest in CBDCs. In March of 2022, Republican senators Ted Cruz (Tex.), Mike Braun (Ind.), and Chuck Grassley (Iowa) introduced legislation to amend the Federal Reserve Act to ensure that “no Federal reserve bank may offer products or services directly to an individual, maintain an account on behalf of an individual, or issue a central bank digital currency directly to an individual.”

The Cruz bill, however, has a bunch of loopholes. It would not preclude a Warsh-style “wholesale” CBDC, because depository banks are not individuals. Nor would it prevent non-Federal Reserve agencies, such as the Treasury Department, from introducing a CBDC.

Hence, in September of 2022, Sen. Mike Lee (R., Utah) introduced far more robust legislation that bars all federal agencies, including any “Federal reserve bank, the Board, the Secretary of the Treasury, any other agency, or any entity directed to act on behalf of the Federal reserve bank, the Board, the Secretary, or other agency” from issuing a CBDC individuals or institutions, from providing CBDC-related banking services, and from holding CBDCs on their balance sheets.”

Concerned citizens should urge all their elected officials to support the Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) legislation.

At the state level, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has adopted a similar approach.

Other states such as South Dakota and Arizona have moved to squash legislation introduced at the behest of central bankers which would pave the way for CBDC, without outlawing it. These efforts to squash these laws should be supported, but they are not sufficient. The only way to avoid a China-style control system from growing monstrously in the US is to decisively drown it in the bathtub right now.

 Easily find your state legislators here, just type in your zip code etc.:

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The newly announced FedNow, a system of digital credits at the Federal Reserve designed to eventually replace all cash money and all bank accounts, is the pilot for a China-style CBDC system in the US. Now cognizant of public pushback against CBDC, FedNow is described as an “alternative.” But it is really a stepping stone.

Like the COVID vaccines, it will not at first be mandated. But soon there will be no other way to get paid or purchase.

CBDC stands for Central Bank Digital Currency, but it is not a currency. Former President George HW Bush Assistant Secretary of HUD Catherine Austin Fitts likens it to actual money being replaced by a vast ledger of debits and credits “at the company store,” at one bank, the Federal Reserve, under one central government authority. Only approved transactions will go through, and each one will be stored in a central database.

Non-compliance with federal mandates, such as mass injections even for children, or any other mandate, could be punished by freezing accounts, making it impossible to travel, buy medicine, or shop for food.

Even a column in mainstream Newsweek, “CBDCs Will Be the End of American Freedom” says:

CBDCs would create an authoritarian surveillance state…

The CBDC digital credit system is being foisted on nations by a global elite of billionaires, including Bill Gates, represented by the World Economic Forum. It is being presented in the media as an inevitable step in technology progress toward convenience and efficiency.

But it is not. It is a carefully contrived, long dreamed of final assault in human freedom by the point-one-percent billionaire elite which already owns half of all world assets, and is intent on owning all of them.

Much is made of the fact that many governments around the world have CBDC plans in the works. But governments have no reason not to want full control of their populations, through a system which eventually will be reduced to a single digital credit system run by the IMF, which has already launched the “Unicoin.”

It would make it impossible for anyone to refuse to submit to any so-called “vaccine” or any other “medical intervention,” no matter how dangerous, since a person’s account would simply be frozen until their updated bodily invasion was proven. Since all cash would be abolished, there would be no way to buy food or anything else, or function in society.


Breaking: Oklahoma Legislation Would Require the Acceptance of Cash as “Legal Tender” in Fight Against CBDC


There is little reason to trust the billionaire movers behind CBDC. In 2020 Bill Gates and his World Health Organization funded fraudulent studies, but have never been held to account, which determined that the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was dangerous in the treatment of COVID. Gates is far and away WHO’s largest funder once Gates-controlled Gavi is included.

The studies administered up to four times maximum label dose which predictably resulted in adverse side effects. [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ] The existence of an effective treatment for COVID such as HCQ would have interfered with the FDA approval of Emergency Use Authorization for the new “vaccines,” even though the body of science showed and still show HCQ effectiveness.

It is not a stretch to say that since Gates controls WHO, and thanks to a Biden treaty, WHO may soon override national sovereignty if it declares a pandemic, almost every American may soon be at the tender mercies of Bill Gates, who started out his career by ripping off his first business partner of his shares of Microsoft while he had cancer.

Showing that Gates and WHO are willing to attack those who stand in the way of thei wishes in terms which would justify getting your CBDC turned off, WHO recently released a video which labels the un-COVID-vaccinated and “anti-vaccine activism” as a “major killing force globally” (video below.)

The government could make rules banning travel beyond a certain distance from one’s home, or ban buying food beyond a certain amount, to prevent “hoarding.” Such a system would also make it impossible for someone to pay for an abortion in a private manner, if so desired.

Outspoken investment banker and former President George HW Bush official Catherine Austin Fitts says:

“You can implement complete control. Let’s say I want to mandate a vaccine, your access to your financial assets can be denied or stopped if you don’t do what you are told.”

Dr. Joseph Mercola in Robert F. Kennedy’s The Defender writes:

“In other words, “vaccine refusal can be used to nullify or “lock” your [CBDC] digital ID, leaving you unable to do, go or buy anything. The question is, what will those vaccines be? Basically, you’ll have no choice but to comply, even if you believe or know that a vaccine can injure or kill you, as is the case with the COVID-19 jabs.”

Dire warnings against allowing the Federal Reserve to issue digital credits replacing money can be heard across the political spectrum, from figures ranging from Tulsi Gabbard to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Tucker Carlson to Glenn Beck to Ron Paul. Former US Congressman Justin Amash recently called Federal Reserve “money” “one of the most dangerous developments in history.”

Coming Hyperinflation Inevitable, Will Be the Trigger

Financial experts such as former Wall Street, Blackrock investment manager Ed Dowd says CBDC will be sold to the public as the solution to the coming hyperinflation and dollar collapse, made inevitable by the unprecedented spree of money-printing during COVID. Although Biden will doubtless deny that such powers which are inherent in the system would ever be deployed, so did he promise in 2020 that COVID vaccines would never be mandatory, as did Nancy Pelosi.

One sign of the coming dollar collapse came to pass just last week, as China and Brazil announced their intentions to switch away from the dollar to the Yuan. Glenn Beck explains the importance of this in greater detail below.

Glenn Beck: The collapse of the dollar has begun (view at Rumble)

Newsweek, in “CBDCs Will Be the End of American Freedom” writes:

“If the Federal Reserve adopts a central bank digital dollar, the American government will be on a surefire path to authoritarianism…While some compare CBDCs with Bitcoin as CBDCs can be based on the blockchain, similarities between the two end there. In fact, CBDCs are a wolf in sheep’s clothing, co-opting Bitcoin’s appeal while undermining every one of its underlying principles…by centralizing Americans’ financial information and holdings in a digital database controlled by the U.S. government, CBDCs would create an authoritarian surveillance state…

It is imperative that Americans become aware of the dangerous implications of CBDCs and quell any efforts to develop an American CBDC currently at play in the government,.. “

Even business-friendly Forbes Magazine has published a column which argues, in “The U.S. Should Disavow CBDCs…”

“regulators could use their authority to target groups engaged in constitutionally protected political protests.”

Former President Bush official Catherine Austin Fitts: The elites “want your kids.” (view at Rumble) (FULL INTERVIEW)

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Announces Legislation Which Would Ban CBDC in That State.

Calling out “Davos” by name, a common way of referring to the billionaire’s club the World Economic Forum, which meets annually in Davos, Switzerland, a press release from the Florida Governor’s Office states:

“The Biden administration’s efforts to inject a Centralized Bank Digital Currency is about surveillance and control…

A Central Bank Digital Currency is the cornerstone of a federal government that could track each and every transaction that happens in the world…”

DeSantis said:

“a CBDC is directly controlled and issued by the government to consumers, giving government bureaucrats the ability to see all consumer activity and the power to cut off access to goods and services for consumers.”

Despite the constant drumbeat pushing the COVID shots as “safe and effective,’ it is getting harder to hide from the public the bad news, which suggest so-called “vaccine hesitancy” was more like “vaccine smarts.” Last week a top life insurance analyst showed that the “fully vaccinated” have lost 25 years of life expectancy compared to the unvaccinated.

Three different major studies have placed the true number of COVID vaccine deaths in the hundreds of thousands in the US:

  •  Columbia University Professor Spiro Pantazatos, who explained on the Dr. Drew Show his findings from extensive US and European data that death rates since the vaccine roll-out were greater in populations with higher vaccination rates, to a high level of statistical certainty due to the vaccines. He estimates true US vaccine deaths in the hundreds of thousands.
  • Edward Dowd, a former Wall Street investment manager at the world’s largest investment house Blackrock, in his book “Cause Unknown” analyzes all-cause mortalty data from the life insurance industry and comes to the firm’s conclusion that the true number of Covid vaccine deaths since the start of 2021 is in the hundreds of thousands.
  • In October of 2021, the peer-reviewed science journal Toxicology Reports published a study which estimated that deaths directly caused by the vaccines “could be in the hundreds of thousands for the USA,” with long-term effects still unknown. In a highly unusual move, the paper was hastily retracted by the publisher, against the wishes of the authors, who to this day stand by their conclusions. 

But this is not the worst of it.  In January of 2022, two notable scientists, a former VP and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer, and a former chairman of the Council of Europe Health Committee, reported evidence of “dose-range-finding” in CDC data for all the mRNA “vaccine” injections, which is a way of perfecting a bioweapon to be used upon the public. After much thought and searching for alternative explanations for the data patterns, the scientists conclude reluctantly that it seems, based on strong evidence, that the vaccines were designed to “kill people intentionally”

To learn how to fight CBDC in your state, please read on below…”Florida, South Dakota, Arizona Fight CBDC! Please Do These Action Items in YOUR State!”

Official “Federal Reserve Bank Services,” “FRB Services” promo of FedNow

Below: Mini-documentary on the corruption of the “Medical Establishment”: ‘“The Illusion of Evidence-Based Medicine”

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Gov. Ron DeSantis has announced legislation that will ban CBDC in Florida, while in South Dakota and Arizona, bills paving the way for CBDC have been shut down. CBDC – Central Bank Digital Currency – is not a currency at all, but a system of social control in which every penny spent is tracked by the government, which can shut off access on the spur of the moment.

For example, the digital credits, which will only be accessible through a digital ID, could be programmed to work only within 5 miles of one’s home, to reduce one’s “carbon footprint,” or shut off completely if one does not comply with a “medical” mandate, which could require completely new and untested injections.

Please act in your state by sending your state legislators the following information. Easily find your state legislators here, just type in your zip code etc.:

Please send them some or all of the following information, and lobby them to BAN CBDC! It is expected that inflation will soon reach catastrophic, socially destructive proportions, due entirely to the federal government’s unprecedented spending spree since COVID. CBDC will be sold as the cure for runaway inflation, but in truth it is a China-style totalitarian control system for the benefit of a billionaire elite interested in eliminating all dissent and controlled depopulation of the planet.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announces ban on CBDC in Florida (view at Rumble) Press Release

Which is Your State?

For help in getting a Ban CBDC movement going in your state, you can contact the South Dakota Freedom Caucus, who most recently stopped a state bill which would have paved the way for CBDC.

Green states have pending legislation paving the way for CBDC which should be defeated, withdrawn, or vetoed. Legislation in AZ enabling CBDC has been DEFEATED. States considering pro-CBDC legislation include Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia. Details for states HERE

Please read the articles following this one, below, to get a thorough understanding of CBDC and its threat for the foreseeable future of humanity.

Articles for State Legislators

Newsweek: “CBDCs Will Be the End of American Freedom “

Forbes Magazine: “The U.S. Should Disavow CBDCs And Set The Standard For Protecting Financial Privacy”

Wall Street Journal: “A CBDC Dollar Would Empower the Fed, Not Americans” “South Dakota Governor Vetoes Bill To Exclude Bitcoin, Ethereum, Other Cryptos From Money Definition” “Americans Face a Rapidly Encroaching ‘Emergency’ CBDC Power Grab”

The Tyrants Are Passing State Laws to Push CBDCs

The Blaze: South Dakota and other red states are about to ban Bitcoin as legal money and grease the skids for CBDC

Gov. Ron DeSantis press release on announced legislation to ban CBDC in Florida

Glenn Beck: “THESE 12 Republican states are smuggling digital currency through THIS sneaky bill”


SD Gov. Kristi Noem on her veto of state legislation which prepares the way for CBDC (view at Rumble)

Central Banker admits CBDC will give central banks complete power over what, when, and where you can spend your money

Successful former Blackrock, Wall Street investment guru Edward Dowd, a high-level overview of the drive toward CBDCs @DowdEdward (view at Rumble)

Glenn Beck issues grave warning to America on CBDC

States with legislation pending which would enable CBDC, legisaltion should be withdrawn or vetoed, and replaced by clear bans on CBDC slave currency. Source (CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE)

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Above image: Minnesota health worker Jummai Nache, injured by mandated Pfizer COVID vaccine in 2021, required quadruple amputation. CBDC would enforce government medical mandates. (source)

As the most radical change in American society since the founding of the Republic is quietly finagled by the Biden administration upon Americans, few have noticed that the proposed change, to a misnamed CBDC Central Bank Digital Currency, is blatantly unconstitutional.   

It is misnamed because CBDC, despite the clever use of the word, is not a currency, which implies something familiar merely being updated to an inevitable, more modernized, “digital” form. 

The CBDC system sniffing at the door of America is nothing less than a radical overthrow of all American freedoms, and the entrenchment of an arbitrary and capricious, all-encompassing new power emanating from an unelected cabal of central bankers, representing only the interests of the wealthiest of the wealthy, people whose lives are unimaginably different from 99.9% of humanity’s.  People with names like Rockefeller, Orsini, Rothschild, Cargill.

It has already been rolled-out and is being perfected in – where else? – China.

These are people who hop about on private jets from one mansion or island to another, and do not concern themselves with recessions or depressions.  They always have plenty.  Recessions and depressions are tools for herding the masses in the desired direction.  And right now that direction is into a darkness like man has never known before.

CBDC is best described as a “digital prison,” in which a person’s every move must be within the criteria – a programmable set of rules – laid out by the central bank regime. No “booster” shot? Your money gets shut off. You cannot buy anything, food, medicine, pay rent, until you comply. Protests due to brutal slashes in Social Security, and tax increases? A “pandemic” or “climate” emergency is declared, allowing purchases only within one mile of your house, or not at all so that people obey the order to stay home.

The technology is here, and already quietly being put into place.

Nowhere in the latest amended Federal Reserve Act of 1913 does Congress grant the Fed the power to run a CBDC, nevermind one with such extraordinary powers.  Most “money” in use has been digital for a long time, as credits and debits settled at end-of-day, and actual cash deliveries between banks minimal, but still necessary.  

But now, with the Fed attempting what can only be described as a coup over numerous Constitutional guarantees, such as 4th Amendment privacy, an even  closer look is warranted at the Fed itself, and Biden’s collusion with this in essence private entity, in which the real power is wielded by the largest member banks, which are in turn owned through controlling shares by the investment houses Blackrock and Vanguard

It is crystal clear in the US Constitution that only the US Treasury can print money, Article I, Section 8, Clause 5: “The Congress shall have the Power to coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin…”  Whether or not the Fed actually prints money depends on whether one accepts the idea that adding zeros to a bank’s balance sheet assets, so it can lend more money, constitutes creating money. 

The answer of course, is of course it does.  If it were not the Federal Reserve doing it, such shenanigans would put anyone else in jail.  

Even an International Monetary Fund working paper admits, from a hotbed of central bankers: 

“…the issuance of CBDC poses legal, financial and reputational risks for central banks… First, most central bank laws do not currently authorize the issuance of CBDC to the general public…”

Straight from the horse’s mouth. Joe Biden must be impeached, and not only impeached, but for the most serious offense of high treason. The Fed must be ended, and the US Treasury return to being the sole printer of currency.

As former Bush Secretary of HUD says in her loud warnings against this system, (following article) the prison has been built, and this is the final gate. Once it slams shut, there is no going back.

[STOP CBDC ACTION ITEM: FIND YOUR STATE REPS HERE, SEND THEM THESE ARTICLES: Newsweek: “CBDCs Will Be the End of American Freedom”, Article on how state legislatures can stop CBDCs.]

SD Gov. Kristi Noem on her veto of state legislation which prepares the way for CBDC (view at Rumble)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announces ban on CBDC in Florida (view at Rumble)

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A banker-controlled collapse of the US dollar, the US economy, and the banking system is paving the way for the replacement of money with a single, centralized system of programmable credits at the Federal Reserve, which would radically alter the way that power is distributed in America. From a collection of “fiefdoms” of one kind or another, i.e. states, large institutions, and major corporations, would emerge an all-powerful central government. Even entire state governments or institutions like major universities would be subservient.

Often referred to as CBDC “Central Bank Digital Currency,” it is explicitly not a currency, since a currency is fungible in all circumstances. Far more accurately, this is a totalitarian control system which gives the central bank government minute control over, literally, every step one takes.

The system would emulate communist China’s system of social controls through credits at the central bank, which can be programmed with rules and punishments, whether the “end user” is an individual, a state government, or a university trust fund or payroll account. The system is likened to a “digital prison.”

For example, credits, which will only be accessible through a digital ID and eventually an under-the-skin biochip, could be programmed to work only within 5 miles of one’s home, to reduce one’s “carbon footprint.” “Carbon ratings” are already being rolled out for purchases by Mastercard, and by some online airline ticket sites for flights. Allowed movement would be determined by the central government.

As a consolidation of banks continues, former Wall Street, Blackrock investment manager Ed Dowd estimates that only 6 US banks will be left by 2025, in the same way that the number of media corporations was reduced from thousands in the Seventies to a handful now. This will facilitate a final consolidation into essentially one bank, the Federal Reserve central bank, with all balances transferred to it and converted into programmable credits.

With such an iron grip on the masses, elites would be able to loot and plunder public and private assets as they please, and even exterminate much of the population, through mandatory, slow-acting injections, if so desired. In January of 2022, two notable scientists, a former VP and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer, and a former chairman of the Council of Europe Health Committee, reported evidence of “dose-range-finding” in CDC data for all the mRNA “vaccine” injections, a way of perfecting a bioweapon.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has said such a system would mean “the end of dissent.”

Even staid, Wall Street-friendly Forbes Magazine published in April 2022 that CBDC has little to do with the environment and that: “Central Bank Digital Currencies Are About Control – They Should Be Stopped.”

The system could also be used to punish resistors to the latest vaccine or medical experimentation, by shutting off their ability to buy food, medicine or anything else until they comply with government demands. Even when a person believes they are immune compromised, or believe the injection to be dangerous. The alternative will be to starve.

Crippling COVID injection reactions (view in Bitchute)

COVID Vaccine-Injured Hold Rally in L.A (More info)

Twitter “Vaccine Injured” Search

Vaccine injured documentary “Anecdotals”

Vaccine injured documentary “Safe and Effective”

Wall Street insider Ed Dowd says that the world’s central bankers, and the elites they represent, have printed the US dollar, the world’s reserve currency, into inflationary oblivion, especially during COVID, and there is no longer any way to paper over the criminal malfeasance, which will cause hyper-inflation, devastating recession, food and other shortages, and social unrest. This will present the opportunity for the elites to roll-in the “Great Reset.” The core of the Great Reset will be a digital ID, linked to one’s CBDC account, which will be required to make any purchase or access any public space or business.

Successful former Blackrock, Wall Street investment guru Edward Dowd, a high-level overview of the drive toward CBDCs @DowdEdward (view at Rumble)

Elites party while ordinary people suffer: UK PM Boris Johnson at going away party for a staffer during second 2020 COVID lockdown. Eight days earlier he had announced severe lockdown, no social gatherings. Suicides rose. (source)

Take Injections Which Have Likely Killed Hundreds of Thousands or Starve

All true currency, such as cash and decentralized cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, will be abolished, as the legislation vetoed by Gov. Noem began to do. That legislation, HB1193, defined only CBDC as “money,” to the exclusion of cryptos such as Bitcoin.  Similar legislation paving the way for CBDC is being considered in at least 20 other states, including Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia.

Outspoken investment banker and former President George HW Bush official Catherine Austin Fitts says the drive by the Biden administration toward CBDC would result in a China-style “social credit score” system.  Fitts was Assistant Secretary of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD,) and the first woman managing director at Dillon, Read & Co., who managed a $500 billion portfolio for HUD.

The Washington DC magazine The Hill writes in “Coming soon: America’s own social credit system”:

“China’s social credit system is a combination of government and business surveillance that gives citizens a “score” that can restrict the ability of individuals to take actions — such as purchasing plane tickets, acquiring property or taking loans — because of behaviors. Given the position of several major American companies, a similar system may be coming here sooner than you think. “

Fitts says the system would force any resister to any medical experimentation dubbed a vaccine, in essence, to stay home and starve, or be forced onto the streets if a “vaccine update” is required by one’s living circumstances.

Fitts says:

“You can implement complete control. Let’s say I want to mandate a vaccine, your access to your financial assets can be denied or stopped if you don’t do what you are told.”

Dr. James Mercola in Robert F. Kennedy’s The Defender writes:

“In other words, “vaccine refusal can be used to nullify or “lock” your [CBDC] digital ID, leaving you unable to do, go or buy anything. The question is, what will those vaccines be? Basically, you’ll have no choice but to comply, even if you believe or know that a vaccine can injure or kill you, as is the case with the COVID-19 jabs.”


Also Read: Minnesota Woman Loses both Legs and both Hands Following Second Pfizer COVID-19 Shot


And undermining the remarkably reaching, often heard argument that however many people die of the COVID mRNA agents, taking one’s chances with COVID is riskier, the prestigious BMJ British Medical Journal in  December 2022, published a peer-reviewed study which concluded unequivocally that for young healthy adults, the shots are nearly 20 times more likely to cause hospitalization or death than COVID itself.

Columbia University Professor Spiro Pantazatos, who says COVID vaccine deaths in the hundreds of thousands . (view at Rumble)

Ed Dowd Joins Tucker Carlson to Discuss His Research and Insurance Data on the Excess Mortality Rates Following the Forced Government Vaccine Mandates (view at Rumble) (FULL INTERVIEW)

“They Want Your Kids”

 Catherine Austin Fitts said in her podcast, on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense website, that one of the goals of the global elite behind the CBDC control system is to achieve absolute, permanent power over the rest of humanity, up to and including taking children away, like livestock.

That elite consists of members of the wealthiest .1% (point one percent) of the global population, popularly known as the “Davos crowd.” Davos is the resort village in Switzerland which host the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF,) a private billionaire’s club which meets to determine the way rest of humanity will live in the future, always couched in terms of concern for the environment, public health, and “inclusion.”

Fitts says this is a fig leaf which masks a totalitarian agenda, which relies on an integrated system of facial recognition, biochip implants such as are already tested in Sweden, 24/7 surveillance of every inch of the planet and of the Internet, GPS, CBDC, and under-the-skin bodily monitoring tools, such as one already developed by the Pentagon.

Biochip roll-out in Sweden, Dec. 2021, source TRTWorld

Central to the WEF’s present agenda, Agenda 2030, is the abolition of all cash and any other means of payment for debts or purchases besides CBDC.

Klaus Schwab, the founder of the WEF, wrote in his 2017 book  “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”:

Any package, pallet or container can now be equipped with a sensor, transmitter or radio frequency identification (RFID) tag that allows a company to track where it is as it moves through the supply chain—how it is performing, how it is being used, and so on….In the near future, similar monitoring systems will also be applied to the movement and tracking of people.” 

Bill Gates’ Finger in All the Key Pies

Not coincidentally to many people, most of these technologies trace their funding or impetus to Bill Gates, an important long-time member of the World Economic Forum, the prime mover of CBDC, whose founder Klaus Schwab is a great admirer of Chinese President Xi. In 2022 Xi instituted a brutal one-month indoor lockdown on the entire city of Shanghai, a city of 30 million people, in an insane quest for “zero Covid,” as determined by error-prone PCR tests. Reports are that people starved.

If Americans allow CBDC to become reality, the same scenario could be coming here.

WEF founder Klaus Schwab fawns on Chinese President Xi at 2022 WEF Summit, who subjected entire city of Shanghai to brutal month-long indoor lockdown in quest for “Zero Covid,” leading to suicides (view at Rumble)

Catherine Austin Fitts explains the global elite’s “Great Reset” (View at Rumble)

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Creating “Shock and Awe”: Cuomo Gave Deadly Order Forcing COVID Patients into Nursing Homes the Same Day Morgue Trucks Were Ordered for Media

Real Not Rare (Vaccine-injured website)

Documentary: “The Real Anthony Fauci,” featuring Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Children’s Health Defense (view at Rumble)

Bill Gates Funded the Professor Who Created “Lockdown” Theory Used to Justify Police State

Bill Gates: The Banned Documentary (view at Rumble)

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano calls for resistance against New World Order (view at Rumble)

25-year Silicon Valley engineer Aman Jabbi describes what life will look lilke if we do not stop CBDC – The Final Lockdown – Street Lights That KILL in Smart Cities, Digital ID (view at Rumble)


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