Merck To Manufacture Johnson & Johnson Single Shot Vaccine Amid Efficacy Questions

Michelle Williams, an epidemiologist and dean of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, said: “This is not the time to be quibbling over decimal places or the levels of efficacy that we’re seeing. Vaccines are a public health tool meant to keep people from getting sick, becoming hospitalized, and overwhelming the health-care system.”

And this is what J&J’s shot does. It was 85% effective in preventing severe disease after 28 days.

Gorsky continued: “We think that’s particularly true in the United States when you think about rural areas but equally as important when you get outside to you know, the developing world where it’s going to be so important.”

Additionally, it will be easier to distribute. The U.S. is expected to start shipping 3.9 million doses to states this week, with some already arriving. 20 million doses have been promised by the end of March. Gregory Poland, a virologist and director of the Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group, said Friday: “A one-dose vaccine decreases the burden on the health-care system.”

Pediatric infectious disease specialist H. Cody Meissner said: “It’s important that people do not think that one vaccine is better than others. All vaccines work with what appears to be equal efficacy and equal safety as of this time.”

Glen Nowak, director of the Center for Health and Risk Communication at the University of Georgia, thinks that keeping the messaging around the jab simple will be helpful: “When you start to communicate complexity and nuance, you lose people.”

And America’s favorite doctor, Anthony Fauci, has simply stated: “The vaccine that’s available to you — get that vaccine. It is important to get as many people vaccinated as quickly and as expeditiously as possible.”


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