Monthly Horoscope: Leo, January 2024

This time of year connects you to your habits and lifestyle as the sun moves through your chart’s house of work and routine from December 21. It’s easier to do your chores and consider which habits you’d like to quit or maintain over the coming year.

Your typical holiday cheer or festivities might be met with some resistance or speed bumps as Venus clashes with serious Saturn on January 1. Parties, dates, or celebrations find a workaround in order to accommodate limited time or resources. On January 1, delays and detours are likely as Mercury retrograde ends in your chart’s house of work and routine, which can find you reflecting on ways to improve your job or health in the new year.

Your determination to get the job done is boosted as action planet Mars enters plucky Capricorn on January 4. Extra strength is available to help you through chores, workouts, or longer shifts. Misunderstandings about time commitments or scheduling might come up again as Mercury clashes with Neptune, the planet of illusions, on January 9 for the third time. This can resurface conversations or ideas from the first two times this aspect was exact, November 27 and December 27. 

Your ability to perform shines through any circumstances as your planetary ruler, the sun, harmonizes with Uranus on January 9. You might be feeling like a loose cannon, but you’re still able to stick to a plan thanks to the help of your partners or colleagues as Mars connects with Saturn, also on this day.

A new chapter in your work and health begins with the new moon on January 11. Over the coming lunar cycle, you’ll find unconventional or genius ways of manifesting your work and lifestyle as this new moon harmonizes with Uranus, the planet of invention.

Ambition is high as action planet Mars harmonizes with optimistic Jupiter on January 12. Your ability to achieve success with dedication and hard work is recognized and celebrated.

You can re-address work tasks and chores that were set aside for the past month as Mercury re-enters your chart’s house of work and routine on January 13. Conversations about what tasks you’re responsible for—or what time commitments you have to make—are coming up again.

Look out for scammers or grifters as the sun connects with dreamy Neptune on January 15. You might be feeling more generous and trusting. You could also ask for whatever financial support you need, making a convincing and captivating case for what you need to be funded.

Conversations about finances—taxes, loans, grants, and debts—reach a conclusion after much deliberation as Mercury connects with Saturn for the third time on January 18, echoing exchanges or insights from December 2 and 21. You can find satisfaction in your work and lifestyle as Mercury harmonizes with Jupiter for the third time, bringing relief and a final word on conversations from December 7 and 18. You’re ready to say yes or accept offers. 

There may be some strange or confusing feelings coming up as Venus clashes with Neptune, the planet of illusions, on January 19, stirring false impressions. You might be impressed, lead on, or inspired by something that someone simply appears to have.

You’re looking head-on at the core of your responsibilities as the sun meets with Pluto, the planet of secrets, revealing something about your survival mechanisms or habitual behaviors on January 20. Also on this day, the sun moves into Aquarius, illuminating your chart’s house of partnerships, putting your focus more on other people and how they shape your life and your energy. Right after the sun enters Aquarius, Pluto does too, bringing up drama from last spring, when Pluto was last in this sign. Power dynamics in relationships are a source of evolution and psychological exploration over the coming 15 years.

New conversations about your responsibilities and commitments grow as Mercury clears its post-retrograde shadow on January 20. Inconclusive, confusing, or back-and-forth discussions about your work, health, lifestyle, or other interpersonal commitments that have been bouncing around since December 1 ought to be resolved by this day!

Love planet Venus enters Capricorn on January 23, bringing social harmony and beauty to your day-to-day life. This can improve relationships with your colleagues or employees. This is a time to recognize the luxury in what others might consider mundane, and to welcome sensuality into your everyday routine.

The full moon in your sign, Leo, falls on January 25, illuminating your chart’s axis of relationships, of self and other. Since it’s Aquarius season, it’s time to embrace your relationships and the unique people in your life. Celebrate your prosperity and accomplishments as the full moon squares off with Jupiter, the planet of success.

Your relationships are a source of hope and good will as the sun clashes with Jupiter on January 27. Your unique situation is exaggerated as Uranus, the planet of rebellion, ends its retrograde, which might have you ready to do something completely out of the ordinary. You may follow your impulse without holding back as Mercury meets with Mars, also on January 27. You can accomplish a lot of work!

Financial and labor agreements flow smoothly and favorably as Venus connects with stable Saturn and lucky Jupiter on January 28. You can feel as though your hard work and commitments pay off. 

You come up with inventive solutions to make your workflow much easier as Mercury harmonizes with Uranus on January 28. You might be more comfortable with using technology or new approaches to your job. Action planet Mars also harmonizes with Uranus on January 29, which can mean a futuristic or technological approach is favored. You might also be more reckless on this day, willing to take care of business the way that you think is right, even if it means taking an unconventional direction.

Good luck, Leo, and see you in February!


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