Mortality Watch and Agendas Promoting The Great Depopulation

Before we get into this sensitive topic, let us be clear. There is nothing ‘great’ about The Great Depopulation in the sense of being positive or good. Although there are those on both sides of this spiritual and information war whom do believe it is either wholly good, or a necessary evil. It has greatly saddened me lately to see people posting comments on various forums – whom are supposed to be on “our side,” now cheering on the democide by othering the injected; saying they deserve their fate, and agreeing that Bill Gates and his ilk are doing us a favour by depopulating the planet. Without compassion, empathy, sanity, and a purely pro-human perspective on world events, the minds, hearts, and souls of men are becoming warped and insidious. Be careful what you wish for or wish onto others, lest you become so filled with hate that you veer into the anti-human ethos without barely realising it.

Refrain from evil not out of fear, but because it is right.

– Democritus, 470-370 BC, Ancient Greek philosopher.

The folks at are collating data on excess deaths from multiple sources – often government data, which is why you will find gaps for some quarters, especially for the past four years, when data has been obfuscated, omitted, or manipulated to complicate collation and analysis. I noticed that Thailand is high up in the ranking for excess deaths, both on a quarterly basis and cumulatively.

Highest excess deaths all countries 2020 – 2023.
Highest excess deaths all countries 2022 – 2023.
Excess deaths spiking immediately after Thailand’s C19 injection rollout in Q2 2021.
Individual percentile indication for excess deaths in Thailand per quarter.

There are multiple other agendas aside from the C19 injection democide and iatrogenocide, which we must also be cognisant of being pushed and gaining traction.

This is a non-exhaustive list. Keep in mind that for each and every agenda – without exception – the ultimate goal of the sociopaths orchestrating this innate evil, is to either make people want their own demise, or make people desire the demise of what they perceive to be the other. We are all human (for now, cue Transhumans incoming), and we should all be pro-humanity, despite our differences in opinion, background, religious convictions, demographic, or geographical location.

Traditional vaccines and mRNA vaccines – Correlation and causation cited between traditional vaccines on the childhood schedule with long-term chronic illness such as asthma, the demonstrable linkage with higher levels of autism as covered by Children’s Health Defense, and now the plethora of “side effects” from the C19 injections which are maiming, sterilising, and killing en masse. New mRNA injections being released with the promise of “curing” the side effects of the C19 batches, such as myocarditis and turbo cancers exponentially rising. No doubt the new mRNA product lines are also designed to maim, sterilise, and kill at an equal if not more aggressive rate of “efficacy.”

Amendments to the international health regulations – Curtail freedom of movement in the event of the next pseudo-pandemic, coerce acquiescence to get injected with more experimental genetic bioweapons, provide a legal framework to forcibly inject non-compliers, and / or declare refuseniks as mentally ill and dangerous – detaining them in camps indefinitely. More fertile humans taken out of the general population, further preventing propagation of the dwindling gene pool, and exacerbating declining birth rates.

CBDC and digital ID – Curtail individual freedoms and freedom of movement. Limit spending habits, impoverish, de-bank, unperson, and overall reduce standard of living, which will decimate physical and mental health and ultimately promote malnutrition through forced spending on government approved sources of (plant based and insect based) protein.

Climate delusion – The pivot from the west’s pushback and decreasing appetite for environmental, social, governance goals (ESG) to South East Asia as a more amenable target, is still proliferating the curation of this as an industry within itself. More multinational companies have designated departments and newly created job roles to help comply with ESG and carbon footprint tracking nonsense. These people’s jobs depend on them pushing this agenda as hard as they possibly can, in order to score points with their employer and to literally score points on the ESG scoreboard rankings.

Eventually these people will be viewed as collaborators in genocide, on an equal footing to, if not greater than, the collaborators in the (ongoing) C19 bioweapon democide. ESG normalises and incentivises the self-sacrifice of freedom of travel and the general decimation in standards of living, health, and thus mortality. *Spot the mainstream straddler voices whom are a couple of years behind the curve – note how they are calling out the climate delusion and wokeism as insane and a death cult, yet they are still saying that we need to find other ways to cut C02 emissions and fight “climate change.” They are still taking part in the lie.

We should also be careful in our rhetoric when taking aim at the fiercest proponents of “reducing our carbon footprint.” For example, I have noticed a lot of comments around alt-media saying that a climate cultist should “lead by example and start by reducing their own carbon footprint to zero” (kill themselves). Have you seen this type of line being thrown around a lot recently? To anyone whom is awakening from unreality to reality, they might see this kind of talk and regress a few steps backwards into actually believing that overpopulation needs to be dealt with by increased accessibility to euthanasia and medical assistance in dying (MAID).

Transhumanism – We may be surprised at how quickly nanotechnological medical treatments and augmentation could be embraced. With Elon Musk’s neuralink teasing solutions to degenerative brain diseases and language center enhancements, and the rise of the bio-circular economy, whereby your biological material is bought, sold, and traded, this shall become a new multi-tiered industry. In their desperation to seek a return to a better quality of life, the increasing number of neurologically damaged people (as a result of the C19 injections) could be primed to become major consumers of these new technologies. The concept of biodigital convergence may also see biological brains and / or digitised consciousness, housed in silicon (non-carbon) bodies. New species of (Trans)humans would come into being. Homo Sapiens would then perpetuate the reproduction of their species with less frequency.

Gender ideology – Promoting the idea of hundreds of genders and funding gender affirmative care, is obviously taking out huge swathes of children whom will not be viable to reproduce as adults. It also promotes othering and turns children against their parents, whilst turning their loyalty towards the state.

Proxy wars – Drumming up hatred and polarisation over religion, ethnicity, and nationality, causes othering, engineered food crises and prolonged famine, distracts people from the C19 injection democide, and encourages a malleable free floating anxiety for the masses to be told what to be angry about and where and upon whom to direct their anger. There are no more sovereign nation states. Every country is following WEF policies and the UN’s agenda 2030. The government ‘leaders’ are all anti-human.

Food supply – Glyphosate (Bayer – Monsanto’s Roundup) is the most widely used chemical on the planet for genetically modified and drought resistant crops. It also causes cancer and infertility. mRNA is being introduced into the food supply, via livestock ‘vaccines’ and perhaps soon via produce too. Cricket flour is being disguised with codes in supermarkets by stealth, with the exoskeletons of the insects being carcinogenic. We need to be more discerning and vigilant in our food shopping, and find out what “organic” really means in our respective regions – how it is regulated (i.e. less or no pesticides used at all).

If you would like to learn more about these agendas, with sources, hyperlinks, references, and how each agenda is interconnected, please read this post:

Threading Narratives Together

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I am sorry for such a black pill post today, I just wanted to write about all of this as I currently see it. For solutions, please search “solutions” within Creed Speech substack for some ideas I have written about across the parallel economy. Most simply, tell the truth whenever opportune, and spread awareness.

There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.

—  Socrates, 469-399 BC, Ancient Geek Philosopher

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