Muslims Warn Jews To Leave Seine-Saint-Denis, Paris ‘No-Go Zone’ — Jews Cry ‘Antisemitism’

(Algemeiner) The Jewish press is attempting to put an antisemitic spin on a turf war between Muslims and tiny remnant of Jews in what has become a Muslim-dominated neighborhood of Paris:

Residents of a heavily Jewish neighborhood in Paris have been targeted in separate incidents this week that involved antisemitic hate mail delivered to their homes. The incidents took place in Seine-Saint-Denis in the north-east of the French capital, according to the National Vigilance Bureau for Countering Antisemitism (BNCVA), a Paris-based organization that assists the victims of antisemitic attacks.

On Wednesday, two Jewish families living next door to each other in the same apartment building received handwritten notes posted to their front doors bearing the message, scrawled in large black letters, “Dirty Jews Out.” In a statement, the BNCVA urged local police to “arrest the antisemitic delinquents who want to eject the Jewish citizens of France.”

The statement commented that many Jewish residents of “93” — the official administrative number of the department of Seine-Saint-Denis — had left the area in recent years. “[They are the] victims of fire bombings of synagogues and Jewish schools, of attacks on Jews in stadiums or in the street, in schools and universities, often in cities with a leftist or Communist leadership that ostentatiously supports the boycott of Israel, or even Islamist terrorists,” the BNCVA remarked.

Wednesday’s incidents followed reports over the weekend of more than fifty homes in the Romainville area of Seine-Saint-Denis receiving crudely antisemitic hate mail. Packages containing newspaper clippings covered in handwritten antisemitic barbs were left in residents’ mailboxes. Slogans written in black magic marker ink included “Jewish racketeering since 1945,” “Jewish power, global threat” and “Money goes to the Jews.”

Seine-Saint-Denis is not a “heavily Jewish” neighborhood — it’s obviously mostly Muslim — but there is a small pocket of Jews who refuse to leave what has become a dangerous Muslim ghetto where even the police rarely bother to enter.

And instead of doing what any sane person would do to protect themselves and their families — which is leave — instead they dig their heels in, claim to be victims of “antisemitism” — and demand that the French police and military provide them with personal armed protection.

It’s not as if Jews in France don’t know that their Arab pets — whom they’ve intentionally imported to destroy the White hegemony of the country — aren’t resentful toward Jews for the Israeli genocide in Palestine.

In fact, Jews have used their power in the media to force the native French people to accommodate these Muslim invaders — and literally insist that the French people race mix with them — as an act of “patriotism.”

But Jews have a habit of insisting on living in hostile and dangerous ghettos because they rents are cheap — but when they inevitably become victims of crime — most often at the hands of poor Blacks — they cry “antisemitism” and pretend as if they were “targeted” for being Jews rather than for being outsiders with money.

Historically, Jews have fled countries which they have subverted and destroyed — such Spain, Russia, Germany — the list is endless — and now they finally have Israel — their own country to flee to once the goyim get wise to their shenanigans.

And the elites of France know that the Jews have been leaving — and may leave en masse — but they still are begging them to stay — as if France would no longer be France without its Jews.

And the Israeli Mossad is very much aware of what is going on with the “Muslim extremists” in France — which is the base for the Mossad’s activity in Europe.

No doubt the Israelis wouldn’t think twice of orchestrating false flag terror attacks in France to give the Jews there motivation to move to Israel.

According to Rabbi Baruch Efrati, this “islamification” of Europe is ultimately good for the Jews — and it’s “payback” for hundreds of years of Christian “persecution” of the Jews.

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