NATO Loots Libyan Gold As Tripoli Falls

As we reported 6 weeks ago, final assault was planned before September deadline

Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, August 22, 2011

Precisely as we predicted last month, NATO forces and their Al-Qaeda backed rebels launched a massive assault on Tripoli in order to wrap up the looting and conquest of Libya in time for crucial talks at the UN on Palestinian statehood set to begin in less than two weeks.

On July 8th in an article entitled, U.S. Wants Gaddafi Toppled By September, we reported, “The United States and France have set a deadline of September 2nd to topple Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, with NATO powers ready to inflict a crushing blow if Gaddafi refuses to step down peacefully.”

That crushing blow is now in full effect as reports circulate of well over a thousand dead with thousands more wounded during weekend battles, led by by NATO warships and fighter jets as part of “Operation Mermaid Dawn,”which led to the capture of Gaddafi’s sons as Gaddafi himself reportedly went into hiding.

RAF fighter jets were deployed to attack key regime targets while the media pretended the whole assault was an organic uprising by the Libyan people, endlessly replaying footage of celebrating crowds.

In another report published on July 15, we stated that NATO powers and the rebel army would launch a final bombardment of Tripoli within 6-8 weeks if Gaddafi refused to step down, which is exactly what unfolded just shy of 6 weeks later.

Barack Obama and David Cameron are now busy milking the spectacle with tough talk as if they led the assault personally. In reality, the conquest of Libya represents little more than another act of colonial looting on behalf of the NATO war machine, with Syria the next target in its cross hairs.

The war was launched, with the gleeful support of the western corporate media, on the hoax that Gaddafi’s government was slaughtering “protesters” en masse. In reality, these “protesters” had commandeered military tanks and fighter jets. For weeks, the establishment press re-branded what was a civil war as a brutal series of crimes against humanity by Gaddafi’s regime, just long enough for the United Nations to pass a “no fly zone” resolution that instantly turned into a massive NATO bombardment overnight.

Global central banks will now get to carve up Africa’s most oil-rich nation while simultaneously divvying up around 144 tons of gold bullion – which might go some way to repaying Hugo Chavez after his announcement that Venezuela is to nationalize its precious metals industry. Unless of course Chavez becomes the next head on the chopping block for another “humanitarian intervention”.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

The attack on Libya, spearheaded by Obama without Congressional approval, against the advice of his own constitutional lawyers, and on a promise that the conflict would last “days not weeks,” was a brazen illustration of how the so-called “war on terror” was a cruel hoax.

From the very beginning, and in violation of their own resolution, NATO powers armed, funded and trained Al-Qaeda militants who had killed U.S. troops, setting them up to command the rebels in the march towards Tripoli. As the Wall Street Journal reported in a piece entitled, Ex-Mujahedeen Help Lead Libyan Rebels, Al-Qaeda terrorists who worked directly for Bin Laden were tasked with recruiting, training and acting as front line field commanders for the rebel army.

The entire scope of the war was about capturing Libya as another launch pad for further empire building in the Middle East and north Africa, which is why PNAC neo-cons ordered “Peace Laureate” Obama to do it in the first place. The conquest was about securing the richest oil resources in the whole of Africa, it was about stealing 6 billion dollars in gold reserves, and it was about putting a halt to China’s efforts to virtually re-colonize Africa.

Although Gaddafi was obviously an autocratic dictator, he did reinvest much of Libya’s oil wealth back into the country, transforming it into one of the most well-developed nations in the whole region, which is why a lot of the middle classes in major cities retained their support for the Libyan leader.

All that is set to change now that NATO forces and the central banks that stand behind them will finally get the opportunity to properly plunder Libya for all it has. Living standards will plummet, corrupt strong men will take control with globalist blessings and run the country into the ground for their own good, so long as they allow NATO and US air force bases to be constructed throughout the land.

Save for any last minute counter-attack by Gaddafi forces, the globalist war machine can now focus on toppling its next domino on the road to world domination. Rest assured, whether its Syria, Iran, Pakistan or anywhere else, a suitable hoax will be invented as a pretext for invasion and the western establishment media will slavishly create the perfect narrative for a bloody assault disguised as a humanitarian outreach.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.

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83 Responses to “NATO Loots Libyan Gold As Tripoli Falls”

  1. fantastic article, PJ! all infowarriors need to facebook/twitter/email/whatever this. I just did. show the world infowars can ‘predict’ the future.

  2. nobodies gold is safe

  3. The media reporting on this conflict is completely corrupt. Maybe RT or Al Jazeera have some people on the ground. I’m curious whether large numbers of NATO special forces were responsible for the rapid change in the ground war. My guess is that is they toppled Gaddafi forces. The war shifted far too rapidly.

  4. Soon they will be taking everybodies gold.

    • Yes I posted that last year how the sh*t hogs in charge
      are letting gold go out of sight til everybody buys it,
      then they gonna pass some “directive” overnight that
      makes it a crime to own gold, just like FDR so they
      can CONFISCATE what wealth people got left.

      Gold is the real wealth in the world, not these toilet-
      paper currencies. Its plain to see why they’re taking
      over Libya. The big banks have got millions out in paper
      gold they can’t make good on, so they got to STEAL
      gold from poor little rug merchants who make $5 per day.

      This is OUTRIGHT CRIMINAL THEFT and I ashamed as hell
      our country is in on it. Matter of fact I been just ashamed
      as hell of this gov’t SINCE November 22. 1963.

      • OY OY! Want to bet where all that gold ends up? ‘Such a deal, such a business.”

        • On Obama’s teeth..

      • I agree, November 22,1963 still burns in my memory. It was a crappy way to enjoy our first color tv.
        One question, Why wear a mask, if you are fighting for revolution? If they are Libyan citizens, they do not need masks. Nightly news has not shown the masked [rebels], so we have more of the same crap as happened in Iraq. Don’t show your face as you kill, these ghosts cut a head off in video, some more satanic one world terrorism. Same phony war, same psychopath serial killers.

    • Well, globalist got Tripoli back… Will, be knocking Syira’s door next..Oil and Gold gives them money need to fund..

      • This plan was hatched in 2003… The sleeper cells, have been there for years…. A global force for good..LOL.. It’s all aburd, and not over yet…

  5. Meanwhile, Kim Jong-Il is in Russia, getting food for his people
    while the Russians announce plans to build a permanent gas pipeline
    into North Korea. Of course this is happening with the full support of China.

    • Soon, next two years, China will take back Tiawan… They will use this Conquest, to justify invading…

  6. The zionist are hard at it.

    Peace, Peace, but there shall be no Peace.

    Obunghole is an ass puppet for Rothschild and israel.

    Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan, Yemen, now Libya. Chavez and Venezuela could be next. Chavez wont get the gold. It’s already been stolen and he cant get it back. If he makes a fuss he will get war. In this hemisphere. Getting close to home eh. It would be the perfect opportunity to mass UN troops close to the US, which is definitely in the guns sights of the globalist and may be the next REALLLLY BIG PRIZE. America!!!

    They target a nation and go after the gold and physical wealth and resources, then enslave the populace forcing them to work for worthless paper until the world economy is fully destroyed and cashless system installed. They’ve been suckingout of us for a hundred years.

    If Obunghole gets his way, and picks a fight with Americans, declares martial law and starts filling the FEMA camps, who will do it? Will it be UN troops or US troops or police and mercenary PMC and PSC’s, like Haliburton, Wackenhut, Andrews International, Blackwater ect??? Probably a combination of all their resources. Will US troops stand for that? Pray not. How do you stop a tyrant????????? One tyrant or 535??? Does it matter. They are moving fast with momentum and sucking every last drop they can from every nation on the globe that isnt yet dirt poor.

    Their problem is, the wealthiest nation of all has an armed population, “a rifle behind every blade of grass” so it could get a little dicey. But dont worry they will get here. Sooner than you may think.

    Price of gold keeps going up and the cost of living is dieing. But what is the price of freedom?

    “Those that beat their swords into plows will farm for those that do not” Thomas Jefferson

  7. First the gold, then the oil. Where have I seen this before????

  8. DUH HELLO, these people have had acess to the secrets and knowledge of the universe for thousands of years!!!!!! thousands of years we have been ruled and not been able to break free from the plot that is incrementalty progressing towards it’s endgame. Some people say…”well Im just waiting for the endgame so I can go and stop them from their evil plans”…”yah Im a patriot and will defeat these people that have not only ruled the world for long time but have also enslaved me THE TOUGH PATRIOT”….omg…you have to have prinicpals first people!!!! that’s what these people have. They have complete soul’s. They have spiritual knowledge, the kind that can make you conquer your dreams, that can conquer the world, that can guide you when your lost, that can show you how the human mind and soul works! So NO your not going to defeat them you DUMBASS. MAYBE you couldve done it 60 or 70 y ears ago…when it WAS possible….but since THEN they have USED us to invent thier weapons and controls. Just a nuclear bomb alone is enough to take over the world but they have mind boggling capabilities now, they can see through the ground!! your not going to be able to hide!!! they have HUMAN hunting robots that can out run a fuckin cheetah! You can’t even work up the courage to get out of your chair, you think your going to defeat them let alone survive the first day!? IGNORANCE!

    • Bravo! You are right on. I keep hoping people will realize that they only way to remove TPTB’s power is to TAKE IT BACK, INDIVIDUALLY. Don’t give it to them. Don’t fret over what they say they can do, just live your life the way you want, just don’t hurt anyone else while you do it. The best revenge is to live a good life, anyway.

    • Don’t believe everything you hear. Even robots can be stopped. Stop focusing on
      what you can’t do and focus on what you can do.

      There’s an old military saying that says, Can’t got killed and couldn’t got whipped
      until he could.

    • Daner, they are of their father Satan The Devil. Their souls belong to him and it has all been foretold. God’s plan for us will be played out and they will loose. those who have faith will prevail.

  9. Phenomenal piece, Watson !

  10. Who will prosecute the NATO officials, financed al Quaeda terrorists and the US Commander in Chief warmonger for their war crimes of mass slaughter of Libyan civilians?

  11. This armed robbery of the Libyan people’s gold reserves by the Rothschild established ZioNAZI-religionist fascists is a double edged sword. It may temporarily help them fix an artificially low price on the value of gold, but that will more than be offset by the establishment of Saudi Wahabbi fascists in all the territories surrounding their criminal-established religionist white-racist AshkeNAZI Jewish-tyranny satrapy in Palestine.

    The huge added expense (to the Tory fascists) of “defending” and maintaining the criminal mafia satrapy of their indefensible established white-Jewist national socialist nuclear armed duchy in Jerusalem will more than offset the minor advantage of them gaining the booty of this robbery. The price they are paying by establishing Tory-Saudi Wahabbi-socialist corporate-monarchist fascism in all of the Arab countries of the Middle East at the expense of secular constitutional liberty in the name of evil mob-rule “democratism” is far too high.

  12. Godaffi! What can you do when the whole fucking world is against you?


  13. Gaddafi should of had the gold made into coins and given to millions and millions of private citizens. Then the wealth would be almost impossible to steal.

    • Perhaps true, but directly using the fixed and constantly appreciating savings-asset ‘antiquity” value of a limited finite resource such as gold or silver or DaVinci paintings to represent the infinitely expansive value of labor in an ever-growing economic system as a “Labor Exchange Currency” is a recipe for economic and commercial exhaustion.

      Once anyone by fair or foul means has “earned” all of the limited resource, there is no more “currency”with which to conduct commerce without employing the parasitism of usury. A labor exchange “currency” is the “current” value of all of the intellectual, labor and physical properties of an economic nation of people, it does not and cannot “belong” to just a few economic winners.

    • That’s a smart move. Not only would it be impossible to steal gold but the citizens would fight the invader’s. Give your people wealth and they will fight to the death for you. Libya would have been an impenetrable fortress of loyal libyans and wouldve fought the west with attacks not seen since the hieght of the Iraq war.

      • They would’ve still lost and the military have real good metal detectors.

  14. There’s such a thing as being too sober and taking things too seriously, especially ourselves. The ability to laugh at ourselves is a great asset and helps keep us humble. People who can’t laugh at their own mistakes or take the mistakes of others with a sense of humor are either too proud or have too severe a sense of life.

    • Let’s see if you laugh when they kill your family. Get lost coward, everytime you speak
      you weaken the nation.

  15. Godaffi will not go the way of Saddam but possibly prosper!

  16. Now the greedy British and the parasitic Zionists will colonize that innocent country called Libya. Zionist media is speaking for Libyan people now, saying so many Libyans were waiting for this parasitic foreign invasion of their country. All the exaggerations about unrests before white folks invade any country to take over its natural resources is part of war time propaganda just like the holocaust myths and fairytales. Now Americans will have plenty of excuses to not vote for a right candidate who will stop the genocide of other nations. they will go around the circle again. at home people are homeless, hungry, heavily in debt, jobless but they have trillions to spend on wars to feed the rich. our criminal government raised the college tuition again just to add another insult to the injury. we have no leader. president is just a clerk who follows orders from the banker masters. Americans are happy to be taxpaying slaves since the government is not committing genocide or bombing a white nation. I am sure they will establish an Islamic puppet government in Libya so they can blame or confront them as well in future and thus, will never run out of excuses to intervene.

    • Ride on! What do we expect from the Devil run world till Jesus returns? — Click my name see issue guide!

      • Who wants to click on your chickenshit name??

        • Have you no fear of God?

  17. It’s Washington DC that may be obliterated in times to come!

  18. The people of Libya must turn their fiat paper currency they will get from their new privately owned central bank into gold/silver.

    • The Libyan people will regret losing Godaffi’s support under a new Godless conquerer! Big Oil Corporations who will give them nothing compared with Godaffi did! Look at Shell Oil’s track Record in Nigeria and elsewhere!

  19. Suppose once the bankers get that gold will the price come down?

    • Not unless the NWO wants it to.

  20. Members of NATO need funding of course, for their operations. I have seen over the years many peoples in hi-places speak on how NATO is under-funded. Dont know exactly how true that is, Maybe it is , maybe it’s not. But, if they can acquire gold ( or other assets…or even off-the-book assets such as heroin, cocaine, etc…they would probably do this as well ), by use of wars cloaked under ‘humanitarian’ allegations, they of course are doing it.

    Since gold prices are rising, and gold is one of the bootys to be desired. then NATO will benefit from the high ‘value’ of gold. Is gold being used to acquire that Earth’s hard assets?

    Somalia is another country that is being ‘developed’. And Africa is rich in resources and many countries are have been running there to lay the ground work for business opportunities. Many Somlians are suffering and it is giving the perfect opportunity to set up military bases over there, and inject that country with ‘aid’ dollars.

  21. I wonder what God will say at the Great White Throne Judgement to those fellas that had anything to do with this… yes! “Shameful” and illegal crafty way to overcome a Sovereign state in modern times when legality matters while everyone else even other vulnerable States sat on the sidelines watching one of their buddies get punched out?

    • I wonder what Jesus Christ will say to you when you claimed to be having sex
      with him?? I think they will fair better than you.

  22. Referring to the title of this article. “If you think for even for a moment that if “they” will lie/bomb steal this Man’s riches, “they” won’t come take your 30 pieces of silver that you have squirrelled beter re-think this.” And that guy living in the fancy house next door, driving the fancy car, he will remotely turn you in, out of jealousy/envy for a penny or two. And running to the hills to escape the BMW laptop sissies, ‘may’ not be the answer either..”they” have already demonstrated
    multiple times what “they” do with their programmed enforcers, to people living in remote locations. ie; Waco, Ruby Ridge and most recently in Montana, while all the supposed ***tough guy Patriots*** stood by and watched it…in silence.
    From what I have observed in my years alot of people talk real touph, but when the shit goes down,
    they hide.

    • They will take your silver but they will be after your gold first. And they know how
      much you have and where you hide it.

  23. Great article Paul, you covered all the bases. The blueprint for global enslavement continues. The map told to Lindsey Williams is being unfolded. The Oil Industry will take control of the middle east, then use the oil here, basic supplies will cost a arm, and a leg, while people go hungry.

    • how will we go hungry when there are animals everywhere???… thanks god!

      • pellet rifle, wrist rocket, and snares for small game
        and if I might add, tons of wild edible plants
        day lily buds and milkweed pods taste a lot like green beans
        winter is pretty slim pickins around here, but rose hips (very high in vitamin C) stay on the bush through the winter
        lots of greens and berries in season
        find out what to look for, and where and when to find it
        get a copy of “A Field Guide to Wid Edible Plants” by Lee Allen Peterson or one of the other similar guides, lots of them on Ebay
        and learn how to dehydrate food for storage

        • You people are slow man. Why do you think they experimented with agent orange and shit in Vietnam?? They will try to kill and poison all wildlife
          and vegetation to force people to the fema camps.

  24. gold oil and heroin…….. shame shame

    • or shame ol shame ol

      • They are satanists, they have no shame or mercy.

  25. Interesting libya falls. odd they only had 8 billion in gold. So sick of all this… I will be glad when the ends comes. Society has produced so many wack jobs that it would be impossible to form any resistance to the tyranny the world is experiencing now. Whatever happens from here on out, I will survive as long as I can and pray that my child and my grandson can manage to do the same.

    • Who knows but Jesus who is in slow smooth control of mankind giving him opportunities, like I’m offering you to know the full truth!

      Click my name…see issue guide

      • If I want to learn how to be a chickenshit, I’ll click on your name.

  26. Obama is the Joker, he smiles from ear to ear as he kills thousands.

    • He may get away with this slaughtering plunder with men with no scruples but will he get away with it in confronting God?

  27. Didja’ know that during the Ameican “Civil War” that when the Union took New Orleans that the first thing the Union occupational soldiers did was to hoist their flag over the mint?

    “War is ALWAYS” about money.”
    —Tom Clancy

    • The only city in GA that the scum bucket Sherman didn’t burn to the ground was Savanah b/c they agreed to turn all the cotton in the port over to Stinkin’ Lincoln.

    • “war is a racket” Smedley Butler.

    • Actually, it’s about greed. Tom should’ve asked me.

  28. How can we stop this ? we are helpless here, elected officials don’t listen, elections are rigged and we have to bear the embarrassment and shame of it all !

    The situation is totally out of hand !

    • Oh yeah, its totally out of hand all right. The sad thing is that people here actually think they are gonna profit from this.

    • I agree, i feel helpless and embarrassed and only hope that everyone we attack, lie and steal from know we dont all think like that.

    • Stop paying taxes and tell everyone you know to stop paying their taxes. This is what they truly care about…. billions in gold…but trillions in tax payers money

    • We have to use guerrilla tactics with small bands of patriots. You have to make them
      split their forces into a million units. And aim for the pelvic area above the inside
      of the thighs to severe the arteries.

  29. Ha Shatan (Satan) is the god of this world, yet YHWH is the true ELOHIM of Da Universe.

    Ha Shatan’s Plan Net Earth is to destroy the earth before Messiah Y’Shua performs Operation Repo Plan Neat Earth.

    Ha Shatan uses greed to control his foot soldiers (duh globalists) who covet god.

    gold,oil, drugs=their god

    2Co 4:3 But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost:
    2Co 4:4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

    Who shall win this Universal Chess Match?

    Isa 46:9 Remember the former things of old: for EYE AM YAHUWEH, and there is none else; EYE AM ELOHIM, and there is none like me,
    Isa 46:10 Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:
    Isa 46:11 Calling a ravenous bird from the east, the man that executeth my counsel from a far country: yea, I have spoken it, I will also bring it to pass; I have purposed it, I will also do it.

    • This is Satans world, but remember, “god” created it.

      • Truer word were never spoke! Satan work for God! –God is in control of Obama! Steering the world towards the New World Order to test mankind all at once! The Antichrist or the Devil in a man will demand slavery for freedom! This is what it’s all about! Choices for Love, who is God Jesus, or Satan…Money and things! Make your choice! Take the Red pill? Click on my name and proceed to Issue guide! The truth is there waiting for you!

        • That shows how uneducated you are. Heaven and earth belong to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Satan only has limited power until God’s plan for
          humanity is fulfilled.

  30. Constitutional lawyer; “Mr. President, there’s no legal justification for this anywhere in our Constitution, and is really not in your best interest at this time with your approval rating being in the crapper”.

    Obama; “Mr. Soro’s…please hold the line…..”F**k the Constitution”.

    • Well said.

  31. They’re beginning to lick their lips, as they can taste the culling of WW3 is close at hand. The sheeple can clap and cheer at these images, but it won’t be so cheerful, when these scenes become reality for the world.

    • They’ve been licking their lips since 1913.

  32. Oh my! Here we go LASTEST
    from (Iran)
    “Unknown militants have attacked a convoy of NATO oil tankers in southwestern Pakistan, torching at least 15 trucks carrying fuel for foreign troops in neighboring Afghanistan.”
    Hmm I wonder…

  33. The globalists can feel the world domination succeeding carefully, but just when they think they’re going to attain the fountain of youth, the apocalyptic upheaval will occur. Armageddon’s final chapter will end and the massive bio weapon release will take place.

  34. won’t see this info on the devil box…

    • Nuke Jerusalem.

      • You’re fake.. how does it feel?

        Jeruselem has everyone’s history and should never be nuked.

        • Jerusalem is the Big Lie and you’re going to know it soon or late.

        • When will people realize the point of Jerusalem its not yours its not mine it is ours it is to bring us together not rip us apart

        • Jesus will lead the World from Jerusalem in which he will set up His Palace
          after deposing the Nwo leader throwing him out of his Palace there! ha!

        • My opinion is Jesus was ceasarian the son of Julius Cesar and Cleopatra

        • Hey peaceofshit, your opinion doesn’t matter.

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