NATO’s media hype aims to promote Iranophobia

According to the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231, Iran must avoid manufacturing and designing missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. On the other hand, missiles produced by Iran have not been designed to carry nuclear warheads and all activities of the country following the conclusion of the nuclear deal with the P5+1 group, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), have been conducted under supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The IAEA has, for its turn, confirmed that Iran’s activities conform to stipulations of the JCPOA and the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran has enforced supervision, control and restrictions asked by the nuclear deal. Without any doubt Iran enjoys the inalienable right to produce missiles in order to beef up its defense and security capabilities, because missiles are considered as conventional weapons.

It must be noted that making nuclear warheads has no place in Iran’s military strategy and the Supreme Leader of Iran has declared production of such weapons as haram (religiously prohibited). Therefore, recent claim by leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) that Iran’s missile tests are against the Resolution 2231 of the United Nations Security Council on the JCPOA has no legal basis and is totally baseless as Iran had already announced its commitment to the resolution when it was adopted. When it comes to its defense issues, Iran has announced that it would not allow other countries to interfere or even express viewpoints on this issue. Iran embarks on producing defense weapons within framework of international law and international regulations, because its missiles are only aimed at deterrence.

Another point is that such remarks are basically part of a scenario against Iran, which aims to mount pressure on the country and find excuses to use against the Islamic Republic. Once Iran’s nuclear program was used as excuse by these countries and Tehran practically stripped the West of that excuse through signing the JCPOA after which they have no more pretext to exert pressure on Iran.

Now, the same countries have put their focus on Iran’s missile capability and Iran, for its turn, has no plan to back down on its natural right to defend itself. At the same time, Israel, which possesses 200-300 nuclear warheads, is constantly posing threats to the entire region and Iran in particular. On the other hand, Arab states of the Persian Gulf, including Saudi Arabia, have spent about USD 100 billion on buying weapons during the past three years, which can pose a potential threat to Iran.

Therefore, Iran has to boost its missile might in order to increase its security and uplift its defensive and deterrent capabilities. Of course, it must be noted that remarks made by NATO leaders are just media hype and extension of a trend, which started when the Reuters released similar remarks by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

By magnifying the threat of Iran’s missiles, they are trying to sell more arms to other countries in the region and fan the flames of regional differences. At the same time, the US President Barack Obama has frequently admitted that Iran is not acting against the JCPOA. On the other hand, pro-Israeli lobbies are active at US Senate, House of Representatives and Congress to prevent implementation of the JCPOA.

Therefore, we must wait and see whether the US Congress will approve the bills passed by lawmakers at the House of Representatives in this regard and whether Obama will abide by its promise to veto anti-JCPOA decisions of American lawmakers or not, because these decisions, in their totality, are aimed at preventing implementation of the JCPOA and create obstacles to final realization of this agreement.

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