No ‘State of Emergency’ for Victoria, government lies

The people in goverment lie to you every single day.

Politicians, public servants, premiers, ‘chief’ health officers lie via press conferences live broadcasts or in print media articles.

MANY people are not aware that Australians live in a fascist state that would make Mussolini proud.

The colony’s governments are not transparent, there is no seperation of powers, the police act under dication and the people are (ultimately) silenced.

With regards to the government’s lies on the Victorian ‘State of Emergency’:

In respect of subordinate instruments, The Presumption of Validity does not apply in the case of such instruments; therefore a prosecution must prove the legality of the Stay at Home Directions beyond reasonable doubt (which requires it to prove, inter alia, the legality of the Declaration of Emergency); and Must disclose the evidence upon which the prosecution relies upon as the alleged proof of the legality of the said instruments as part of its duty of disclosure in criminal proceedings.

See court docucment:

Document source:


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