NYT Journalist Buggin Out That Trump-Supporters are Going to Kill Him Because of Jokes on Twitter – Is He Tryin to Bug Out?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 3, 2017

In the span of just a couple of days, the media narrative has rapidly shifted from “Trump is a Russian agent” to “Trump is trying to have us killed because we made up that Russia thing! Someone has to stop him! He’s going to kill us all!”

Weird shift.

But it’s been virtually flawless.

Just look at this NYT reporter. He’s certain there are people coming for him right now. He’s shaking as he types.

So who is this guy, Sexton?

Oh, he studied English literature and creative writing, then went on to write three books of short fiction.


Sexton grew up in southern Indiana. He studied English and Creative Writing at Indiana State University, and later received his MFA in Creative Writing from Southern Illinois University in 2008.

Sexton taught Creative Writing at Ball State before accepting a position at Georgia Southern University, where he is a tenured professor of Creative Writing.

Sexton is the author of three short story collections: An End to All Things (Atticus Books), The Hook and the Haymaker (Split Lip Press), and I Am the Oil of the Engine of the World (Split Lip Press), as well as a crime novel, Bring me the Head of Yorkie Goodman (New Pulp Press), written under the pseudonym Rowdy Yates.

And you’ll no doubt all recognize the names of those, so infamous were they even outside of hipster circles.

But what about his other work, the reason people consider him a journalist for the impartial New York Times newspaper?

In April 2015, Sexton started covering the 2016 election, attending multiple rallies for both candidates and writing regular articles for Atticus Review in his column Atticus on the Trail. He covered the Charleston shooting and trail of church burnings in the South. In December 2015, Sexton attended a Donald Trump rally where the Republican candidate announced his plans for a Muslim Ban. In the summer of 2016, Sexton went to another Trump rally in South Carolina, and reported on the vitriol and hate speech among Trump supporters. His live tweets of the event soon went viral and garnered him national attention, which included frequent death threats. He later wrote about the experience and became a regular contributor to The New Republic and The New York Times.

Ah, okay. So, I remember him now. It was his aggressive left-wing radicalism and virulent hatred for Donald Trump that got this esteemed writer of fiction his start working at the New York Times.

I have to say that that is a profile very much like the ones people who do not like the New York Times would expect a New York Times writer to have.

So yeah, I don’t imagine they like you very much at all.

They are really mad that you invented that whole Russia conspiracy theory that fell apart last week. Like, I mean, these people are really, really, really mad about that. Lots of them think it was possibly illegal even! A criminal conspiracy to commit sedition!

The idea of using a network of media outlets to bury a newly elected President under an endless rain of thick sludge, to the point where the guy can’t even move around, and to do it because your candidate lost and you were sore about it – that makes people mad.

But surely, talking about them actually coming and killing you seems a little bit extreme now, doesn’t it?

Maybe you could create some kind of support group like “Victimized journalists who Trump made a mean joke about after it was exposed that they hoaxed the entire Russian Kookspiracy to try and destroy Trump’s Presidency.

Source Article from https://www.dailystormer.com/nyt-journalist-buggin-out-that-trump-supporters-are-going-to-kill-him-because-of-jokes-on-twitter-is-he-tryin-to-bug-out/

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