Oct 31- Don’t Fight!! Israelis Must Refuse to be Another Burned Offering

(From Sept 2012)

Israelis, and perhaps Jews in general, are being set up for extermination as part of a longstanding occult plan to “fulfill Biblical prophecy” by starting a third world war.

Col. Douglas Macgregor says Israel’s genocide of Palestinians has done the impossible, united Sunni and Shite Muslims.  He says 300 million Muslims in the vicinity are enraged. Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia Hezbollah backed by China and Russia will wipe Israel off the map but also initiate a nuclear war as the US and Europe rushes to its defence. Netanyahu is leading Israel into a trap. Macgregor loves Israel and its destruction would be a tragedy.

Douglas Macgregor: “Potential measures for conflict resolution”

Israeli and Muslim leaders are both Illuminati agents.

Albert Pike–“The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of the Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual, and economic exhaustion.”
They always compromise us by telling us the Plan in advance.

Col. Macgregor to Tucker: Biden admin is driving the US into an ‘Armageddon’ war in Middle East

‘It’s going to be very difficult for Russia and Turkey not to also come into this fight against us because they will not tolerate the sort of collective punishment that Israel plans for Gaza,’ the retired colonel said.

Bill Cooper – Israel was created to bring about the fulfillment of prophecy and Armaggedon

Pepe Escobar–The immediate goal of Straussian neocon psychos and their silos across the Beltway is to go for Syria, Lebanon ~ and ultimately Iran.

That’s what explains the presence in the Central and Eastern Mediterranean of a fleet of at least 73 U.S./NATO warships ~ ranging from two American aircraft carrier groups to 30+ ships from 14 NATO members involved in the ongoing Dynamic Mariner war games off the coast of Italy. 

Warrant for Genocide: Netanyahu urges Israeli troops to regard the Palestinians as Amalek
In the Old Testament the Amalekites were exterminated: “man,woman and child”  By Michael Hoffman

On Sunday night, an angry pro-Palestinian crowd ran onto the tarmac of the international airport in Makhachkala, Dagestan’s largest city, after false rumors circulated online that a plane was bringing in “refugees” from Israel. Some rioters clashed with police. Macgregor says there were no Israelis aboard and there was no riot.

Evidence of Deadly Israeli False Flag Mounts

There can be little doubt that the Hams attack was a false flag contrived by Netanyahu to justify lighting the fuse for the destruction of Israel and the beginning of Armageddon. False flags and war are synonymous. Remember the Maine? Gulf of Tonkin? 911? Similarly atrocity stories are synonymous with war. 

At every turn, political figures now soak their proclamations in Biblical reference and allegory. The foremost of which was Netanyahu, who has now invoked an assortment of Biblical prophecies as dogwhistles to stir his people into an eschatological frenzy.

Here Netanyahu not only invokes the prophecy of Isaiah, but frames the conflict as that of “light” versus “darkness” and good versus evil, painting the Palestinians as the Children of Darkness to be vanquished by the Chosen Ones: “Now go and defeat Amalek and destroy all that he has; and give him no mercy; but put to death both husband and wife; from youth to infant; from ox to sheep; from camel to donkey” (15:3).

Jim Perloff—Israel has probably been the world’s number-one sponsor of terrorism, implemented “by way of deception”–words from the motto of Mossad, Israel’s intelligence service. These acts have almost invariably been executed in a way that Arabs would be blamed

For example, Adu Nidal, left, the “poster boy” of Arab terrorism in the 1980s, was actually working for Mossad. There are many surprising parallels between Nidal and Osama Bin Laden, which the post has a section on. The Israelis even had an “Arab Platoon” that learned perfect Arabic and studied the Koran so they could penetrate Muslim groups. It is provable that the penetration included Hamas, though it remains to be seen just who in Hamas might have been working for Mossad in the recent incursion that the IDF apparently stood down for.

The post also covers other better-known Israeli false flags.   


Michel Chossudovsky—Criminality Beyond Description: Netanyahu Supports Both Hamas As Well As Al Qaeda Terrorists
Israel Actively “Cooperates” with Hamas, the Islamic State and Al Qaeda

Vladimir Putin turns on Netanyahu as he sees Israel ‘as Russia’s enemy’

EXCLUSIVE: The Russian president “no longer cares for Netanyahu” as Russia’s stance shifts in the Middle East, a former speechwriter has claimed.

WWIII Is Underway: We are Witnessing The Start Of End Times! Nuclear Countries Taking Sides In Multiple Wars As America Heads Towards Mass Civil Unrest

UK Daily Mail tells readers to get ready for a nuclear war

Dr. Abud Bakri shared a guide for surviving a nuclear war based on his analysis of data from the World Health Organization and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. He explained that there are three basic concepts when it comes to survival: the distance from the blast, appropriate shielding, and the length of time of radiation exposure.

(Death -Star of Baphomet–to America. Official logo of the 2020 Demonrat convention)

Douglas Macgregor: “Solve the crisis of daily migrant flows”
America’s survival is at stake.

Caitlin Johnstone- there’s only so much propaganda spin you can put on the murder of thousands of children.

Was David Icke correct in this old but extremely essential video linked below? He starts with the conflict in Palestine, which sounds spooky in view of current events.
What about his main thesis? If it’s correct, if most so-called “Jews” have no relation to the land of Palestine, the implications are ginormous. This would, among other things, also explain why most “Jews” will be exterminated in the future according to CJB’s research results. [does anyone have any documentation that would prove the “Jewish” people originate from a place at/near the Euphrates, and not “Israel”]

Saudi Arabia Warns US to Stop Israel Now | We will Take Action

Israel will be annihilated if war on Gaza expands: Iran’s deputy foreign minister

The Stage is Set | Know More News w/ Adam Green
[ Reader–watch the first 2 minutes (Gog and Magog) — the whole vid is worthy of anyone’s time]





Your tax dollars are paying the salaries of the guards forcing Gonzalo Lira to do hard labor that is killing him. He has a heart condition. His crime was telling the truth about the Ukraine scam. He is an Ameican citizen. Essentially the US is locking up its dissidents, as in USSR.

Please write or email Tony Blinken and request that Lira be freed! It’s the least we can do.

Heartless and stupid comments on GL Reddit Thread

The Tavistock-Hitler Connection
Following a talk by Canadian-Patriot-Editor Matt Ehret, some deep digging confirmed the connection. British Intelligence and its Psychological Manipulation Apparatus has likely been handling Hitler

 Given the amount of evidence, it is more than mere speculation to assume that Hitler has been connected personally to the highest echelons of the British Establishment.
  EXPLOSIVE CLAIMS: Ex-Director of the DIA Gen. Mike Flynn Alleges Some U.S. Legislators Compromised by Globalists Due to their Trips Overseas Where They “Sleep with Children” (VIDEO)

US To Borrow $1.5 Trillion In Debt This & Next Quarter, After Borrowing A Massive $1 Trillion Last Quarter | ZeroHedge

Printing money at this rate and then raising interest rates to keep people buying these worthless bills is a recipe for disaster.

GM CEO Just SHUT DOWN EV Production!

GM is facing a huge EV crisis! Mary Barra just shut down EV production and ABANDONED most of her Electric plans for good. GM’s decision to suddenly ditch EVs is sending shock waves through the industry! The reason? Nobody is buying them! Nearly 92,000 EVs are piling up at dealer lots with no customers to buy them.

Reiner Fuellmich arrested while renewing a lost passport in Mexico!

Reader–“Rick Miracle’s NWO exposure channel contains tons of videos, incl. info on literature:

Year 2023 Rick Miracle Report #54, It appears the Jewish Organizations Control the World

I compiled detailed information on over 500 deaths that happened in 2021 and later. The source was family members or people who had detailed knowledge of the person who died (including things like date of last vaccination, number of vaccinations, cause of death, etc).

Each person was asked to assess whether they judged the death to be “in line with expectations” or not.

Australian Banks and ATMs Close as It Is Set to Go Completely Cashless within 5 Years

The end of female sports

50 yo man swims with 13yo girls
“It’s disturbing. It’s a male person going into a girl’s race, which is absolutely unethical,” said Linda Blade, the former president of Athletics Alberta and author of Unsporting. “If any man can come along and check a box and say, ‘Oh no, I’m actually a girl today,’ that’s just wrong.”


“A lot of people are just shells of their former selves after the pandemic.

It’s really weird how we all moved on from the pandemic like it wasn’t a big deal. I can’t help to notice how peoples personalities have changed since the pandemic. I have found that a lot of people who used to be full of joy, and had a little sparkle in their eye now are pretty melancholy, and just dulled down. I have to admit that I feel this way as well. I’m somebody who chose not to get vaccinated and I kind of feel like the whole world turned on me, so maybe that contributes towards it but to be honest, I’m still not over what happened and it really bothers me that life just carried on like they didn’t try to steal our livelihoods by taking our jobs away if you didn’t want to get the experimental vaccine. So many friendship dynamics changed during this time in a lost trust in most people. what is it that has changed our personalities?”


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