‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 30: Nearly 10,000 people killed in Gaza as U.S. rejects ceasefire calls, Israel continues ground invasion

Hundreds of thousands protested in the Washington D.C. and around the world, calling for a ceasefire. Israel continues to target civilian infrastructure, using the “equivalent of two nuclear bombs,” says rights group. Source

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  1. Holly Andrews says:

    It’s very oxymoronic for Johnson to support Israel as he claims he’s a devout Christian. Does he not know that most of the Jews in Israel HATE Jesus? That these Jews aren’t even the children of God, they’re Khazars I guess he’s not as devout as he would have us believe because if he were, he’d know there are plenty of verses in the Bible showing the hatred they had for Jesus. Also, Tel Aviv has the unique distinction of being named the “gayest city in the world” and what devout Christian would support this? I’ll be damned if I’m going to help a nation whose people hate our Lord and Savior. Btw, although the bill has been tabled there is a lawmaker in Israel that wants to outlaw Christian proselytizing.

    • Awake Goy Awake Goy says:

      All Jews, including crypto jews outside of israel claim to be christian or catholic.
      It’s the best deception.

    • jenifer says:

      Boris the clown is a Jew, it’s a well known fact. The UK is the private property of the rothschild leeches since centuries and the new kinglet charlot is their personal little bitch.

      Johnson is a whore like Churchill serving their pimps…

  2. tonylabite says:

    I see a big switch since the assault of the khaazarian mafia started. The world over, the vast majority of people (leftist of course but also conservatives, and apolitical) are standing more and more for the Palestinians.

    We come to the point where people overtly speak the truth about the jews and the evil they have brought to the world even in countries where the jews control the government and it is forbidden to do so (all western countries).

    I leave you with this: The complete list of the 1030 expulsion of the jews


    What was missing during the covid coup, the climate scam is people uniting behind the same cause. Palestine can do that.

    If people unite against the perpetrators, even nuclear bombs will be powerless to stop the tide.

    perpetrators #1: the US deep state and all its mock ‘presidents’

    Maybe the Hamas knew it when they launched their attack. maybe that was the goal.

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