Politicians Too Stupid to Survive

Democrat Who Wanted Cops Abolished Beat Up By Blacks

Comment:  All Politicians are prostitutes for money as are ALL HW stars, media heads, medical researchers, university scumbags, etc.


A Democrat politician in Minnesota is whining after she got carjacked and beat up by blacks.

The funny part about the story is that she previously called for abolishing cops.


Now that she’s become a victim of black crime she wants tougher laws and is no longer talking about abolishing cops.

The whole situation is hilarious. As far as I’m concerned, I fully support black criminals beating up politicians, especially female Democrat politicians that voted for all of this insanity. They wanted lawlessness and anarchy so let them live with the consequences of their own policies.

NYC’s Black Mayor Says Illegal Aliens Destroying City


New York City’s Mayor Eric Adams who is also black just said that illegal aliens are destroying the city and that something must be done.


It is hard to comprehend the hatred coming from this man. How can he possibly say that diversity which is our greatest strength is destroying the city?

He was previously welcoming of all the illegals and supported sanctuary city policies. So what caused him to change his mind?

My only guess is that he was brainwashed by racists and Nazis on the Internet. Nazis like Charlie Kirk, Matt Walsh and others of their ilk.

Only the most Corrupt Make it to the Top in This Dying Empire

Kamala the Cunt Says She’s Ready to Become President


Kamala Harris says she is ready to take over as President of the United States.


Is she?

Nobody likes the bitch. When she ran for the presidency she was getting around 1 percent of the vote in the Democrat primaries. Even her own staff hates her. She’s had massive staff turnover because they couldn’t deal working for her. She’s one of those people who regularly likes to blame others for her failures and shortcomings.

Of course, this is someone who literally whored her way to the top of the Democrat political system by sucking black cock.

If Joe Biden drops dead and this cunt takes over, it will be a horrible nightmare. She is a totally incompetent and stupid person. Early on in during the Biden regime, there were times when it looked as if there would be a move to force Biden out and to bring her in. The problem is that she kept doing and saying insanely stupid things so it was decided that it was better to keep Biden in.

I guess the only argument in favor of a Kamala presidency is that it would usher in a faster collapse of the ZOG empire. It would be an ugly and brutal experience to go through though.

Looks like the CABAL who owns Zelensky (Ukraine) Doesn’t Care If He Lives or If He Dies

Musk Denied Starlink Access to Kiev to Aid Attack on Russia

Comment:  Trust me Musk does not make independent decisions.  Nor do I think he is a REAL Billionaire..  Billionaires are created by the cabal.  Every single one of them has connections to the Deep State mainly the CIA, child trafficking, drugs, human trafficking, weapons trafficking, you name it.


Elon Musk denied a request from the Kiev regime to activate Starlink access for them in an area that would be used to facilitate an attack on Russia’s navy.


All sorts of Jews and other assholes are raging at him over this. Take in point the virulent Jew David Frum.


The virulent homosexual Sulu faggot is also very angry at Musk for not supporting the Jewish war.


This is just a small sampling of the people on social media who constantly preach tolerance and other bullshit who are raging at Musk over this.

Musk nor any of his companies are under any obligation to support the Ukraine’s war operations. What is happening in the Ukraine is a totally Jewish war that has nothing to do with American national security interests. If anything, the war is undermining America’s national security interests because it is making the world hate America more than ever.

Musk made the right decision here. The Jewish regime in Kiev is demonic and evil.


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