Pre-planned conflict between Israel and Hamas a mere CONTINUATION of the 9/11 FALSE FLAG plot

Pre-planned conflict between Israel and Hamas a mere CONTINUATION of the 9/11 FALSE FLAG plot

For many decades, modern-day Israel has been stonewalled in its ongoing efforts to expand its borders as part of the Zionist-led “Greater Israel” project, mainly by Hezbollah, which continues to be a restraining force keeping Israel’s plans at bay.

Even with the 9/11 false flag having granted Israel a massive infusion of support from the United States and the West at large via its manufactured “war on terror,” Israel still cannot achieve its endgame because pesky Hezbollah continues to thrive with support from Iraq, Syria, and perhaps most notably, Iran.

The October 7 Hamas attack, which Israel itself basically admitted was another 9/11-style false flag attack, aimed to infuse a fresh shot of “war on terror” adrenaline, though things have changed in the 22-plus years since the first 9/11 when the internet was still new and the information war was still in its infancy stage.

Back then, most people believed the tale that a few random Muslim terrorists hijacked some commercial airplanes and flew them into the World Trade Center towers, as well as another straight into the accounting department of the Pentagon, despite the United States being a heavily protected world superpower.

Fast-forward to 2023 and the same type of thing happened again with the Hamas attack against Israel, which defies all logic in that Israel’s borders are so heavily guarded and seemingly impenetrable that such a thing would have been impossible if not for a stand-down order.

“The Hamas October 7 attack on Israel was the opening gun of a plot devised by U.S. neoconservatives and Netanyahu to renew the U.S. attack on Hezbollah’s suppliers on behalf of Greater Israel,” warns Paul Craig Roberts about the current state of affairs.

“Greater Israel is a Zionist belief that Israel comprises the territory from the Nile in Egypt to the Euphrates in Iraq. The purpose of 9/11 was to launch under the guise of a ‘war on terror’ the wars that the American neoconservatives had called for in their publications and that General Wesley Clark told us about against Israel’s enemies in the Middle East. The purpose of Washington’s ‘war on terror’ was to destroy Hezbollah’s suppliers – Iraq, Syria and Iran.”

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“Supporting Israel” means supporting a globalist-led totalitarian police state in which the “chosen” rule over the “gentiles” with an iron fist

In short, Israel wants Iraq, Syria and Iran to be completely annihilated – using mostly U.S. tax dollars, of course. This is because Iran and Hezbollah continue to restrain Israel’s efforts to seize all the land it wants, not to mention all the natural resources it wants to get its hands on and fully control.

This is why the “war on terror” will never end – at least not until Greater Israel is achieved, in which case the world will have much bigger problems on its hands, mainly having to do with the Zionist plan for global enslavement of all “gentiles.”

“What most likely happened is this: Israeli agents who have infiltrated Hamas were instructed to sell Hamas on the attack by promising the ability to disable the barrier and surprise the Israelis,” speculates Roberts about the October 7 attack and how it might have gone down.

“Netanyahu and the neocons sacrificed Israeli lives for the outrage about Israeli deaths, rapes and Israeli babies with cut off heads. This would gain Israel support for destroying the remnants of Palestine and incorporating all of Palestine into Israel, thus ending any prospect of a two-state solution and simultaneously settling Netanyahu’s legal and political problems by making him a hero who consolidated Palestine under Israel.”

Be sure to read Roberts’ full analysis of the situation.

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