Pregnant Ontario Nurse Choses Getting Fired By Commies Rather Than Murdering Her Unborn Child and Committing Assisted Suicide Herself With Killer Jab For Non Existent “Virus”

When the hell are you sheep going to Convene Nuremberg Common Law Courts give all the Mass Murdering Killer Jabbers fair trials followed by fair hangings?

They are few, you are many.

The problem with sheep is they always want someone else to do it for them.

Yeshua, called Jesus in the West, told the sheep how to save themselves by looking inward at their own evil and changing their ways.

But the truth of having to stand up and do something themselves scared the sheep shit out of them, so they helped Rome murder him then made up a fairy tale of he died for their sins.

When Yeshua called em sheep, it was NOT a term of endearment.

Yeshua is not coming back to save your asses from the evil ones.
No bunch of space beings is coming to save your asses.
There is no “secret” organization in the “government” going to serve thousands of arrest warrants and hold trials of the evil f##ks to save your asses.

This women understands being a parent means you are supposed to protect your children’s well being and lives, with your own if necessary.

She has bigger balls than most male sheep who call themselves men, but are not.
A man has a set of balls.

I would imagine Lucifer is pained he brought knowledge to the sheep who call themselves human while s#itting all over the opportunity he gave them to become higher spiritual beings.

My compliments to this lady who puts her child before acceptance by a sick society.

The Ole Dog!

LONDON, Ontario — A pregnant Ontario nurse about to be fired for refusing the COVID vaccine is appealing to keep her job, amid a nursing shortage across the country.

This weekend, Sandra Hartman, 35, pleaded with London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) chief executive Jackie Scleifer Taylor at a public forum to allow her to keep her job as the eight-month pregnant nurse faces dismissal for refusing the COVID vaccine.

“At this point, we’re past… needing it,” Hartman said, according to the London Free Press. “I’m hoping for a change, but that could take time. It could take years. As CEO, I think she would have the authority to change it.”

In 2021, Hartman was placed on maternity leave and then unpaid leave after she refused to take the experimental [KILLER JAB NON VACCINE FOR A NON EXISTENT “VIRUS”] COVID vaccine.

216 health/science institutions worldwide all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever

No Worries No Virus

Hartman’s union, the Ontario Nurses Association, has now informed her that she will be fired this week if she fails to comply with vaccine mandates, despite evidence that the vaccines are dangerous for pregnant women.

However, CEO Taylor seems to have little sympathy for Hartman who served at LHSC for 12 years, saying the hospital is merely following policy guidelines from public health officials.

“Collective scientific evidence and individual protection of patients and staff are debated regularly,” she said, but failed to promise any concrete action on Hartman’s behalf.



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