“Price Tag Campaign” Fuels Flames of israeli Terrorism

“Price Tag Campaign” Fuels Flames of Israeli Terrorism

Whatsupic — It sounds like a sale at a local store, but it couldn’t be more removed.  The Price Tag Campaign, a movement that began in an Israeli settlement in West Bank called, Yitzhar,  is a collaborative effort among extremist Israeli settlers, to wage war with the Palestinian people and the Israeli government, in a vigilante style way.  No holes are barred.  Children are given weapon training and indoctrinated to want to kill Palestinians as toddlers.  These extremist Jews have a reputation for attacking children on a regular basis, as they walk to school.    A 2008 New York Times article, “Radical Settlers Take On Israel”, described Yitzhar as “an extremist bastion on the hilltops commanding the Palestinian city of Nablus … [where] a local war is … being waged”.

A price tag attack in Beit Hanina, northeast Jerusalem (Photo:Desertpeace)


I first wrote about the Price Tag Campaign in a 2010 article, “Israeli Settlers and the ‘Price Tag’ Campaign”, published by Salem-News.com.  I noted that, “The Jewish organizationMishmeret Yesha operates a cell in Yizthar, training adults & young children in paramilitary tactics for raiding Palestinian homes. They avoid men and Target women and kids. How they might differ from an Islamic terrorist, is hard to define.”  The article also quotes Israel’s Jerusalem Post, which had covered an incident near Yitzhar that began when a soldier spotted a group of youthful settlers moving en masse toward a small body of water that’s off limits to the settlers due to its proximity to a Palestinian village.  The Post reported, “The soldiers asked the youths to return to the settlement, and after several minutes of arguing, a larger group arrived, including some in masks, who began hurling stones and light bulbs filled with paint at the soldiers. One soldier was lightly wounded when a bulb hit him in the face.


Church Arson, Sponsored by Jewish Extremists in Yitzhar

This is the same place where police recently detained, and quickly released, more than a dozen suspects in the  arson fire last Thursday, at the 1700 year old Church of the Multiplication at Tabgha, on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, where many Christians believe Jesus fed 5,000 people in a miracle, using five loaves of bread and two fish.  “In an area near the church, 16 youths were detained for investigation in order to check their involvement in the incident before dawn,” police spokeswoman Luba Samri said in a statement.

Yitzhar Terrorists


Palestinians who have been murdered by settlers from Yitzhar in recent years, include a 13-year old girl.  This ominous symbol of radical, violent Jewish extremism, is earning the so-called Jewish state, which is already reeling from bad public relations, a never healing black eye.  Settlers in Yitzhar have clashed repeatedly over time with Israeli police and the Israeli Defence Forces.   If they were Muslim, or possibly Hindu, these settlers would immediately be branded as terrorists, but Christians, Jews and Buddhists somehow are exempt from that designation in news and politics, in our world of western inspired double standards.


In May 2014, Israel’s Shin Bet, said the price-tag hate crimes were mainly attributable to about 100 extremist youth, mostly from Yitzhar, acting on ideas associated with rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburg at the community’s Od Yosef Chai yeshiva.

Yitzhar Colons


Yitzhar  youth have been accused of numerous crimes over the years.  These crimes include an arson fire at a local mosque, firing guns at Palestinian cars, burning Palestinian fields and olive groves, and rampaging through local villages. Two yeshiva students were convicted in 1989, of aggravated assault after a rampage led to the killing of a local 13-year-old girl, and injuries to an 82-year-old man.  Israeli soldiers and police officers have been attacked repeatedly over time by residents of Yitzhar.


Hamas released an informative story on their Website, Al Qasam, about the recent church arson.  It was earlier reported that the church was destroyed, now we know through a member of the Roman Catholic Benedictine order, which manages the site, that one of the buildings in the compound was completely destroyed in the blaze, but the church itself was not damaged.  Hebrew graffiti was found on another building within the complex, reading “Idols will be cast out” or destroyed, AFP correspondence reports. The text is part of a common Jewish prayer.


Wadie Abu Nasser, an adviser to the Roman Catholic Church in the Holy Land, is quoted in the Al Qassam article, saying the arson attack would reverberate throughout the Christian world.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated in reaction to the attack on the holy shrine, “this morning’s outrageous arson attack on a church is an attack on us all.”


“Those responsible for this despicable crime will face the full force of the law,” he said in a statement. “Israel’s global image will be harmed,” he told Israeli public radio.


“When you put one and one together, between the graffiti and the arson, you can reach a conclusion regarding the potential suspects.”


Yet the 16 suspects were not charged and quickly released from police custody.

Jewish settlers throws rocks towards Palestinians


Even though Netanyahu pledged to hold the perpetrators accountable, police spokesperson Samri told AFP that the youths suspected for Thursday’s attack were released shortly after being detained without charge, after providing statements to the authorities.


Tabgha has been a place of Jewish violence before, it was previously attacked in April 2014.  Church officials said at the time, that a group of religious Jewish teenagers had damaged crosses and attacked clergy.  This area, historically rich to all three of the primary monotheistic faiths, has been the scene of a long line of attacks against Christian and Muslim holy places in both Israel and the West Bank.  Though prosecutions are unheard of, it is generally assumed that the perpetrators in the attacks have been Jewish extremists.  In April, vandals smashed gravestones at a Maronite Christian cemetery near Israel’s northern border with Lebanon.


Hamas states that, “The so-called “price-tag” attacks are often carried out against the Israeli military and Palestinian property, Muslim and Christian alike, in retribution for perceived action against the Jewish-only settlement enterprise throughout the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.”


Price Tag Campaign Now on World Map

The US State Department’s 2013 Country Reports on Terrorism included price-tag attacks for the first time, citing UN figures of some “399 attacks by extremist Israeli settlers that resulted in Palestinian injuries or property damage.”  Such attacks were “largely unprosecuted,” it said. 

Yitzhar map(Source:UN)


The Higher Presidential Committee of Churches affairs in Palestine, stated that, “The culture of impunity that has been granted to Israel has allowed Israeli extremists to escalate their racist attacks against Palestinians and degrade our holy sites without any legal accountability.”  They added, “The Presidential Committee calls upon the international community to take series of actions to immediately stop the systematic attacks against our holy sites.”

Source Article from https://uprootedpalestinians.wordpress.com/2015/06/22/price-tag-campaign-fuels-flames-of-israeli-terrorism/

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