The boycott of israel has started to show results #BDS

The boycott of Israel has started to show results

Jihad El-KhazenJihad El-Khazen

There is now a cause that is bringing together the pro-Israel lobby in the United States, the terrorist Israeli government and its political opponents. This cause is the boycott of Israel, specifically the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement, and the Israeli reaction shows that it is getting results.

Israel’s response to the boycott started, I understand, in a Las Vegas casino, where Likudnik billionaire Sheldon Adelson and fellow billionaire Haim Saban (who has a “think tank” in Qatar) gathered together wealthy individuals to donate tens of millions of dollars to start a counter-campaign. The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, called those who gathered in Las Vegas and told them that they were the first line of defence in combating the de-legitimisation of Israel. Meanwhile, the leader of the opposition, Isaac Herzog, described the boycott as a “new Intifada”.

In fact, Netanyahu himself “de-legitimised” Israel when he committed crimes against humanity. His extremist government is the best example of this. His new Deputy Foreign Minister, Tzipi Hotovely, claims that God gave Israel to the Jews, a reference to the myths of the Torah and not about God and religion. As for the settler Naftali Bennett, the Minister of Education, he has announced that he will not “abandon our land”.

“Our land”? He is a settler of American origin, while Palestine has thousands of ancient Palestinian artefacts, Muslim and Christian alike, and archaeological sites. There are no Jewish artefacts at all in the Noble Sanctuary of Al-Aqsa Mosque, which the settlers claim to be the “Temple Mount”. There is neither a first nor a second temple in or around the mosque. Israeli historians and archaeologists have said that there are no ancient Jewish traces or artefacts in Palestine, so an extremist settler has to lie and make false claims.

Not all Jews are like Netanyahu and Bennett. Some, including many Israelis, are calling for peace and challenge the settler-government every day. This government attacked the Palestinian play titled “Parallel Time”, which talks about a Palestinian prisoner charged with killing an Israeli soldier, as well as an Israeli film that shows soldiers from the Kfir Brigade beating and cursing a Palestinian during a protest.

Oded Kotler, a prominent Israeli actor and director, as well as other Israeli intellectuals and those involved in the cinema and stage, attacked the campaign as an attempt to limit freedom of expression. Kotler specifically criticised Bennett and Miri Regev, the Minister of Culture, and described the right-wing voters as “cud-chewing cattle”.

We must not forget the Israelis who call for peace while we attack Netanyahu and his settler government, as well as the government’s supporters, because the latter do not represent all Jews or all Israelis.

I will refer back to the war criminals. The Israeli foreign ministry pre-empted the UN report on the war in Gaza last summer with a report of its own, attacking a report that still wasn’t issued and holding Hamas responsible. The Israeli report also claims that the occupation forces acted within the limits of international law and self-defence.

Netanyahu is not known for being 100 per cent honest. Some say that he lies as easily as he breathes. It is this which allows him to believe that killing 2,200 Palestinians, including 517 children, in a matter of ten days, is a simple matter; he calls on the people who want to hear the “truth” to read the Israeli report.

I do not need to respond to Netanyahu’s lies. Any word uttered by a war criminal is a lie. I will instead rely on the Israeli officers and soldiers who are part of “Breaking the Silence”. They have documented the crimes committed by the Israeli army and went to America to talk to the officials in the US administration about the crimes they witnessed with their own eyes. They also met with American Jews to warn them about the actions of the settler government.

I will end with this: I will judge you by your own words, Israel; war criminals cannot lie to the whole world all the time.

Translated from Al Hayat newspaper, 18 June, 2015.

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