Radio Aryan Roundtable: A Sad Day for Britain and a Great Day in Sweden

Radio Aryan
May 9, 2016

Sadiq Khan - New Kalif of the Islamic State of LondonistanSadiq Khan - New Kalif of the Islamic State of LondonistanSadiq Khan – New Kalif of the Islamic State of Londonistan

Sven Longshanks, Juhani Keranen and Grandpa Lampshade reconvene for another Radio Aryan Roundtable.

First off is the tragic news that London has officially fallen into the invader’s hands and they have installed a Pakistani Moslem as mayor. How is this any different to ISIS invading and taking over Palmyra or Aleppo and sticking one of their generals in charge? There may not be the same death toll in their take over of London, but the end result is exactly the same. It is just a different technique that has been used to get there. This evil-looking Obama clone took great relish in desecrating a Christian cathedral in order to be sworn in, with his wife stood next to him wearing a bag over her head in defiance of native British custom.

He has already spoken of how he hopes to start replacing White people with his own kind on the Transport for London board and even blamed the White people on that board for the recent increase in sexual assaults on trains. His openly anti-White campaign was able to succeed due to the lack of racial solidarity among Whites. While Whites were being distracted by the polical affiliations of the different candidates, all the non-Whites were voting en-masse for the brown contender, regardless of his politics. This is confirmed by the high percentage of votes for him in all the majority brown areas in London.

More sad news came at the end of the day when it was announced that the occupied city of Bristol had also elected a Black mayor. This city went from 10% non-White to 20% non-White in just 10 years and  that could be 40% in another 10 if something is not done soon to prevent it. Thankfully there were some signs that people are waking up, UKIP managed to get 7 members into the Welsh Assembly which is fantastic, since they had none at all before. This shows that the Welsh do not want to see their cities taken over like the ones in England have been and it also bodes well for the upcoming Brexit referendum.

Grandpa Lampshade brings news of Obama’s intentions to force women and children to share their bathrooms with perverts. The Republicans have consistently failed to put a stop to this but Trump has at least said that it is not the business of the federal government to be doing this and should be up to the people who live in that area instead. Obama also wants schools to tell children that they can decide what gender they want to be and that they should ignore what science tells them.

Grandpa then talks about how the Jews in the Republican party are refusing to get behind Trump and he highlights some of the inconsistencies in what they are saying. How can it be racist to say things like ‘Make America Great Again’ and ‘Put America First’? These Jews have been claiming that Trump is not a real conservative, yet he is the only candidate truly trying to conserve what little there is left of the values that made America great in the first place.

Juhani then brings us a report on the recent Nordic Resistance march against traitors in Borlange, Sweden. There were 350 Nationalists there and an audience of 500. Despite the march being publically advertised and taking place on May Day, the Left failed to organise a counter demonstration and instead ran away to Stockholm. Just as the Left is fracturing and attacking each other in Britain and America, the same is happening in Sweden and Finland.

Juhani also tells us about a political prisoner in Sweden, who has been jailed because the word ‘nigger’ was seen in a comment section on the Nordfront site that he is the editor-in-chief for. He has been jailed for 4 months and this has left his wife and 8 children with no breadwinner to provide for them. The Swedish state has literally stolen the food out of babe’s mouths. Grandpa points out that the gang rape of a White schoolgirl is punished with community service, yet a word on a website not even posted by the accused gets a custodial sentence. This really shows how much of a lie it is, to claim that we have free speech.

Finally we hear about a country that is actively seeking more White people. Russia is offering free land to Europeans in an oblast that borders on China, in order to prevent it from being invaded and occupied by non-White immigrants. However all is not what it seems and this has been tried before, but with Jews!

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Grandpa Lampshade and Juhani Keranen

Radio Aryan Roundtable: A Sad Day for Britain and a Great Day in Sweden – RT 050916

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