Ranger Gear giving away 5,000+ folding credit card knives for ONE PENNY each (while supplies last)

(NaturalNews) I was trying to announce this two weeks ago, but U.S. Customs flagged our survival gear for a special “weapons inspection” that delayed everything. The shipment was cleared by Customs, of course, which is why I’m able to announce this now: I’m giving away 5,000+ folding credit card knives for ONE PENNY (while supplies last).

UPDATE: As of 1pm central, people have already purchased nearly 1,000 of these at a penny each. They’re going fast! Click here to get one while they last.

Check out the photo below. These are “origami”-style knives that have the size and shape of a credit card but can be folded into a knife with a handle.

They’re incredibly portable and easy to keep in a purse, wallet or glove box. The blade is 65mm of stainless steel. It’s razor sharp and can be used in an emergency to cut cordage, slice a stuck seatbelt, sharpen a pencil, open a box or maybe (in a pinch) as a tool of last-resort self-defense. (Don’t try to board a plane with it, or TSA will spend extra time groping you to find out if you have yet MORE weapons hidden somewhere…)

Normally this folding credit card knife costs $4.95, but while supplies last — which will probably be only a few days — we’re practically giving these away for ONE PENNY EACH.

Click here to get one now for a penny. (Limit one per order.)

This was supposed to be a Christmas gift to everybody, but it got delayed. So I guess now it’s a Happy New Year gift!

It’s also, of course, a way for us to introduce you to my new survival and preparedness line of products called Ranger Gear.

Ranger Gear offers a new line of preparedness and survival gear, including an amazing multifunction shovel that has tools in each section of its handle. It’s also emblazoned with the slogan, “Come and take it!” (Research the history of Gonzalez, Texas, if you want to know why…)

We also have a really popular inflatable solar lantern and a paracord bundled survival kit that fits in your pocket.

But right now, the coolest thing going is this Folding Credit Card Knife for a penny. We’ve got 5,000+ of these ready to ship. It sounds like a lot, but at the price of a penny each, we’ll probably sell out in a few days. So grab one while you can!

See the entire selection of Ranger Gear at the Natural News Store.

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