Retailers across state of New York losing $12M daily to RETAIL THEFT

The state of New York is losing $12 million daily due to retail theft.

Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics expounded on this in a Nov. 28 piece, blaming New York Gov. Kathy Hochul for the shoplifting crisis in the Big Apple. Armstrong noted Hochul’s backing of the “light-on-crime policies,” which caused “a drastic uptick in crime across the state.”

The economist accused Hochul of “passively allowing the state to burn,” citing one example of this. When Republicans and Democrats united to pass a bill to curb theft, Hochul shot it down – arguing that the $35 million it required was not in the state budget. As a result, theft cases in New York state have increased by 64 percent over the past four years.

“Recent data suggests that New York [state], as a whole, lost $4.4 billion in 2022 due to organized retail theft. Store owners have been seriously assaulted or killed.” (Related: BAD APPLE: NYC shoplifting reports hit record levels for second straight year.)

While New York City is taking most of the hits, it isn’t the only one suffering from retail theft. The city of Syracuse reported a 55 percent rise in shoplifting over the past two years.

“That number is likely higher because businesses often don’t report it – but they do continue to express concerns,” said Joe Cecile, chief of the Syracuse Police Department. He added that one pharmacy in the city lost $250,000 due to theft.

“So thieves are stealing over $12 million daily from New York retailers. The budget for a preventative organization (not that it is the solution) would be equivalent to a mere three days of theft,” Armstrong pointed out.

“Thousands of people and their tax dollars have already fled the state due to [the state government’s] poor policies. The businesses are following, and what will be left? Government-run grocers and 15-minute cities? That is the ultimate goal behind allowing this type of crime to occur without punishment.”

Hochul has her priorities wrong

Armstrong further eviscerated Hochul for having her priorities wrong. Instead of cracking down on retail theft that costs NYC and other areas millions every day, she believes that “there should be harsher penalties for the unvaccinated than for criminals.

“Hochul is a menace who is setting fire to what remains of the once beloved state of New York,” he wrote. “She is responsible for Rule 2.13 and is one of the most obnoxious vaccine supporters in the world state. Hochul is supported by the same people who donated to [former New York Gov.] Andrew Cuomo, and she is full support of the Build Back Better agenda.”

In a separate piece from Nov. 22, Armstrong elaborated on the aforementioned rule that permits the state to force anyone into quarantine for any reason – even though it has nothing to do with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

“The [New York state] government now has legal authority to remove residents from their homes and force them into quarantine camps. There is no age restriction; children could be removed from their homes without parental consent. They do not need to warn citizens when they are coming, or how long they must quarantine.”

“You will be required to take any steps the state mandates, including taking medications against your will. There is no due process, no court hearing and no rule of law as the government may now abduct citizens in the name of public health. You may not even take a test to determine if you are sick – the state has full authority over you and your body”

Armstrong ultimately concluded that Rule 2.13 is “one of the most restrictive and oppressive pieces of legislation to pass in U.S. history and nullifies our freedoms. If they can do this in New York, they can do it anywhere.”

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