Russian Foreign Ministry on Ukraine, White Helmets, the US and Gaza

By Stephen Lendman


Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) slammed US-installed Ukrainian puppet president Zelensky for failing to fulfill his “pledge to launch real reform, restore peace in Donbass and change Ukrainians’ lives for the better.”

He’s gone the opposite way in obeying orders from his higher power in Washington.

MZ: “Political turbulence is growing, and political opposition is being perse


“Undesirable media are also being persecuted, and the rights of ethnic minorities and the Russian-speaking population are violated on a large scale.” 

“At the same time, local radical nationalists, the ideological heirs of the Nazi accomplices are terrorizing civil society and feel at ease because the authorities are wary of them.”

On Friday, the Donetsk People’s Republic News Bureau quoted DPR deputy chief of staff Eduard Basurin, saying:

“Ukrainian (forces) violated the Additional Measures to Strengthen the Ceasefire 36 times over the past week.”

They fired “mortars of 120 mm and 82 mm caliber, grenade launchers, and small arms including high caliber machine guns to target 19 DPR townships,” the Donetsk News Agency explained.

On orders from Washington, Kiev wants endless war on Donbass, rejecting peace since it launched aggression in April 2014.

At the same time, Kiev ruling authorities falsely blame Donbass and Russia for their own crimes of war and against humanity. 

Days earlier at a so-called security forum in Kiev, combatting a nonexistent Russian threat was featured.

Ignoring vital needs of impoverished Ukrainians, Zelensky and hardliners surrounding him intend increasing military spending at a pace exceeding other countries, MZ explained.

At the same time, Kiev rejects conflict resolution with Donbass.

While world attention was focused on Israeli aggression against Gaza, “Ukraine’s infamous National Corps used the Middle East situation as an opportunity to carry out a provocation outside the Russian Embassy in Kiev,” said MZ.

Backing Netanyahu regime war without mercy, they falsely accused Moscow of aiding Hamas militarily — its legal right if had done so.

Commenting on US/Western support for White Helmets terrorists — masquerading as civil defense workers — MZ stressed how they really operate, saying:

They’re involved in spreading “disinformation (and) open(ly) assist(ing) (ISIS and other) terrorists.” 

Financing is provided them by Western nations and pro-war foundations, including the Amsterdam, Netherlands-based Mayday Rescue Foundation.

MZ: “Dutch journalists published information proving that the Dutch government deliberately concealed information about the foundation’s criminal schemes and illegal transactions from the parliament and the public” — including financing provided to White Helmets terrorists.

The above if further proof of the “Hague’s policy of double standards, hypocrisy and selective approach to reporting or concealing information.”

The US operates the same way to a much greater extent.

MZ noted a phony DHS National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) Bulletin that falsely claimed a heightened internal terrorist threat in the US — ignoring a real one in Washington against humanity.

Highlighting phony “malign foreign influences,” the DHS falsely accused Russia, China and Iran of “increased efforts to sow discord” in America — a longstanding US specialty worldwide.

Moscow praised a halt in Israeli terror-bombing and shelling of Gaza, said MZ — but failed to condemn Israeli aggression.

While involved in diplomatic efforts to halt what went on for 11 days, Russian support for restoration of peace failed to halt daily oppression of Palestinians throughout the Occupied Territories.

According to MZ, efforts going forward “should focus (on) international and regional efforts (to) creat(e) appropriate conditions for resuming direct political talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians in order to resolve a range of fundamental matters regarding final-status issues on the basis of UN resolutions and the principle of two states, Palestine and Israel, that would coexist in peace and security within the 1967 borders.”

Left unexplained was whenever steps were undertaken for over the past half century, things were dead before arrival.

No equitable conflict resolution was ever achieved — or will be ahead through diplomacy — because the US and Israel want Palestinian surrender, not equitable conflict resolution.

The so-called Palestinian/Israeli peace process has always been and remains a colossal hoax, a waste of time when initiated.

The only option for long-suffering Palestinians is continued struggle against a ruthless occupier for freedom at last one day.

It’ll never come through diplomacy because the US and Israel want Palestinians subjugated, oppressed, and eliminated from their historic homeland, not freed.

What MZ failed to explain is what’s most important to stress.

Yet Russia continues to call for “direct Palestinian-Israeli dialogue” without explaining the futility of this approach whenever undertaken.


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