I get so tired of seeing headlines for or against this or that candidate for “president” of a non existent country/nation.

The US/DC is not a country, it is not a nation, it is a for profit corporation.

Voting is designed to keep the sheep herd going in circles while the “government” sharpens their butcher knife.

Voting never changes the society from descending further into communism and slavery of the masses.

Voters are delusional in they think they are really making a difference.
The sheep voters get mad when smart people do not want to stand in line at the poles wasting their time while showing massive ignorance of reality.

If Lucifer could have just foreseen what giving knowledge to the sheep monkeys would come to, he would never had gone against wiser beings and created this clown show.
He would have left these sheep monkeys ignorant beast of burden.

If George Washington and his Winter Soldiers

could have seen what a child raping

bad clowns show

Washington DC would become, they would have just BBQed a damn goat, drank some good Southern sipping whisky, pissed on the fire, gone home, payed the damn tax on the tea and chased their women around the kitchen table.

‘The Creation of Politicians’

The day came when the Sons of God-
Said today you scheduled creating politicians, shall we get some sod?

God said no for a politician we need a different mix-
Several special things from places like dung heaps and out houses to fix-

The material to pore into the political prostitute mold-
Some byproducts from slaughterhouses where are sold-

Guts, putrid blood, rotten hides slimy to the touch-
Along with the maggots which live in and eat such-

Get me a couple of road killed rotten rabid skunks and jackals-
Catch a couple of vultures and bring me the fathers of their hackles-

Throw it all in the big mixing pot-
Then have the laughing hyenas piss and shit in it a lot-

Put it all in the oven to bake-
Then we have made a politician for hell’s own sake.

The Ole Dog!


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