Aug 23 – Satanist Conspiracy Hidden in Plain Sight

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The Communist conspiracy wouldn’t last a day if the mass media were doing its job

Although the Satanist psychopaths are explicit about their intention to enslave us, 
this information is not found in the mass media.  If you google Agenda 2030, you find practically nothing in the mass media. The info is all from the UN or national governments. The same generally applies if you Google Klaus Schwab or Yuval Harari. While they are explicit about their intention to impose Chinese-style social credit, they don’t want the general public to know. (Similarly, they suppress any info about vaccine side effects.)  If the public knew what was in store, there might be a general uprising. So, instead, the masses think things are “back to normal.” 

Like medicine and education, like most social institutions, journalism has betrayed its mandate and has become pure propaganda and social engineering.

In spite of this, a poll indicates one-third of Americans believe the vaccines cause injuries and death.

The new polling data found that a third of adults believed the COVID-19 vaccines “caused thousands of sudden deaths in otherwise healthy people,” with 10 percent believing that claim to be “definitely true” and 23 percent saying it was “probably true.” Another 34 percent said it was “probably false,” and 31 percent said that claim was “definitely false.”‘
Harry Vox warned the world in 2014 about the Globalist Plan to use lockdowns


Mercola – Why another COVID lockdown is needed by the Police State

The biosecurity crisis needs to continue indefinitely because it’s the primary justification behind The Great Reset

Adelaide family search for answers after teen William Pfeiffer dies in his sleep

The 14-year-old fell asleep at his grandparents’ house. In the morning, he ‘just didn’t wake up’.

Col Doug McGregor – Americans fed up with Americans last

We’re not ready to fight the Russians

Lahaina is a harbinger of what Communists have in store for the West in general

Mike Adams—A leaked letter has surfaced from FEMA, ordering recipients to delete all photos and videos documenting the death and destruction in Lahaina, Maui (Hawaii).

A massive cover-up is underway to try to downplay the property destruction and human suffering caused by a complicit government that colluded to burn families alive and steal their land. If FEMA can bury the truth about Lahaina, what else can FEMA lie about? (Quarantine camps?)

Tens of Thousands of Mothers Sue Makers of Tylenol for Pregnancy Use that Led to Babies Born with Autism

Pregnant women are not the only ones who should immediately STOP using this killer drug. NOBODY should be using it. Tylenol is a classic example of how corporate profits from pharmaceutical drug companies are far more important than patient safety, as millions of lives are sacrificed to keep these drugs on the market. It is also just another example of how the FDA works to protect pharmaceutical companies and NOT consumers. Tylenol has been on the market for 75 years bringing in annual revenues that exceed $300 million.
BREAKING: Parental rights activists clash with far-left counter-protesters in LA over LGBT curriculum in schools, arrests made

Parental rights advocates and far-left LGBT activists were at odds with one another Tuesday in Los Angeles as the former protested against policies of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), which many claim has served to indoctrinate children on an LGBT agenda. 

Oliver Anthony’s viral populist anthem ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ debuts at NUMBER ONE on the Billboard Hot 100

The song, which centers around a theme of the struggling working-class American being pushed around by the political class living in and around Washington, DC, has also skyrocketed to the number one spot on Apple Music’s Global 100 list.

Speaking on becoming an overnight sensation, Anthony wrote on Facebook, “It’s been difficult as I browse through the 50,000+ messages and emails I’ve received in the last week. The stories that have been shared paint a brutally honest picture. Suicide, addiction, unemployment, anxiety and depression, hopelessness and the list goes on.

Viral sensation Oliver Anthony has just released a new song and it’s already taking the internet by storm.

Uploaded first to his YouTube, the song is called “I Want to Go Home” and the lyrics paint a picture of an alienated, hard-working man of God, trying to make sense of a world on the brink of World War III.

The lyrics are simple yet powerful: “We’re on the brink of the next World War / and I don’t think nobody’s praying no more … Every damn day is always some kind of bill to pay / People just doing what the rich man says.” 

Andy Ngo- ‘Trans’ attackers in ‘brutal’ onslaught on journalist ordered to pay up big
‘I remain determined to hold Antifa and its members accountable’

VIDEO – Professor Angus Dalgleish, Professor of Oncology at St.George’s, University of London warns about COVID-19 Vaccine-induced turbo cancers (Dec.2022) “we must stop all the boosters immediately”

From a reader–

I cannot say if the fires that have been started in Hawaii and other places were 100% caused by a DEW; however, as a trained Woodland Firefighter, I can certainly say that these fires are acting and have acted suspiciously, meaning not as expected given past experience.

More importantly, I know for a fact that DEWs have existed since the late 1970s. A person to whom I’m close and trust implicitly, and I cannot name, witnessed a DEW vaporize a top of a mountain, around 1979.

These things have existed for a long, long time. As for me, I lived next to a disenfranchised Major in DARPA. He not only taught me how to do amazing things, such as how to correctly make napalm but also spoke to me about projects on which he had been working. This was in the early-to-mid 1990s, like around 1993/94. Part of his program was in perfecting DEWs, specifically supplying energy in a portable and sustainable (not as in the environment, but as in duration) to the weapon. I did not pay much attention to his statement concerning that weapon at the time but focused more on the invisibility program over which he was the lead developer.

Just a quick email to say that there may be something to the DEW allegations beyond so-called ‘conspiracy’.

David Icke–We’re All Suspects in a DNA Lineup, Waiting to be Matched with a Crime


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