Sheep Who Have No Clue About Their Last Life, Or Ones Before, Can Happily Do The Same Stupid Self Damaging S#it All Over Again

A friend and I were discussing sheep and lives yesterday.
I asked him, in all the wars we have fought, sometimes together, sometimes against each other, has it ever brought lasting freedom, peace or economic benefits to our people?

We agreed they have not as the sheep after you fight a bloody war for them, can not wait to trade off any freedoms you and the blood of brave men bought them, for a cold six pack and a half hour with a diseased whore.

I came to the conclusion humanity must learn to settle their shit without wars, for the children’s sake primarily.
Years back I tried to watch a video on WW 2 three time.
I could never get beyond the three minute mark.
In the video walking down a road loaded with refugees, was a lone German girl about maybe seven or eight years old.
She was alone as all her family was probably dead.
She looked at the movie camera as she walked past and I could see the horror, the pain, the fright, the trauma, the uncertainty in her eyes.

In WW2 I tried my best to shield the civilians from the fighting, but others higher up made sure the civilians died by the millions and were bombed to hell.

I willed there not to be a WW3. to protect the Children.
I have spoken out against WW3 for years.
I have pointed out the same puppet master controls all the different “heads of states” caterwauling for war.

I did not understand the stupid assed sheep would have their own lambs injected with death based on a faked Scamdemic for a non existent virus.


The Ole Dog!


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