SOS News, Mr. Mal Davies published the truth about RSPCA

I applaud SOS News and Mal Davies for standing up against this billion dollar RSPCA Charity scam.

RSPCA kill animals needlessly daily. RSPCA do not spend a dime on animals, all supplies are donated to them daily by suppliers. So there is no excuse to kill any animal.

RSPCA will never share their surplus donations of food. clothing, medical supplies to other animals shelters in desperate need that do a real job of keeping animals alive.. instead, RSPCA toss all their surplus supplies in the garbage bin weekly.

This information comes from ex RSPCA staff.

RSPCA scams the Government of grants annually worth millions… as well as the public for donations and little old ladies retirement funds.

All your donations go to RSPCA’s 6 figure salaries and property investments… never to animals!

RSPCA uses fraudulent media ads to make us give.. in reality RSPCA do very little to help animals in return.

All those animals seized by RSPCA eventually get killed. So what help is RSPCA in rescuing animals?


Insulting RSPCA has proved very expensive for the online newsletter editor who has been ordered by authorities to pay $100,000 as defamation damages to the RSPCA.

The editor of SOS News, Mr. Mal Davies published an article on March 19 this year, claiming that RSPCA is cruel and has needlessly destroyed animals. Following wrong statements in the article, Mr. Davies was sued by the group, resulting which the NSW Supreme Court Justice Megan Latham today ordered Mal Davies to pay damages at earliest.

Mr. Davies showed no regard to the proceedings and was absent in all of them. The RSPCA sued him on the charges for writing six false defamatory meanings in the entire article against it.

The article basically referred to a 78-year-old farmer Ruth Downey who was deniedspecial leave to motivate any High Court challenge in relation to animal cruelty charges. The Editor further added some defamatory meanings, stating that the RSPCA, NSW, is a cruel organization because it executed healthy cows without any reason and moreover, it also killed Ms. Downey’s cows in an inhumane manner.

Hearing the claims, the judge said that levied claims against the RSPCA of cruelly killing animals for significant financial benefits of its directors can lower the organization’s reputation. Thus, the justice ordered $100,000 as damage fees for the Editor to further restrict him from publishing any such kind of matter.

We all are familiar with the fact that the RSPCA is a not-for-profit organization, thus claiming such indecent remarks against the organization is a big offense.

“The whole style of the article encourages an emotional rather than an analytical response in its readers, while purporting to provide a factual account of an issue of public interest”, the judge said.

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  1. june weston says:

    There isn’t a farmer who doesn’t know the hidden truth behind the needless, senseless, cruel and calculated callous shooting of Ruth Downey’s cattle. This nation needs more people like Mal Davies … not the bullying persecution of the truly well researched and educated-understanding for his subject of the independent reporter through a Court System which in itself is no longer the place of honour and trust “we the people” could once upon depend. Bless you Mal.

  2. FAKE NEWS for the Zionist agenda Chris Roubis says:

    Agreed June, unfortunately our Justice system is corrupt to the core, just like RSPCA..

    RSPCA have the Power, Money and Influence to buy ANYTHING, including Politicians, the media and the Courts.

  3. John Dingle says:

    Big Brother’s assault on truth-speak needs to be recognised as the danger that it signals.First Julian Assange, then Alan Jones with threats to his radio station licence, then Mal Davies.Patriots beware when challenging the legal or political storm troopers with their one world obsession.

  4. Trevor Croll says:

    1. A woman psychopath was at her mother’s funeral and met a man that was just perfect for her, it was love at first sight. This psychopath forgot to get this man’s contact details and after asking around she was still unable to get them. This woman then murdered her sister. What was her motive for murdering her sister? Read on for the answer.

    2. The Chinese have become very wealthy and can afford to own expensive rare pets. They began paying very high prices for different breeds of rare quality dogs. Mark Townend CEO of RSPCA Qld and his RSPCA affiliates created a campaign that defamed “puppy farmers” as cruel. What was RSPCA motive for defaming puppy farmers as cruel?

    2. The Hendra virus vaccine is almost ready for distribution. Several horse owners get negative media attention and suffer abuse as having been cruel to their horses including owning “maggots infested horses” quoting RSPCA as in the NEIGER POODLES. What was RSPCA motive?

    Think carefully about these questions and try to find the answer.


    Try to imagine how psychopaths think.


    Do not read the answer till you have worked it out for yourself. Answers do follow this:

    I phoned Margaret Keech MP State Labor Member, Albert 3807 0809 many times to seek her assistance and each time I was abused and the call disconnected.

    From 11/1/2008 My telephone rang constantly. When I answered the phone I was abused verbally, describing in vivid gruesome offensive details my pain and suffering being murdered. I became so terrified I did not have lights or television on at night for fear people would see I was home and come to carry out their threats. Strangers came to my property and threw abuse, stones, bottles and cans at me. I was bashed with a bottle hitting my head. Garbage was dumped on my driveway. My garbage bin left out for collection, was knocked over and garbage strewn everywhere every Monday. I could only hide in fear in my own home waiting for attackers to come to kill me as they had promised. When I called the Police for help I was abused. After three years, I sought the protection of the Courts under the Peace and Good Behaviour Act and was refused. I had a neighbour spying on me and reporting my every movement, people coming on my property at night, dogs were interfered with, there were continuous false defaming articles in newspapers on the internet and television news about me. Harassment phone calls and lobbying against me to the Logan Council continued over 3yrs .

    Margaret Keech’s Labor government had me as a “marked person” having taken everything I owned and loved and caused my bankruptcy. My total losses are $6million and significant health problems caused by the stress of this continuous campaign against me.

    I had a 30 year passion for breeding poodles and bred the world famous Neiger poodles. In January 2008 my property suffered the worst flash flooding rains in twenty years. Instead of helping, RSPCA acting for Margaret Keech’s Labor government, came, stole, persecuted and continues to persecute me.

    Red and brown poodles were a status symbol fad for the wealthy Chinese who were paying up to $200,000 for breeding adults. My poodles were worth over $5million to the Chinese. The Queensland Department of Trade had asked to bring Chinese buyers to my property to inspect my poodles for sale. I had refused. On the 9/1/2008 RSPCA, for Margaret Keech’s Labor Government, came instead and seized all my poodles. I had to watch and read RSPCA lies about my poodles on television, internet and newspapers. Bullying of the worst order. RSPCA came again on the 22/2/2008 and stole/seized cash, jewellery, antiques, my evidence, my witnesses contact details, my computer, the dog whose neck was broken by RSPCA and 7 puppies RSPCA trampled to death on 9/1/2008 I had in my freezer. Total value of things stolen that day $250,000. Boarders who had been to my kennels and seen the conditions before the flooding rains were lost to me.

    I tried and was not allowed to make a claim against RSPCA in Court for my losses and suffering with magistrates and judges corruptly dismissing all my valid claims using lies and distorting the facts completely to fit their corrupt decisions as instructed by Margaret Keech’s government. The courts deleted and also sealed vital evidence incriminating RSPCA, it’s Vets, Inspectors and staff. The Police have refused to investigate RSPCA witnesses for perjury, fabricating evidence, intimidating my witnesses, stealing my property and perverting the course of justice.
    Margaret Keech’s Government will disbar lawyers (lose their license to practise) if they do not “toe the line”. I borrowed $200,000 on a mortgage on my property and it was spent on legal fees before I got to court. I had to litigate self represented for the return of my dogs. I had to watch Magistrate Colin Strofield brag about becoming a District Court Judge on return from Charleville being his payoff by finding against me. Magistrate Colin J Strofield allowed RSPCA witnesses to lie and put fabricated evidence before him.

    I was ambushed in the Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal struck out my appeal for the return of my dogs stating the evidence, which I was not allowed to dispute, justified the seizure of all my dogs. Robertson O’Gorman tried to force me to surrender (give) my dogs to RSPCA and even tried to have me declared mentally ill. The courts deleted court transcripts, hid evidence, produced false magistrates’ decisions, punished me for making applications including criminal convictions that were later said to be clerical errors.

    For my defence of the 149 charges of animal neglect and cruelty in 2011, I sold my property and paid Boe Williams $266,000 for 16.5 hours of court appearances of nonsense. I have been left impecunious, bankrupted and have to defend myself in a corrupt legal system myself. The threats continues. Christmas boarding is the busiest time. Just before Christmas every year RSPCA have had articles in the media that destroyed confidence in my boarding business causing me to be unable to earn. Clayton Utz lawyers for RSPCA wrote forbidding me to keep dogs or trade in my registered licensed business, stole my right to have legal representation in Court by serving over 13,000 pages of “additional evidence” just before the trial was to begin in June 2011.
    The rain and flood debris damaged my poodles’ usual clean appearance. Because of Margaret Keech’s Labor Government and RSPCA greed I had to lose everything and be made to suffer horrifically.

    Margaret Keech’s government rewarded RSPCA with tax payer funded $25million newly renovated premises at Wacol. Not to mention the $millions given to RSPCA yearly for RSPCA invented animal abusers.

    On the 15/12/2011 the court made me a bankrupt resulting from the magistrate court corrupt decision. RSPCA, promised at seizure 9/1/2008 to send Benji Kennels puppies to Benji Kennels in Singaporem testified in M6213/08 by RSPCA Vets Anne Chester, Vicki Lomax and Nanda Tenthat there was nothing wrong with the puppies which had been booked to fly out to Singapore on the 10/1/2008. On the 23/12/2011, I discovered my bank account was frozen, my only income is my self funded superannuation plus $100 a fortnight age pension due to the shortfall in my superannuation to top up my income to the provery limit. Thanks to Margaret Keech’s Labor Government, RSPCA and our CORRUPT COURTS, I had no monies for medical perscriptions, food, rent and transport.

    Written and authorised by Geraldine Robertson 17-23 Buccan Road, Buccan (07) 3200 5262,



    Answer to 1: Another funeral would be this woman’s best chance of meeting her LOVE. If you worked this out you are a psychopath. I do not want to know you or want you on my mailing list. Research has shown that only psychopaths get this question right.

    Answer to 2: RSPCA (criminal leaches) made big profits seizing dogs from quality breeders to export to China and required community support and justification.

    Answer to 3: The drug companies are willing to pay big money to RSPCA for drug tests on horses. So RSPCA, as in seizing my NEIGER POODLES, went out, seize horses and then prosecute their owners as having been cruel and neglectful to their horses. See Couple accused of horse cruelty. Mr Brennan Ipswich claims RSPCA put maggots on his horse.

    Psychopaths choose their victims when they are perceived as weak and vulnerable. I was a widowed 65 years old Chinese woman living on her own. I was seen by RSPCA as a perfect victim to steal from then defame in the media and raise public donations from. I was vilified as a “cruel puppy farmer”. The psychopaths typically blame their victims by creating stories that people easily believe. The victims are made out to deserve to die, or lose all their property. The psychopath will even tell their victims “I was my father’s favourite daughter I should have all the inheritance – this after murdering her father with mercury poisoning”, “you do not deserve what you had because you could not look after it properly like I can”.

    The psychopath does a presentation that generally have three elements in them.

    The first is about them with a presentation about how good they were and how they are so caring as Lesley Vhalos did when she lied in Courts M6213/08 and Robertson v Vlahos [2010] QSC 424 and Robertson v Vlahos (No 2) [2010] QSC 475 Their stories with invented and re-stated facts are very convincing. They will lavish praise on others who support them or how good someone was to distract from themselves becoming the suspect. The psychopath in the first question would tell stories to the police saying how good her sister was and what her achievements were such that the Police would not suspect her as the murderer. RSPCA self promote as the ones who truly care for the well being of animals when in fact their inspectors kicked and choked animals while seizing them as witnessed by me and my neighbours and packing my beloved 104 poodles, full or fear and terror into ONE eight compartment sealed transport trailer. Naturally the dogs were covered in urine and faeces when they arrived at RSPCA Shelter.

    The second is about the targets/ victims the psychopaths have set up for the fall. These stories about how cruel they were have already raise an emotional rage in others against their targets/ victims with invented lies, like “the horses/dogs had maggots on them”, “They were so skinny and unhealthy and had to be put down”, “the animals were so hungry they were eating their own faeces”, “The dogs were covered in their own urine and faeces”, “the kennel had not been cleaned in years”, “the dogs were full of worms”, “the puppies died from complications due to hookworms”. In an other situation the lies were “he changed his father’s will and took every thing for himself”, “he medicates his mother with things that are dangerous because he is after her money”… The psychopaths will convince others (that they are more deserving than the victim) to enrage others to pursue and harass the victims for what they believe they should have or should have done. That rage led to pet shops being burnt down and pet shop owners being abused because “they were cruel for selling pets from cruel puppy farms”. Dog Breeders are now “Puppy Farmers” and kennels are now “Puppy Farms”.

    The third element is designed to pass and incite the responsibility for the problem from the psychopaths over to others to do something destructive to the victims. Statements like “I have tried to sort this problem out but I do not really know what to do?” This is an encouragement to others to get involved and campaign against the victims or for others to do something to the victims. Psychiatrists will organise to put the victim in the mental hospital when the mother dies to enable the psychopath to get away with the inheritance. In RSPCA case they complain that the laws are not good enough or that RSPCA do not have enough powers and encourage their supporters to write to politicians and complain about the state of animal abuses. Reporters are encouraged and even paid to produce stories in newspapers. RSPCA mounted rallies against the Courts and campaign outside the Brisbane Supreme Court to make the statement that they are not responsible for all the animal abuses, that they publish stories about animal abuses because they do not have enough powers or the penalties are not good enough to stop the animal abusers.

    This is the how and why I had to suffer abuse, death threats, assaults, stalking, spying, media and other defamation that went on for nearly 4 years after RSPCA raids supported by both the Labor Government and Courts on me with invalid warrants . This is why I have lost my past, present and future, my earned respectability as I had no defence against RSPCA lies. RSPCA Queensland, a private business organisation owning breeding kennels, animal drug and other pet supplies manufacturing and distribution centres, using its arm of Charity (beneficiaries are RSPCA business, NOT the animals, killing 20,000+ unsaleable pets annually ) funded with our taxes, spending $3million yearly on lies, adverting/promoting itself is the Home and Haven for Psychopaths where psychopaths get away with their loot and crimes.

    Psychopaths exploit other’s weaknesses. If the person takes bribes psychopaths will bribe them, If they are a paedophile psychopaths will threaten them with exposure. What are Tim Mulherin’s skeletons that have been exploited in RSPCA’s Mark Townend’s pursuit of so much power?

    Next time you donate to RSPCA think carefully about what you are really donating to.

    Next time you vote for a government think carefully about what that government supports.

    This Labor Government get the decisions they want by appointing people they know will take bribes, are paedophiles or have skeletons in their cupboards, to the powerful decision making positions in Government and the Courts. When the decision maker knows the decision is wanted by someone who can destroy him/her the blackmailer gets what they want. Psychopaths make a point of knowing how to intimate and bully people and do their research to find the weaknesses they can exploit.

    Normal people have limits, there are things they would never think of doing. Psychopaths have no limits at all and if they can get away with it they will do it, or will do it anyway and then use their presentation and bribery skills to get away with it. Psychopaths are ruthless without limits and so defeat normal people including having normal people go down for the psychopath’s crimes. Our legal system is full of psychopaths and they stick together resulting in many people suffering both an injustice and another injustice in the Courts. If you ever need to go to Court, remember the magistrate or judge is your enemy too. If your opponent is powerful, will bribe or knows his skeletons, you cannot win. Your role before a court is to argue to remove from the court, the ability to make a decision against you. When faced with corruption this will not work as the decision will be packed full of lies justifying the court order. An examination of Magistrate Strofield’s decision M6213/08 shows, lie after lie was accepted as facts to justify his decision to allow RSPCA to keep my dogs ignoring the Laws.

    Tim Mulherin Labor gave Mark Townend the following powers. How did RSPCA CEO Mark Townend CEO of RSPCA get Tim Mulherin to give him so much power?

    How did RSPCA CEO Mark Townend get his own private unaccountable Police Force (army included Vets, volunteers) lead by his RSPCA Inspectors with the powers to seize property to sell for his own (“RSPCA” being RSPCA Inc. privately owned business) profit and then prosecute people after running a trial by media?

    If RSPCA were in the “right” when they raided my home and took all my poodles why would RSPCA then needed to conduct a trial by media, charged me 12 months later with 149 criminal charges of animal cruelty and neglect based on Hearsay Evidence of a private criminal organisation and where the Law on Evidence was totally ignored by all Australian Courts, continuiously harassed and intimidated me for almost four years?

    If the Police did as RSPCA did, the charges would be thrown out by any court. RSPCA has done this to all its victims and both Labor Governments and the courts had supported RSPCA. What is different between the Police and RSPCA?

    How did RSPCA CEO Mark Townend obtain unfettered power to run vicious campaigns against people using the media and ordinary harassment techniques including death threats and assaults? See Peace and Good Behavoiur complaint against RSPCA CEO Mark Towend. RSPCA CEO Mark Townend orchestrated a campaign against pet shops selling pets resulting in pet shop owners suffering abuse and threats and some pet shops being burnt down. RSPCA CEO Mark Towend RSPCA conduct was never investigated.

    The Crime and Misconduct Commission WILL NOT investigate RSPCA CEO Mark Townend RSPCA saying it not a unit of public administration and out of their jurisdiction.

    The Police say they cannot investigate RSPCA CEO Mark Townend, saying all complaints against RSPCA CEO Mark Townend should be made to RSPCA CEO Mark Townend .

    Samantha Healy of the Courier Mail was bribed with one of my poodles when she wrote 101 dogs seized from ‘kennel hell’ by RSPCA officers. Smantha Healy clearly trespassed on my property against my specific refusal to allow media entry as recorded in RSPCA tape recordings before the courts. Because RSPCA invited Samantha Healy on to my property the Supreme Court Claim against Queensland Newspapers was deemed by lawyers to be unable to be successful and had to be abandoned. This newspaper article set the stage for all the harassment, death threats, property damage, assaults etc that followed.

    Part of RSPCA $3million advertising budget was spent with bribing journalists. You cannot believe what is written in the media about RSPCA.

    How did RSPCA CEO Mark Townend get powers that are above the law and can commit crimes that the Police will not investigate? RSPCA CEO Mark Towend can have people assaulted and be assured the assaults will not be investigated. I was assaulted and Mark Radcliffe of Jimboomba Police investigated my complaint, found the Police were right in not investigating my complaints. The Police was correct to take more than 4 hours to come on a 000 call, refused to make a report or take the bottle that was used to hit my head in for finger prints. RSPCA CEO Mark Townend’s RSPCA Inspectors can steal personal properties aided by Police coming to help serve a warrant to enter and leave RSPCA unsupervised to steal and plunder personal properties. Some Property taken by RSPCA that the Police refused to do anything about.

    On the 9/1/2008 RSPCA seized my 104 world famous NEIGER POODLES from me for profit and publicity. Poodle Club members bought Geraldine Robertson’s dogs from RSPCA and then campaigned viciously against Geraldine Robertson to keep her dogs and the $million profits. How did RSPCA CEO Mark Townend get the right to campaign against me to keep their profits from my poodles distributing material to the media, campaigning for donations and running a Telethon I saw on television in 2008 which RSPCA lawyers Clayton Utz now say did not happen? Much material was put on internet websites and internet forums. Note: My beloved old poodle agreed by RSPCA was illegally seized on 22/2/08 was not returned either!

    The CORRUPT DECISION of Strofield M6213/08 that all my valuable pedigreed dogs were seized on the reasonable belief of RSPCA Inspectors TO PREVENT future harm although no harm was proven. How could Magistrate Colin J Strofield come to his decision if he is not corrupt? I owned a licensed open to public inspections for 20 years with no complaints of cruelty or neglect (except for RSPCA so called unverified complaints), with no sick, injured, untreated or dead dogs on the premises, or any inspection by RSPCA of the dogs at seizure.

    Just like a tyrannical psychopath RSPCA CEO Mark Townend runs campaigns against his selected group of “enemies”. As any normal psychopath would do, RSPCA CEO Mark Towend classified me as a “puppy farmer” when I was only breeding to orders thus justifying sending in his rogue police force to seize all my dogs and vilifying me. Hitler defined Jews as criminals and then began exterminating them. RSPCA CEO Mark Towend is doing the same to his so called “cruel puppy farmers”. Labor would give RSPCA control of the weather if RSPCA wanted it. If RSPCA could control the weather we would not have any.

    Who gave RSPCA CEO Mark Townend’s RSPCA inspectors the right to perjure themselves with impunity in court knowing they will never be charged for their crimes?

    Who gave RSPCA CEO Mark Townend the right to seize people’s evidence and lose it causing them losses in Courts? RSPCA CEO Mark Townend’s RSPCA stole evidence from me that now does not exist anymore including.

    Thirteen Benji-Pet kennel dogs vaccination and vet check cards proving these dogs were in perfect health and would have left on a Qantas jet for Singapore on the 10/1/2008 the day after the seizure on the 9/8/2008.
    Boarding kennel cards for the previous Christmas//new year’s boarders who went in to my kennels. The owners who were witnesses to the conditions of my kennels.
    The correspondence between me and the Beaudesert Shire Council that proved I had a fettered licence for 75 dogs. RSPCA lawyer Claytom Utz has now offered to return some material to me after four years applications to the court for its return were unsuccessful. Note: This materials were seized by RSPCA and HELD in RSPCA Shelter for abuse by RSPCA from 22/2/08 to 2/7/08 when I was assured all materials seized would be immediately taken to and stored by RSPCA Lawyers Clayton Utz on 22/2/08.
    My tax records that have never been returned but were referred to in the Strofield Magistrates Court hearing for the return of my dogs.
    My computer was seized and many documents had been deleted from it when it was returned.
    My potential witnesses were contacted and scared away.
    RSPCA lawyers Clayton Utz ‘s AJ Deane, practiced attrition causing me massive legal bills, some $700,000 such that I had to become self represented in all my trials.
    Did you know RSPCA, for money, conducted drug trials for drug companies on animals in RSPCA shelters and caused the parvo plague when some infected dogs through RSPCA neglect, were inadvertently sold to the public? Mr Brennan Ipswich claims RSPCA put maggots on his horse See Couple accused of horse cruelty. I found in RSPCA video a video of my dog RSPCA called Ned before RSPCA put maggots onto it. Did RSPCA need horses to infect with Hendra virus for drug trials so seized these horses and laid false charges to cover their tracks? Section 17 of the Animal Care and Protection Act gives relief where there is a flood event. These charges should not be successful. But then RSPCA Inspectors and vets perjure themselves. and are allowed to do as they please as Hitler did.

    This is a government that has appointed people because these people can be “relied on” with decisions the government wants. This is why bribe takers and paedophiles have become judges and are in so many important positions through out this government. This is what has made this government so corrupt. Ridding Queensland of some corruption can be achieved by electing Bob Katter’s Australia Party because this party will being back an upper house to investigate and supervise the administration of government. When the Chief Justice Paul de Jersey is sacked Queenslanders can look forward to a fairer Justice system with less corruption.

    How did RSPCA CEO Mark Townend get the following Judges and Magistrates to give him?

    Other things psychopaths are known for are stealing other people’s work and property, harassment including sexual harassment. Psychopaths proclaim people they have beaten as dumb and stupid. Email me what you have heard from RSPCA staff. If you know any other wrong doing, I would like to hear from you, please email me the details.

    rspca/110829 Sealed hand written orders.pdf

    rspca/exhibits/111005 agreed to return some documents Jackson -v- Robertson.pdf

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