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PROOF Elite Jews Steal Hundreds Of Billions Using Fake Companies

Mother Teresa the fraud

    Canada – A group of prominent researchers from the University of Montreal and Ottawa, conducted an investigation since the woman considered for a long time to be one of the most caring women in the world, is immersed today; in a simple and irrefutable fact: Her whole life was a fraud. According to […]

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Foundation fraud

Went shopping today and got stopped by 2 guys outside BiLo-Coles asking for donations to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital foundation… told them I do not donate to charities that get million dollar government grants and to their CEO who’s probably on a 6 figure salary.. they replied by telling me it wasn’t true, I […]

SOS News, Mr. Mal Davies published the truth about RSPCA

I applaud SOS News and Mal Davies for standing up against this billion dollar RSPCA Charity scam. RSPCA kill animals needlessly daily. RSPCA do not spend a dime on animals, all supplies are donated to them daily by suppliers. So there is no excuse to kill any animal. RSPCA will never share their surplus donations of […]

Dangers (Neutering) young cats & Dogs

Spaying and Castration (Neutering) Dogs and Cats Neutering is the general term used for the surgical removal of the reproductive organs in both male and female dogs Neutering: We are constantly told that Neutering will make a better and more affectionate family pet. It is a medical fact that in some cases spaying and castration […]

RSPCA Admit to Spaying and Castrating Puppies ( Neutering) AT SIX WEEKS OLD

RSPCA Admit to Spaying and Castrating Puppies ( Neutering) AT SIX WEEKS OLD The RSPCA, the UK’s largest animal welfare organisation and the nation’s conscience regarding animal cruelty, has today admitted to a program of castrating and spaying dogs as young as six weeks old. These actions could possibly contravene the Animal Welfare Act of […]

Australian RSPCA President Dr Hugh Wirth, Fraud exposed

Dr Hugh Wirth, national RSPCA President had only two words for Animal Liberation’s Action Animal Rescue Team when they walked into his Balwyn clinic seeking help for sick and dying battery hens: “GET OUT!”Channel 7 news screened his hospitality that evening and the nation read about it in the morning papers. The night before, the […]

RSPCA is a million dollar business, nothing more.

RSPCA hasn’t changed at all… Just Google RSPCA fraud and read all the unhappy pet lovers. RSPCA gets millions of dollars yearly in government grants , yet they still try to convince people that they do not get funded and keep taking everyones donations… RSPCA is a million dollar business with fat cat staff earning 6 […]

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