Spain Deploys Army to AID TENS OF THOUSANDS of Moroccans and Africans to Invade their Country



Spain is facing total cultural disaster as tens of thousands of Arabs and Africans are invading their country. What about the virus? Who is testing these mofokoz? Where is their jab passport and you can’t do this, can’t do that, can’t go there if unvaccinated?

Lockdowns for your but not for them, you see the injustice here?

It is a disaster, one man has tweeted:

My friend from Ceuta tells me that 10,000 today and that another 10,000 or 15,000 more are expected tomorrow (if I exaggerate I sweat it). That they are going around the city and that surely the schools won’t open tomorrow. Those are the ones waiting.

Another man tweeted:

I’m from Ceuta … and this just happened next to my house! They are occupying houses!

You have to understand though that the army was not sent there to repel the invaders. Not a single one of them were driven away from where they came. Nope, they were basicvally sent there to AID the invaders into Spain, but when people hear that the army was sent there they automatically think that the situation is under control and they were sent there to repel them.

No, sadly, this couldn’t be further from the truth, this is what the soldiers did in :

Many African migrants regard Ceuta and nearby Melilla, also a Spanish territory, as a gateway into Europe

Pictured: Moroccan nationals break the fence on the Moroccan side to Ceuta on Tuesday

A man reacts after reaching the Spanish territory.

Here’s a report from DailyMail:

Thousands of migrants have crossed into a Spanish enclave from Morocco after swimming around a border fence and storming the beaches in dramatic scenes.

By Tuesday morning, around 6,000 people had crossed into the city of Ceuta, the Spanish government said, including 1,500 thought to be teenagers, prompting a possible humanitarian and diplomatic crisis.

The thousands of migrants either swam or used inflatable dinghies and rubber rings to reach Ceuta, where the initially went unopposed before Spanish police and soldiers confronted them with tear gas and armoured vehicles.

The city of 85,000 people, which lies in North Africa on the Mediterranean Sea and is separated from Morocco by a double-wide, 10-meter (32-feet) fence, was struggling to cope with the unprecedented influx of people.

Videos showed a large crowd of people huddled around the fence as some slipped through. Police were assembled on the other side.

In other footage, armoured vehicles are seen patrolling the beach where the migrants have arrived.

A young man drowned attempting the crossing and several others, including toddlers, were rescued having suffered hypothermia.

The sudden influx of people has deepened the diplomatic row between Rabat and Madrid in the wake of Spain’s decision to allow in for medical treatment the chief of a militant group that fights for the independence of Western Sahara.

Morocco annexed the sprawling nation on the west coast of Africa in 1975.

Migrants soaked with seawater kept reaching Ceuta on Tuesday although in smaller numbers than the day before due to heightened vigilance on the Spanish side of the border, where additional police and military were deployed.

‘It’s such a strong invasion that we are not able to calculate the number of people that have entered,’ said the president of Ceuta, an autonomous city of barely 20 square kilometers (7.7 square miles).

Around 200 extra police and soldiers were being deployed to help manage the situation.

‘The army is in the border in a deterrent role, but there are great quantities of people on the Moroccan side waiting to enter,’ Juan Jesus Vivas told Caden SER radio.

There will be order out of this chaos one day. This cannot go on infinitely. White people’s land cannot be invaded and settled by these foreigners non-stop without any repercussions. The day of order will be when all the white liberals will cease to exist and they will cease to exist by self-suicide.

Most of the liberals go and mix with these black invaders and their children aren’t anymore white therefore you cannot put them at the table of discussion as whites.

They also go and vaccinate themselves and do all sorts of things such as going transgender, etc. eventually the liberal whites will simply cease to exist. Yin and Yang? There will be no more good left. The good peaceful side, the liberal side of whites is committing suicide. Their goodness is driving them towards extinction.

In the end aiding and promoting the total invasion of Europe is in their minds altruistic, good and “the right thing to do”, not thinking about the future and how would this wrecless non-stop invasion is going to change Europe, the homeland of white Caucasian people.

When that happens, when only the hateful, angry, cruel, cold and calculated people will be left alone, then there will be order out of chaos, Europe will be cleansed, but a lot of time, pain and suffering will have to pass before we get to that point as these invaders will continue to rape, kill, steal and commit many many other crimes.

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