Spare me the hypocrisy of the middle class lockdown zealots

Working from home is a luxury not everyone can afford Camilla Tominey Associate Editor 18 December 2021 • 8:00am Camilla Tominey

The hypocrisy of middle class lockdown zealots has always known no bounds – but the latest variant has once again brought out the worst in this already smug bunch. For a sizeable chunk of the privileged population, omicron has given them the chance to do what they wanted anyway: have an extended Christmas break.

Now they’re “working” from the moral high ground of their spacious homes, merrily cancelling pub and restaurant bookings, while preparing for a Christmas of comfort and joy with their families.

And all the while, they’re convincing themselves that they’re doing the “right” thing and that it’s the rest of the country who are the irresponsible and selfish ones.

But in reality, they are merely doing what others cannot afford to do.

They do not care one jot about the millions of people who make their lives at home possible: the legions of lower paid people trooping on public transport to do jobs they wouldn’t do; the supermarket workers ensuring they have enough cranberry sauce for the Christmas table; the logistics people delivering their umpteeth Amazon parcel.

None of these people can “work from home if you can” – so if anyone should be taking the moral high ground, it is them.

A friend of mine who is a pub landlord in my leafy part of Hertfordshire has had more than 3,000 cancellations since the Government issued its work from home diktat. Some punters are basically viewing it as a lockdown when it isn’t.

While I understand people not wanting to catch omicron before Christmas, where is the sense of loyalty to responsible pub and restaurant owners who rely on the festive period for their survival? Perhaps a bit of self-reflection is in order for Britain’s middle class Covid hypocrites.


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