Study: Average IQ of College Students Has Fallen Over Decades, Now Matches The General Population

The dumbing down of America has been a deliberate multi-generational campaign by those operating the US Corporation

and the MASTERS of the little child raping pervert politicians in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Portomic.

If those controlling the political cabal in America did not want the people stupid they would not be mass medicating the population with a hazardous industrial waste by product known to cause cancer, brittle bones, Mongolism, Alzheimers, AND cause children drinking it in the water supply have lower IQs than kids not medicated with a chemical weapon which DOES NOT prevent cavities AND known to make them stupid, Sodium Fluoride.

I have been trying to get through an assistant to the “council person” for 3ed Council District in San Antonio, Occupied Republic of Texas, get this evil taken out of the water supply.
I have provided them with the proof of all I stated above.
The minion offered to bring the head of San Antonio Water Supply to a meeting to convince me I was wrong, but I told him I was more intelligent than the minion they had running SAWS.

He smirked and replied back, “but he has lawyers”.

When the Empire collapses, there will need to be Nuremberg common Law Tribunals Convened for dragging America into one needless war after another, fluoride in the water, Killer Jabs, Treason against America such as 9-11 and supporting Israhell.
Fair trials and fair expedient hangings!

The Ole Dog!

‘Study: Average IQ of College Students Has Fallen Over Decades, Now Matches The General Population’

Meta-analysis: On average, undergraduate students’ intelligence is merely average

by Bob Uttl (Mount Royal University, Canada), Victoria Violo (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus, Canada), Lacey Gibson (Western University, Canada)

Background. According to a widespread belief, the average IQ of university students is 115 to 130 IQ points, that is, substantially higher than the average IQ of the general population (M = 100, SD =15). We traced the origin of this belief to obsolete intelligence data collected in 1940s and 1950s when university education was the privilege of a few. Examination of more recent IQ data indicate that IQ of university students and university graduates dropped to the average of the general population. The decline in students’ IQ is a necessary consequence of increasing educational attainment over the last 80 years. Today, graduating from university is more common than completing high school in the 1940s.

Method. We conducted a meta-analysis of the mean IQ scores of college and university students samples tested with Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale between 1939 and 2022.

Results. The results show that the average IQ of undergraduate students today is a mere 102 IQ points and declined by approximately 0.2 IQ points per year. The students’ IQ also varies substantially across universities and is correlated with the selectivity of universities (measured by average SAT scores of admitted students).

Discussion. These findings have wide-ranging implications. First, universities and professors need to realize that students are no longer extraordinary but merely average, and have to adjust curricula and academic standards. Second, employers can no longer rely on applicants with university degrees to be more capable or smarter than those without degrees. Third, students need to realize that acceptance into university is no longer an invitation to join an elite group. Fourth, the myth of brilliant undergraduate students in scientific and popular literature needs to be dispelled. Fifth, estimating premorbid IQ based on educational attainment is vastly inaccurate, obsolete, not evidence based, and mere speculations. Sixth, obsolete IQ data or tests ought not to be used to make high-stakes decisions about individuals, for example, by clinical psychologists to opine about intelligence and cognitive abilities of their clients.



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  1. TheFool says:

    If a person is born with an IQ between 100 and 110, will die with an IQ between 100 and 110. If the brain hasn’t been damaged by exposure to microwaves emitting devices and of course if the individual isn’t jabbed.
    How much or how little one knows, how much or how little schooling one has ever had in its own life, how many or how non phd one has, have got nothing to do with the IQ rating.
    Idiot of the village does not get a higher IQ by simply just going to school and 300 phds do not make out of that individual a forking genius to glorify, let alone to make out of its yaps statements for the next 100 years or so.
    As far as 300 phds, those pieces of papers only indicate that this individual has detailed knowledge in 300 different subjects, and nothing more. Wanna talk about intelligence with those phds? Considering the time and the massive amount of money invested for all of them, now do create something that the people can benefit from, or that at least one or few groups of a population can benefit from, for a real game changer. Otherwise will end up like anybody else that might have a phd or none … ergo, ‘a lab bi*tch’ for the rest of its own life.
    When few years ago came out some articles about how black people are lesser intelligent than white people, well, if the white person was born, raised and went to school the same as that black person, than it would be the black person to be considered the most intelligent one. But once again, IQ is not about how much or how little one knows or went to school for.
    This is also the reason why school grants got established, cause poor people are not automatically moronic by definition, therefore if there is a little brain out there in a bronx or favela, do not let it go astray for it may just good enough to turn into one more pawn to use and abuse out of.
    Let’s not forget what found out lately. Something nobody did predict and it is not necessarily a consequence of mobile phone addiction. It is called digital dementia. Which is when the functions of a mobile phones are substituting the brain functions. For the brain functions like the body functions, also do get optimised according to the use one has for them.
    If all memorising, elaborating and concentrating is not longer or greater than a text message, voila’, those brain functions sooner or later will be adjusted accordingly. First temporarily, than permanent. Congratulations. You have just reached the idiot of the village level. Wanna keep playing? Yes/No.
    So it is important to stop glorifying phds cause they are not lesser or more intelligent than the average citizen. If they were, they would not probably do the job they do today.
    These phds have the bad habit to think out of themselves some sort of geniuses (yeah right) oozing authority and superiority they do not have, and do not talk but do state, as what I say is what it goes, cause I have a phd which means I am more intelligent than you all.
    Do not think so… idiot.
    Real IQ test by the way, has around 170 questions all to be answered in one hour time. Hard as especially for a king’s lands educational system that has already enforced the educational trimming at all school levels (otherwise how can you get rid off cultures and traditions? As per stated by two English experts of the english educational system, around two years ago now) … they want you to know how to work a radio and improve it, but not how to put a radio together.
    And in king’s lands, uni is for who has done its year 12? Made a joke out of uni too, a tool to glorify, self-glorify, to benefit few and screw everybody else, to make money and a forking lot of it too. Uni is not a primary school for adults. In unis not in king’s lands, if one wants to become student of a uni, has to take a test and pass it. How one has finished its year 12, is not a game changer whatsoever. Only indicates that the student has gone through highschool and that has passed the final exams. That is all. If the test is not passed (do not quote for trying to keep the long yap short short), then the individual can try till it passed the test of the uni that goes along with its educational background, and ability to masticate information.
    To conclude I will leave you with one of my personal quotes (ergo that came out my own brain and my own brain only) …
    You can make or break and entire population, by just tampering with the educational system.-N.S.
    Do not yap equality till the educational system is equal for all.
    If one does not wanna study, if one has a brain that allows it to go only so far, if if if … there are other schools.
    There is far more to mention about the non educational systems of king’s lands, for set up really to not have any student allowed to even consider to go to an other country non english speaking, to carry out its own uni … but I’ll leave them for you all to spot them 🙂
    Ps also the best uni in the world, you never hear the name of any of them … for some so not odd reasons…
    And by the way to spot an high IQuer, you gotta be one of them too 🙂 higher than the average (and not that hard today by the ridonkeylous look of today situation) have very specific behavioural traits … 🙂
    So long.

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