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COVID, Globalism, Monopoly Communism, and the Biodollar

The Purpose of the Gates nanodot tattoo is to brand our DNA with a digital transceiver and use our own bodies as debit cards.  This is what the “Global Reset” is all about.   They need an untraceable currency to monitor every transaction,  manipulate every human being.  There is no doubt that this is part of […]

YCP – Cashless Society and the Biodollar, Part 2

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YCP – Cashless Society and the Biodollar

YCP – Cashless Society and the BiodollarYAHWEH’S COVENANT PEOPLE Pastor Eli explains the background of the globalization of the currency which is leading to the current cashless nanobot mRNA biotatoo, which will turn your body into a walking transaction machine.    Welcome to the biodollar. Share this:

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