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Ancient DNA Reveals Contrasting Fates of Hunter-Gatherer Groups in Europe

Ancient DNA gathered from the bones and teeth of hunter-gatherers who lived as the Last Glacial Maximum was waning, around 19,000-25,000 years ago, has revealed exciting new information about our ancestors. The largest gathering of the genetic prehistoric record of Europe has been analyzed in a pair of new studies, from the remains of 357 […]

Strange fates of those who saw JFK shot

     William Penn Jones Jr. was an American journalist, the editor of the Midlothian Mirror and author. He was also one of the earliest John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theorists. Jones attended the University of Texas at Austin and was a classmate of Henry Wade and John Connally. Wade later become the District Attorney in […]

“Bahrain Rulers Must Take Lesson from Fates of Saddam, Shah, Other Tyrants”

November 29, 2017 Secretary General of World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought (WFPIST) Ayatollah Sheikh Mohsen Araki held Bahraini rulers responsible for deterioration in health of prominent cleric, Sheikh Issa Al-Qassem. “News on deterioration in health of Ayatollah Qassem has worried Muslim nation as well as its leaders,” Ayatollah Araki said Wednesday […]

NATO Says It Will Not Back Turkey In Coming World War With Russia

NATO has warned Turkey that it will not support the country if they choose to go to war with Russia.  As tensions between the two countries continues to escalate, Turkey has begun deploying ground forces across its border with Syria in order to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad – a move which threatens a world […]

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