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Here’s What The Rise of Fidget Spinners Says About The State of America

America is a nation on edge. One need only look at the shooting in Virginia this week as evidence — not only because a crazed political partisan attempted a large-scale assassination, but also because Americans’ responses have been woefully reactive, hateful, and hubristic. The mounting physical clashes between extreme factions of left and right wing […]

Report: Fidget Spinners Contain Deadly Amounts Of Mercury

European Union custom officials have banned a large batch of fidget spinners after they were found to contain deadly levels of lead and mercury.  The latest craze to hit the youth market uses ballbearings and balanced blades inside plastic casing to spin – but unbeknown to many, they are manufactured using lead and mercury. reports: […]

WARNING If Your Kids Have ‘Fidget Spinners’ Throw Them Out Now. THIS Shocking New Danger Just Discovered

A Texas mom is warning parents about the dangers of fidget spinners after her daughter swallowed a part of the popular toy and had emergency surgery. If you have kids in elementary and middle school you likely already know about fidget spinners. The newest “it” toy is a small gadget with two or three prongs […]

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