Terrified Jews Fear Rise of Pro-White Organization in the UK

Some gay newspaper put out a hit-piece on Mark Collett, a nationalist leader from England.

The Times:

Extremist far-right groups are using livestreaming events on YouTube to recruit children as young as 12 to spread their message.

Counterterrorism experts say that a growing number of “extremely young” British teenagers are being drawn towards neo-Nazi and fascist ideologies by groups targeting them online.

Tactics include live interviews on YouTube with teenagers who are considered rising stars of the far right, livestreamed chats aimed at the “Gen Z” age group born between the late 1990s and early 2010s, and the exploitation of computer-gaming platforms.

Terrified jews are now inciting the UK government to pass more Bolshevik laws to shut Collett and other nationalists down. They’re petrified at the success of Collett and Patriotic Alternative, the only pro-white political organization in Britain that hasn’t yet been banned.

These boorish kikes go on periodic rampages trying to have all of their critics and opponents locked up. They succeeded in Greece, where some homosexual judge sentenced Golden Dawn’s leaders to over a decade in prison for standing up to the globalist-marxist-jew agenda of White Genocide. They’ve succeeded in Slovakia, where a nationalist leader there has been sentenced to four years in prison for pro-white activities.

Jews are enlisting support from their masonic stooges across the West to stamp out rising nationalism and pro-white politics. This is the final All-In move of the Jew World Order to establish global jewish dominion over the planet.

TOTAL RESISTANCE is required of every white man to ensure these demonic beasts don’t win!

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