The ‘inquiry’ into Covid a farce before it even began

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There apparently is going to be an ‘inquiry’ into the response to Covid where there is a push for a Royal Commission.

Let’s look at the past history of Royal Commissions and how they have helped those persons who needed them.

Out of the approximate 10,000 ‘persons’ who have registered with the Royal Commission into banking, how many have actually received a remedy? 

From the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, how many victims like Norman Edward Latham or Fiona Barnett obtained remedies?

These so called Royal Commissions are nothing more than ‘money for mates’ jobs for fossils that should be retired or even charged criminally for not doing their piece earlier.

They’re also an ‘intel’ gathering source to see who has got what on whoever.

Australia’s government, meaning the Executive, Parliament and Judiciary is corrupt to the core, where all they’re interested in is to see how much they can get away with.

Ex prime minister Scott Morrison stated that Australia’s response was the best in the world, where in reality it was a systemic abuse of Human Rights, as seen in the Melbourne hi-rise residential (‘ghetto’) towers case.

People’s lives got ruined, no impact atatement there either?

Suicides were committed. Not going to mention that in the inquiry?

Those in power, love to extort the vulnerable, as they’re easy targets and realistically do not have any means of retaliation.

So, it’s already been stated that the inquiry will have a narrowed scope.

No mention of Human Rights abuse, e.g in Victoria, either in the inquiry?

Where it’s also like the ago old saying that the police investigated themselves and have found that there was no wrongdoing.

The governments, both state and federal have also interfered with the doctor-patient relationship.

Would the inquiry or Royal Commission go into this?

This so called inquiry is a deliberate ‘failure of government’.

This is another farce an action to defraud hard working Australian’s tax dollars on an action with zero teeth, actually a quite common modus operandi in this colony. 

Irrespective of how corrupt the legal system is a class action lawsuit might be another way to go that exposes the judicature, as this (Anglo-Masonic/Fabian) brotherhood has harmed many via their judgements.

Let’s also never forget that the nations police forces violently terrorised the citiziens where ‘covid fines’ were issued, only to be withdrawn once people caught on and started to challenge them in court that they were issued unlawfully.

Police even assaulted little old ladies execrising their right to ‘freedom of speech’.

Three or four onto one? How cowardly!

WILL the inquiry mention the deliberate lack of information to patients that have succumbed to the world’s “largest clinical trial”, as stated by then federal minister for health Mr. Gregory Andrew Hunt, as seen on the federal government’s website:

Or maybe the inquiry might find that the government did not force any person to get the jab.

It’s very clear that this inquiry is corrupt, but as usual people accept these sorts of actions from the those who are supposed to represent the people.

‘Straya, you’re standing in [sh]it!

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