The Invasion of “Great America”

The “American Century” never existed. It always was, has been, and continues to be the jewish century. The kosher plan was never utopia, or peace and love, or The Right Thing To DoTM, or equality, or any of the other nonsensical, empty lies the jews profess ad nauseum to disguise their tireless work to destroy the White race. The jewish century started with an insidious infiltration of White societies, advanced into the criminal currency manipulation and usury, and solidified its despicable position of power through the instigation of the two World Wars of White Suicide. In the aftermath, the rat-faced men were emboldened to work openly for the degeneration of the White race by infesting the educational institutions and mass media to incessantly advance destructive lifestyles and a dysgenic culture based on hollow semitic values. Now, after generations of domination by g*d’s chosen people, the transformation into the USSA having been long since completed, the end result of the jewish plans for the White race are becoming evident for those willing to look upon the hideous wreckage that was once a prosperous and safe White homeland.

In the California failed state, the urban areas have become colonies of competing, bowel-movement brown alien invaders; each mutually hostile to one another, and only kept from descending into jungle savagery by their jewish handlers who direct their bestial violence against Whites. The jews boast about how this toxic and dangerous diversity is (((our))) greatest strength, and it surely is: there are few jewish weapons more effective than diversity for violently killing Whites. Diversity destroys safe White homelands and causes White birth rates to crater. Diversity is a necessary component of the miscegenation that the jews use to irreversibly devolve Whites to a more primitive, impulsive, low IQ form of humanity that will serve as the brown slaves promised to the jews by the talmud. Diversity truly is White genocide. And when the Whites are dead, outbred, or fled, what will remain? At a California theme park with the hilariously Orwellian name of “Great America,” the answer was on display.

Security at California’s Great America was beefed up Sunday evening, the night after as many as 100 teens got into fights and a number of cellphones stolen at the amusement park’s haunted house attraction.”

Animal noises, hyena laughter from the darkness, unintelligible ghetto ebonics, and terrified screaming: Great America indeed. The unmentioned strengths of diversity include an ever-expanding police state, unprovoked violence, theft, and mob hysteria. The sewage colored tumor of Mestizo and mystery meat “teens” swelled to over 100 brown, vaguely human shaped cancer cells and the hemorrhaging commenced. One of the higher-functioning primates uses her 85 IQ to “taze” a creature that would have been better served with a tranquilizer dart from animal control. In a rootless, diverse society of incompatible racial groups, the house of horrors is no longer confined to the amusement park but is in every public space.

Saturday night at Great America’s Halloween Haunt turned ugly after witnesses said groups of young teenagers crowded into the park and got into a series of fights for no apparent reason.”

An amusement park meant for children is overrun with packs of feral, violent Mestizos. Often confounded by simple social interactions in a civilized society, the Mestizo monsters rely on their fight-or-flight instincts to navigate interpersonal relationships. Given the levels of childhood obesity and diabetes among the brown welfare colonist community, the “flight” instinct simply cannot function in any meaningful, non-comedic way. Sullen, aggressive, and with impulse control reminiscent of that found in the lower orders of apes, the Mestizos lash out.

Like, ‘Oh, he looked at me weird.’ Or ‘She’s looking at me weird,’” explained [park patron Noe] Bracamontes. “Somebody bumps into somebody. There’s a lot of people there. Some might take it as disrespectful.”

A typical “Great American.”

The “eyewitness” testimony from a frontline soldier invading a once safe White homeland. Notice the Masonic pyramid with an eye tattooed on the jungle creature’s neck. A public relations agent for the jewish-instigated invasion by the savage brown hordes tries to explain how a 100-animal chimp-out makes perfect sense. Remember goyim, if you look “weird” to the Mestizos, it’s disrespectful. Just let the invaders trash your homeland, be cowed by the dejected look on their fleshy muzzles, and turn the lights out on your way into the grave. It’s the Right Thing To DoTM says the jew.

Santa Clara police reported they made two arrests. One juvenile was taken into custody for theft, while another person was arrested for public intoxication.”

The militarized police arrive in a ridiculously expensive “assault van” and proceed to make arrests for petty theft, and drunk and disorderly infractions. In lieu of actually protecting the community and serving justice by arresting any of the 100 “vibrants” engaged in the violent enrichment of our formerly White society with stun guns, the police instead issue $50 in fines.

Sunday night, Santa Clara police stepped up patrols in the area. But on Saturday, Bracamontes said the security guards were seriously outnumbered, so the ones he saw did little to intercede. “They didn’t really do anything. I’m pretty sure they were overwhelmed,” said Bracamontes.”

Oh sure, they’ll protect you from 100 marauding Mestizos.

What a disastrous group of security guards! Three Asian drones who look like low-energy “Call of Duty” convention attendees, and a young lady who made a wrong turn on the way to adopt another cat from the animal shelter. Of course, in a sane society there would be no need for a heavy security presence at a theme park intended to entertain children. It is only in a multi-racial cesspool that the public spaces are ceded to vicious and moronic brown savages, in the name of the insidious tolerance preached by the rat-faced men.

With every wave of bipedal human waste that is belched into our formerly prosperous White nation by the Central American sewer pipe, the once Great America turns ever uglier. The jewish lies about multiculturalism and equalitarianism are exposed as a piece of America is annexed by Aztexcio. The dysfunction of that primitive, miscegenated branch of humanity quickly follows. The jews tell us that the answer is more groveling and more appeasement. In actuality, the jews want us to lose our homelands by meekly tolerating the Mestizo invasion, and lose our future by miscegenating with them. The jews want a world without Whites, and at the Great America amusement park, a glimpse of that nightmarish world was exposed for all to see. Multiculturalism and diversity are the kosher death sentences for the White race. We must stop the invasion of White homelands and stop White genocide.

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