The Republic of Texas Has Been Illegally Militarily Criminally Occupied for 158 Years & Counting




is a sub corporation for the US Coprporation

which is illegally in an international war crime occupying the illegally militarily criminally occupied Republic of Texas.

Legal Axiom:

The ‘UNITED STATES’ in an illegal criminal act invaded the Republic of Texas and has illegally, militarily, criminally occupied said Republic of Texas for 158 years and counting.

The ‘STATE OF TEXAS’ is an ILLEGAL “POISON” FRUIT OF THE POISON ‘UNITED STATES’ TREE, and can never become un-poison, or ever become a legal “government” of the Occupied Republic of Texas.

As the Occupied Republic of Texas has not been allowed to seat their own legal government, courts or military in over 158 years, the illegally militarily, criminally occupied Republic of Texas has no legal agreements, treaties or binding documents with the British Crown, the Vatican, the UN, the ICC, the World Bank, the WHO, or any other entity or country.

This in a nut shell means all those entities are doing a criminal act trying to force the dictates of any of any of these entities which the Occupied Republic of Texas has no binding agreements with.

This means any agreements with these entities the “STATE OF TEXAS, has with these entities, become a criminal act when the ‘STATE OF TEXAS’ illegally, criminally tries to force those agreements or dictates on real Texicans in the Occupied Republic of Texas.

As for my grasp of history, law and government, when I took my university entrance exam some forty plus year4s back when Americans were much more informed, intelligent and learned, I scored in the top 97% in Law, Government, real Economics, History and military matters in the whole country and US territories.

That adulterated yankee “English” spelling and adulterated control freak yankee “English” composition knocked my scores down a tad.

In addition, whether you chalk a persons abilities up to reincarnation or genetics, I am the great grandson type of the 17 Ensurers of The Magna Carta who have living prodigy, the great Grandson type of the English King who is known to be the greatest king England ever had and to done more to reform English law to bemnifit the people of any other English king.

My 2nd cousin was the President of the American Constitutional convention, and on my mothers side I am a 3ed cousin to a partner in an International Law firm, who served as both secretary of the Treasury and secretary of the State.

What I say here about the Law and Texas is beyond truthful debate.

The US Empire is dying.

When the US Empire goes teats up, their administrative occupation organization ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ will be deprived of their fiat currency funding and the protection of the US military.

Then although it will try to make itself un-poison and morph into a legal “government” of the Occupied republic of Texas, this will be unacceptable to the Letter of the Law, and all Real Texicans.

The Ole Texican Dog!


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