“The United States Should Pull Out of the World Health Organization”

Lack of Benefit: “We don’t derive any benefit from the WHO. It doesn’t provide us any technology that we need. Its health recommendations are superfluous.”

Infamous Funding Sources: Dr. McCullough pointed out that “at this point in time, WHO is largely funded by the Chinese and the Gates Foundation. Gates’ and CCP’s intentions are questionable at best. And this is very concerning for most Americans.

Broad Authority: Dr. McCullough expressed concern about the WHO’s aspirations for global governance. He said, “The World Health Organization aspires to have dominion over all humans, animals, and plants in terms of decisions with respect to their biologic care or health care.” Dr. McCullough also warned, “If we don’t pull out, they [WHO] will have binding authority over the U.S. by international law. And we don’t want that.”


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is one of the most published cardiologists ever in America.

For those wary of spike protein shedding or the long-term effects of the shot, Dr. McCullough has recently published the first-ever spike protein detoxification protocol in a US medical journal:

First-Ever Spike Detox Protocol Appears in US Medical Journal: Here’s How You Can Get Better


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