They’re dying suddenly in Russia, too

In addition now Communist China is forcing killer jabs on 3 to 11 year olds, there is a pandemic of children with leukemia.

The One World Government crowd are trying to kill most humanity.

They brag of their evil intentions at times.
And the sheep keep grazing on the GMO -cancer causing herbicide and pesticide saturated Franken food grass with their heads down bleating in unison.

The Georgia Guidestones which cost a hell of a lot of loot mysteriously appeared in 1980 and whoever knows who ordered, paid for them is not talking, openly says they want to kill humans off to the 500 million level and control birth rates to keep it there.

And most sheep go Bhaaaaaaaa in contentment watching perverted meaningless shows on television and have not a clue they even exist, much less that they are openly calling for slaughtering most of humanity.

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I think this is the gathering of the souls at the end of this era.
Those who walk with God, not lip service, a true walk with God, see these killer jabs for what they are and refuses them.

Those who worship material things, see humans as gods, put physical pleasures and comforts before spiritual growth, worship authority, are spiritually blind and can not see when they roll their sleeves up they are taking death into their bodies.

I have come to except you can not save the spiritually blind sheep.
I don’t like that but I accept God’s plan.
That said, I have come to the point as most of the Killer Jabbed are going to die anyway, the sooner they get it over with the sooner those who walk with God can hang the evil ass holes making war on humanity and rebuild this world.

The Ole Dog!

‘They’re dying suddenly in Russia, too’

Those of us who’ve noticed the appalling toll of those “vaccines” worldwide have naturally been hoping that the jabs administered in Russia (and in China) aren’t so dangerous; but that’s evidently wishful thinking. Since Russia has no public database, like VAERS, we must rely on Russian press reports of “sudden deaths,” most of them with no cause noted, while two were due to strokes, and one to (what else?) COVID.

Aside from Edward Slavsquat, whose Substack post about the sudden and untimely death of 18-year-old Valentina Yazenok went up on January 13, no one has been paying critical attention to the aftermath of Russia’s “vaccination” drive. We need to keep a close eye on the toll of COVID “vaccination” there (and in China), as well as in the USA, and all around the world.


TV presenter Mikhail Zelensky, 47

January 11, 2022

Famous TV presenter Mikhail Zelensky died suddenly at the age of 47. Alexander Efimovich, deputy head of the Russia-Culture TV channel (VGTRK), announced his death on his Facebook page.

“Eternal memory… At the age of 47, our TV presenter Mikhail Zelensky died,” Yefimovich wrote. According to him, Zelensky died late on January 11, his death was sudden. It happened while on vacation in the Dominican Republic.

According to Mila Rubinchik, on that day, she and Mikhail were engaged in daily activities. Suddenly, the TV presenter felt bad. Together with her husband, Rubinchik went to the medical center, which is located on the territory of the hotel, but Zelensky fell right on the threshold of the center.

“It happened really suddenly. There is no reason for this. We were just at the hotel, doing some of our own business. It all happened in front of his eyes: he became ill. His condition worsened over the course of several minutes. We just walked with him to the point of medical care, and there it happened at the entrance. The ambulance was going as fast as possible, there were no delays anywhere. Doctors did a lot of manipulations, I’m sure they did everything they could,” said Mila.



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  1. Ben Dover says:

    it’s Darwinism’s finest hour!1

    if you’re stupid enough to comply and get the poison, maybe you needed deleting from the gene pool for being such a friggin ‘moron’ who lets evil ‘witch doctors’ cajole and coerce you into this self-inflicted or self-allowed EUTHANASIA 🙁

    R.I.P. to nobody who got the jab without it being administered at gunpoint maybe.

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