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The legendary internet scientist Dan Kaminsky has died at the age of 42, roughly ten days after receiving his second dose of the Pfizer coronavirus “vaccine.”

A security specialist, Kaminsky was considered a genius, having built foundational parts of the modern internet.

By all appearances, the vaccine caused his death, and somehow the entire world is now gathered round saying, “how sad that this important genius died completely at random at the age of 42.”

The Register has a very nice obituary up for him, which those who are not familiar with his contributions should read. Unfortunately, the Register closes with “his cause of death has not been publicly disclosed,” and completely fails to mention the vaccination.

Here is his tweet from March 22, when he received his first dose from Pfizer.

Here he is having received his second dose on April 12.

His final tweets appeared on April 18. He mentioned blood clotting.

His tweets were normal and conversational. He was tweeting about AI and customizable Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing bottles.

Eerily, one of his final tweets was simply the word “Dying.”

It was in response to a funny post on Stack Overflow, and not a statement about his current condition. However, sometime between the 18th and when the news was released on the 24th, Kaminsky died. The exact date isn’t known.

No cause of death has been released. On reddit, where a thread from r/Technology about his passing reached the front page, comments mentioning the vaccine are being deleted.

The family has not released a statement. Clearly, Dan himself was a serious believer in the virus narrative, or he wouldn’t have gone to get this dangerous “vaccine.” It would follow logically that his family are also believers, and they may be having a hard time reconciling the situation.

From what I’ve been able to gather, Kaminsky was not seriously overweight and from my analysis of photos, he may have actually lost weight in recent years. Although he’d been known to use some psychedelics, he was not known to have had any dependency on dangerous drugs.

A Wakeup Call

We have no knowledge of the number of people dying from these supposed vaccines. In my personal life, I am hearing stories about people dying from the vaccine, including young people. The government and media are refusing to report on any of this, however, and are actively covering it up.

A young famous person dying from this vaccine should be an absolute wakeup call. People should be demanding information about Dan Kaminsky’s death, and they should be demanding access to government and media data about how many deaths have been reported following the vaccine.

We are still being shown daily trackers of “coronavirus deaths,” and the way those deaths are counted, many of them could be from the vaccine itself! We know of only a limited handful of deaths that the government and media have admitted were from the vaccine, but they have admitted that some have died. However, the assumption they are currently operating under is that it is impossible for the vaccine to kill anyone. This is why they are refusing to give raw data on deaths following the injection.

The media is continually attacking the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) as some kind of anti-vaxxer conspiracy. They are claiming that anyone can submit a report to this system, and that anti-vaxxers are abusing it by submitting false reports. Last week, Snopes claimed that a report filed in VAERS that a 2-year-old had died from the vaccine was probably a lie made up by anti-vaxxers. However, at the same time that these mainstream media outlets are throwing “conspiracy theory” labels on VAERS, they are refusing to create their own database of vaccine deaths, nor are they requesting that the government create such a database.

If VAERS is actually being abused, as the media claims, then collecting official data on vaccine deaths would be the solution to this problem. The fact that both the government and the media refuse to even attempt to collect this data proves, as a matter of fact, that they are covering up deaths and other adverse reactions to these so-called vaccines.

In actual reality, the self-reporting system of VAERS cannot possibly be accounting for the majority of deaths from these alleged vaccines. As we see with Dan Kaminsky, most families that have a family member die from the vaccine will not believe that the vaccine was the cause, and will not make this report. Doctors will tell families that the person died from the coronavirus, or a random and unrelated blood clot, and the family will accept that, never making a VAERS report.

In a world where everyone is acting in good faith, more information is always good. The only people who want to hide information are liars. The fact that the only data we have on vaccine deaths in this country are immediate news reports (which the media does not collect into data sets) and this ridiculous VAERS system proves absolutely that these people pushing this vaccine on us are liars.

People are dying, and whatever anyone’s beliefs are, society itself has an obligation to be straightforward about the risks – known and unknown – associated with this experimental gene therapy procedure the authorities are calling a vaccine.


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